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  1. Tanner Smith

    if Tanner is indeed losing weight,his insulin dosage may need to be adjusted. are you able to test his blood sugar at home?
  2. Jack Nadolski, Siberian Husky

    Debbie, I am so sorry that Jack had to leave you. Many hugs to you. Jack fly high and prance through the clouds and send your loving mom a sign. May you dream of him as he is today, young,healthy and waiting for you at the bridge. Paula and the boys
  3. The adventures of Cody

    Tracy, I am so sorry Will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending many peaceful thoughts to you and Cody. pand the boys
  4. KB Robinson - Very sick kitty

    It's good to hear that the bloodwork is ok.I have a cat that has constipation problems.I give him one Vetasyl tablet mixed in his wet food a day.The tablets contain psyllium fiber and barley, that keeps him regular. Also the water fountain encourages him to drink more water.I buy the vetasyl from Entirely Pets website,$11.50 for 100 capsules (much cheaper than at my vets) p and the boys
  5. Blacky Leathers

    Judy, I am so sorry that Blacky went ahead.23 years of togetherness wow.May you dream of him and see him as he appears now,young healthy and sunbathing in a beautiful meadow. I remember Blacky,what a sweet sweet kitty. P and the boys
  6. ohhh rats Jean I am so sorry. Many Many to you and Kramer. p and the boys
  7. Patch Moye

    20cm..holy moley that thing was huge, happy that the mass is removed and Patch is doing good.About the visit,i would ask the vet and see how they feel about visiting.Is he eating yet?Maybe you could feed him a meal while you visit.You could bring a tshirt that you.have slept in or a favorite toy. I would also talk to the vet and see if they think your visit would be stressful for Patch. to both of you.thanks for the update. p and the boys
  8. Patch Moye

    Jenn, glad that Patch is in the icu for the night.It's best to have Patch in the best possible shape for this surgery. this gives the vets a chance to do that.The positive thing is, he is in a good place with great vets caring for him. will send many positive thoughts to your sweet Patch. p and the boys
  9. Patch Moye

    oh what wonderful news Thank you to all the wonderful people who donated.sending many positive thoughts tomorrow. p and the boys
  10. Patch Moye

    Jenn, what a heartwarming story.Sending many positive thoughts to you and Patch.Hang in there boy. p and the boys
  11. Patch Moye

    waa I can't see the video,but i am sure he is cute.Jenn keep posting,you are doing great. p and the boys
  12. Patch Moye

    oh my look at patch with that little baby kitten. how adorable! must have been one clean kitten after it's bath. thanks for the photo and hang in there p and the boys
  13. Lisa, sorry Zoey is feeling so awful.If you can, see if she will take in some pedialyte.Also have you tried using google to search for a vet.I just googled 24 hour vets and my city and state and came up with a list of vet hospitals that are 24 hours.May save you some time.Good Luck. p and the boys
  14. poor Bubba, forgot all his crate training.I hope his leg is better by the morning and that the swelling goes down.Keep up the good work with him,every day he will be a little better. good luck.I hope your leg is feeling better the extra work must be making your ankle sore.
  15. Candance, so happy to hear the Bubba is home with you.In order to get the best possible recovery from this surgery Bubba should be in his crate except to potty. When he is outside to potty he must be on a leash.I liked how the vet put it You must be almost militant.Keep him in the crate and on his pain meds.6-8 weeks of crate rest is a small price to pay for a sucessful recovery. Don't be afraid to call the vet if you have trouble with keeping Bubba calm they can probably give him some medication to help him relax.you can freeze a kong with peanut butter inside and give to Bubba while he is in the crate,may help him to pass the time.good luck and hope your own recovery goes well. p and the boys