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  1. Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  2. Sydney - Part 2

    aww Michelle, I'm so sorry to read about Charlie. He was such a great dog with so much character. Sending you huge hugs. He is now back with his girl Sydney. I'm sure its one heck of a reunion.
  3. Merry Christmas Cindy and Justice!!! Much love and happiness to you both. P.S. is your email still the mac email? I sent you an email a couple days ago, just want to make sure you got it.
  4. Go Justice!!!!! So happy to see the train again I got a promotion with the rescue I've been volunteering with for almost 3 years. They restructured the adoption portion and I am the Application Training Coordinator. I train and mentor all the new volunteers on how to process the adoption applications we get in. We are trying to standardize everything. We are so desperate for volunteers to process so we can get these dogs new homes. I'm loving it! I hope you are relaxing now that Justice is back on track, I worry about your health too Love you guys
  5. I just couldn't post this with Justice's train thread but I have some sad news. Margret Fielder who was mom to Sally here on IMOM passed away back in September. She was only 64 years old. I just found out about it yesterday. Her animals (7 cats and 5 dogs) are being cared for by her very good friend and she is finding homes for them. I messaged her last night and she told me that she has found homes for 5 of the cats but the dogs are still needing homes. Margret was an amazing person, everything she did she did for the animals in her care. When she got sick she still managed to take care of them. If anyone would like to make a donation to the care of her animals you can donate to Shepherds Hope Rescue just make sure to let her know its for Margret Fielders dogs. I'm so sorry to put a damper on Justice's day but I thought you would want to know. Love you guys
  6. This has made my day. To see the train rolling again. I know its been a hard road for you and Justice after losing Tuckie but you are healing.
  7. Thinking of you Cindy, the first's are the hardest but you know Tuckie is with you in spirit. I'm glad Justice is doing better, I hope he continues. Much love and hugs to you both
  8. Happy Birthday Cindy, I'm so glad Justice is doing better. Yesterday was 1 year since I lost Riley, I know he and Tuckie are celebrating your Birthday at the bridge with loads of cake and ice cream. Enjoy your day, I hope its filled with sunshine and solid poops
  9. Tyson chews on plastic. He loves to get in the cupboard and chew on the plastic wrapping for the toilet paper. He'll chew on plastic grocery bags, but he never eats them. I think he likes the noise. I hope Justice just being quiet is him grieving for Tuck. And now Jax I'm finding likes to chew on power cords and plug ends. I went to plug in my tablet cord and there were little chew marks all over the end. Remember there is no time frame for grief and everyone reacts differently, I would say the same goes for dogs too. Try not to worry about him, he'll be picking up on your worry too. Love and hugs to you and Justice xxx
  10. Didn't you get a calming collar one time? They worked great for Riley and Jake. I would definitely try one again. And don't you have a thunder shirt for Justice? I'd get that out too and try it. Dogs like people experience grief differently. I know after Riley was gone Jake would do things that he hadn't done since I had first got him, mostly stuck up my butt. I couldn't go anywhere in the house without him right behind me. So Justice could be experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. I put Riley's calming collar on him and after a while he was fine. He still has it on and I'm debating on whether to get him another one as its almost a year old. Been super busy which is good. And I'm so glad you saw a sign from Tuckie. I remember when Spike died I actually saw him under the coffee table and reached down to pet him but nothing was there to touch. So much to catch up on. Jax is doing great none of the cats hiss at him anymore but he tries to get Tyson to play and he's a bit rough so when I tell Jax to knock it off, Tyson comes running to me just like a little tattle tale lol. Jake is finally realizing that not all cats are bad and he and Jax are getting to be best buds. Every morning when we get up Jax gets the zoomies and entertains me while I have my coffee. He will play with anything and loves the plastic rings off the water jugs and Jake's tail. Jake doesn't mind until he sinks his teeth into it but he's never retaliated he just moves it or sits on it lol He's one special guy and I'm so glad I got him. Love and hugs to you and Justice xxx
  11. My heart is breaking for you Cindy, I can imagine how painful it was to recount Tuckie's last day with you. It took me 5 years before I could tell everyone about Bear's last day with me. You have much more courage than I did. The pain will get less, it just takes time, and its not in hours or days. Everything you do now will remind you of Tuckie because he was such a huge part of your life. Grieve my friend, let the tears flow they are cleansing, and healing to your heart. I like this quote from Jim Willis: "We don't get over losing the dogs who have been a part of our lives. We just get used to living without them." Tuckie will always be in your heart and in the hearts of all of us. Some day you will be able to look back on the time you had with him with a smile and no more tears. It will be 10 years in October that I lost Bear, I like to think he and Tuckie have met at the Bridge along with Riley, and Spike and they are all watching over us until we can meet them again.
  12. Wow Michele, that is great! Going to share it on facebook, I know some people who could use it. Cindy - thinking of you and Justice
  13. Hoping you made it thru today and all went well with Justice. Take your time, we all understand.Thinking of you and Justice xxxx
  14. Huge hugs still being sent. I'm so sorry Justice had a GM. I hope things will settle down a little very soon. The pain of that day is still fresh, but over time it will lessen and you will be able to talk about it without tears. I remember someone telling me that and I thought they were crazy, but it will happen. There is no set time for grief, everyone is different and we all grieve differently. Be kind to yourself and don't try to set any goals, its a process that needs to go thru the steps. Thinking of you and Justice XXX
  15. Take your time, be with justice and let him be with you. Talk to him he'll understand. Sending you comforting hugs, I so wish I could take away your pain xxx
  16. For Tuckie My thoughts are with you Cindy and Justice
  17. I'm sitting here balling my eyes out for you and Tuck. I'm so sorry and I don't know what to say except I'm sending loads of love and hugs to you all. Lets hope Tuck proves the Dr's wrong one last time.
  18. I'm so sorry Cindy. Much love and hugs to you and the boys XXX
  19. Hoping both boys are feeling better today and Tuck's appointment goes well. Thinking of you and the boys, I'll check back later for an update.
  20. Awww Cindy, how well I know what you are going thru with Tuck. Sitting here with tears in my eye's imagining the two of you dancing to that song. Bear and I used to dance, when he stood on his hind legs he was almost as tall as me. Sending you comforting hugs, its so hard when they are ill or just plain old. I went thru a scare with Jake and his IVD about a month ago and thought he wasn't going to be able to come out of it and I'd have to let him go so he wouldn't be in so much pain. But we made it (I think it was the bitter cold weather) and he's doing better but I know one day he won't be. I live in fear of that day as I know you do for Tuck. You are in my thoughts all the time even though I don't post a lot I read every day. I'm so happy to see the dual trains and I hope they keep running. Had to laugh at Justice though, he reminds me of Riley always doing his own thing when there was work to be done. On a lighter note. A month ago I adopted a cat from the SPCA. My friend and I went to the mall, she wanted to go to the pet store there and of course the SPCA Annex is in the same entrance. We stopped in, I've really been wanting another tuxedo cat, Spike has been gone almost 7 years and I miss him so much. Well they didn't have a cat that would fit my criteria. Must like dogs and other cats & be a male and tuxedo. So the volunteer told me she would be at the main branch that afternoon and they had a bunch of cats from a hoarding situation that had been around dogs. she said she knew they had a cat for me. I wasn't going to go, I really can't afford another cat to feed. But my friend said lets go, she's a cat lover too but her husband isn't.. We looked at a lot of cats, while waiting to see the cats from the hoarding situation and none of them jumped out at me. We finally got in the room and there was a charcoal grey Tuxedo, never saw any coloring like him. Then there was this cat eating and I reached down and picked him up and he chirped at me, I was in love. So say hello to Jax. He's 5 and has such character. He refused to stay isolated in the bedroom and climbed the double baby gates. Tigger hates him and Tyson has finally warmed up a little. He came running up to Tyson like he was saying Hi Dude wanna play and Tyson hissed and growled at him, He never batted an eye just turned around and walked away. He's tried making friends with Tigger but Tigger still hisses a little but now it's half hearted. And he likes Jake. He has never once hissed at any of the cats or Jake, he reminds me of Spike in that he likes everyone regardless. He's not a cuddler but loves to have his chin scratched and he sleeps with me every night. I started a blog for him if you want to read it. http://theadvofjax.wordpress.com/ Much love and hugs to you and the boys.
  21. I'm so sorry you don't have any answers yet Cindy. I'm sending you some huge comforting hugs and hoping the EPI test is positive. It just has to be. Its so great to see Tuckie on the train, I hope Justice will join him soon. Much love to you and the boys XXXXXXX
  22. Oh Cindy, never what we want to hear. I'm so sorry for the news of Tuck. Bear's cancer came back in his lymph nodes and it was never seen externally too. There are alternative cancer diets out there that many people have had success with. Well worth looking them up it can' hurt, and I think at this point worrying that it may interfere with his medications is second to trying to get rid of the cancer. Since its a whole food diet it may even help with his other problems. I'll look some of them up for you if you like. The one that comes to mind is the budwig diet http://www.holisticdog.org/Symptoms/D_E_F/Flaxseed/flaxseed.html you can read about it here. My thoughts are with you and the boys, keep your chin up and keep positive, there is always hope Jax is about 5 years old and he was rescued from a hoarding situation. He's full of piss and vinegar and last night I left him out and didn't get much sleep because I had Tyson and Tigger guarding me on the bed and each time he tried to get up there one of them would hiss at him. then I had Jake up every time checking things out. I think I'll leave him out during the day but at bedtime for now he's going in the crate. Hate to do it but I can't be up all night lol
  23. I'm so sorry Justice fell off the train, It was so great to see all those days into the new year seizure free! Glad Tuckie is hanging in there and the acupuncture is working. I want to introduce you to Jax. I got him at the SPCA yesterday. He reminds me so much of Spike. Of course Tigger and Tyson want nothing to do with him, he's very cat friendly but my boys are being brats and hissing and growling at him. He jumped the double gate I had at the bedroom door so he is now in Jakes crate, much to Jakes confusion lol. But he and Jake seem to be getting along the best and that makes me happy. They touched noses last night thru the bars of the crate. I forgot how difficult it is to get a good close up picture of a black and white cat lol.
  24. I wondered when I saw the FM. So sorry the boys fell off. Sounds like they are doing ok though. I saw you have Tuck on Traumeel. Its homeopathic so may take a bit longer to get the full effects, so don't give up on it yet. I had Riley on it for his arthritis and it helped a lot. The one I found worked better (made by same company) is Zeel but Riley's was arthritis so not sure if that might not work better or not. I got your Christmas card today, thank you so much for the kind words. You and the boys mean so much to me. I'm sorry I didn't get any cards out this year, this month has gone by so fast I just wasn't prepared. Love and hugs to you and the boys and I'm wishing you all the Merriest of Christmas's and the Happiest of New Years
  25. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I'm sorry I've been MIA, but I'm so happy to see dual trains. Been a long time since we've seen that. I'm also very happy that the laser treatment seems to be helping Tuck. Its been a long tough road for all of you. Now its time to relax and enjoy. Much love and hugs to you all and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xxx