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  1. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    you can already see he's more comfortable. thanks for sharing his picture. get some rest, you did work really hard for your rozay. two weeks confinement is going to be tough on him, but so important.
  2. Help for Dozer

    I was a little shocked by the price tag for the surgery, but thought perhaps Dozer was a large dog and that might account for it. He's just a little guy, but very cute.
  3. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    we hope you and Rozay have many more years together... as family; and surgery is in time to restore full use of the hip and leg.
  4. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    can you tell us more about your aunt and her pup who were with Rozay when he was hit by the car? what kind of dog is Rozay's cousin dog? does you aunt walk Rozay every day for you? How 'bout the boys?
  5. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    don't let their world be turned upside down... please spare whatever change you can to help Rozay get his hip repaired. It all adds up.
  6. PEARL MCGEE - Lymphoma

    Hoagie here (I'm a pittie pup about 2 years old), and I just want you to know I'm pulling for Pearl. I'm sorry you lost your hubby last year, and know that can't be easy. But I also know pups like Pearl and me, are great medicine for the mind. Please keep me informed. I'm a pup who wants to know. My dad will read your posts to me.
  7. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    "Double Dog Dare" to make a difference for this little pup, and a positive impact on the world. There's room for 4 people each making a donation of $10 to finish off the Otis & Hoagie matching challenge. It doesn't take a lot to make it better, just the frame of mind to do so. Come on Angels, old and new, we know you are out there.
  8. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    Did we hear a Double Dog dare? Double Dogs would be Hoagie and me... so, we're taking that $50 match, Jaz, and issuing one of our own for $100. Rozay needs something to help manage the pain. Otis, the hound dog and my pittie pal, Hoagie
  9. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Some may think all those bright lights in the skies the last few days are due to the asteroid showers, but we know those are all candles on Cindy's Birthday Cake at the Rainbow Bridge. Otis and Hoagie wish you the very best. Oh, and the Waskically Wabbit sends High Fives.
  10. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    sometimes when Otis sleeps soundly, he thinks it's just a fart and is too lazy to get up. Waskilly Wabbits would cause him to get gassy, and poor old Hoagie suffers. You said Justie had been constipated. Hopefully his belly is adjusting. Hoagie
  11. Pennie Padilla - Bulldog with inverted tail

    how uncomfortable? Please be sure to let the vet know if the discomfort continues, unless it is just the stitches bothering her. She is a sweetheart.
  12. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    I hope some of the old time classics helped Tom to rest well. So glad he is home, and hope the healing is successful.
  13. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hop Hop Hurray!! Sounds promising. Converting the food to energy???
  14. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    'cause that's what cats do- fiddle 'til they figure it out. we hope he continues doing all the stuff he needs to do on his own.
  15. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    does this mean he gets out of the e collar, too?