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  1. Is it normal that Bowser still will not walk on his leg that much?
  2. When i dropped Bowser off this morning he started to cry as I was leaving. it was so sad :(
  3. He really likes the wet food mixed in. I have to make him stop for a second so he will breath. When I give it to him he acts like he hasn't eatin in days. What a goof ball.
  4. Just a couple more days, I know Bowser is chompin at the bits to get it off.
  5. i got some wet food and mixed it with bowser's dry food and he loved it. But I have to ask, is that good for him?
  6. yeah, they did x-rays and said that his leg looks great. They put the soft wrap on him so they its not such a shock on his leg when they take it completely off, which is what they will do this friday. I'm so taking him to the dog park this weekend!
  7. Five more days til bowser gets to be a normal dog again... YAY!
  8. I rewrapped the part of the soft splint that bowser chewed up.
  9. so i have to put the cone on bowser when im not around cause he bittes at it
  10. So I don't think I told this story... The other day i was in my kitchen and Bowser walked by the trash and started growling. right by the trash i had a pizza box and a milk jug that I was getting ready to take out. So i walked over to the trash and bowser really started freakin out... he was growling, barking, and pacing. I touched the pizza box... nothing. So I grabbed the milk jug and he had a fit. Started running in a circle and barking like crazy. So i put the milk jug in the middle of the floor and he threw his fit for a bit then pounced at it. He was playing with the milk jug the whole time, it was actually really funny.
  11. Bowser is really good at talking walks, he doesn't pull or try to run. The vet now call him "the wild boy" I don't know what he did to get this nick name but I'm guessing nothing bad because everyone at the vet seems to love him.
  12. Bowser is still doing good, sorry my posts are so short. I'm kind of running out of ideas on things to say.
  13. I found this morning that Bowser is getting lazy... two more weeks then i can have my energetic pup back.
  14. I was able to take the cone off of Bowser he is doing really good with the soft splint!
  15. Bowser got his sling came off now he has a soft wrap on for a little support. It comes off in two weeks.yay