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  1. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Fendi was being groomed by Dede. I don't see how taking your blind dog to a professional groomer which she hates is not a mean thing. Why not wait until she can see after her surgery if you have money left over? I have a blind cat and I don't make him do things he isn't comfortable with. Judy, I disagree that what I said was mean. What is mean is what Dede did to Fendi. I am done with IMOM. I won't be mean anymore. Juli
  2. Jessica, I am so sorry for your loss of Cody. I know how close the two of you were and that your heart is probably broken in a million pieces. Some day when your heart is healed and you consider taking another pet into your family, would you consider a blind cat? They give so much love and are so amazing. You would make a good "Mom" to a blind kitty. Hugs to you, Juli
  3. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    When one has their hand out for IMOM donations they don't get to splurge on hot oil treatments and professional grooming. My gut feeling on this case was 100 percent correct! Not to mention that Fendi doesn't like it and gets stressed out worse at the groomer. That poor dog. I knew the eye surgery was more for you than her and now so was the grooming. Fendi wouldn't have signed up for the grooming. Why in the world is it necessary to have the dog groomed before surgery? Do you think that impresses the staff at the eye doctor? Get real. Juli
  4. Cinderelli Kessler

    Hi Shellie, I have a one-eyed kitty too, plus a no-eyed kitty. My one-eyed lost hers two years ago to glaucoma. My no-eyed kitty was born with infected eyes that weren't completely formed. Neither of them are handicapped because of their loss of eyes. Will be thinking of Cinderelli tomorrow and her surgery and during her recovery. Juli
  5. Happy Mother's Day to the Mom of the Wiggle Butt Boys! Hope you all have a nice day. No seizures today. Callie, Ava, Tori and SuperCooper send their love! Juli
  6. Zoo Angels

    Vic and Mark, So sorry for your loss of Babe. She was very fortunate to have made your home the last stop on her way to the Bridge. As always, we wish it could have been longer. No doubt it will be you two that she will be waiting for at the Bridge along with so many of the Zoo that have gone before her. Our love, Juli and kitties
  7. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    I don't need anyone to help me understand how IMOM works. I volunteered for years. I still do behind the scenes accounting work. I have access to the bank balance and see how much money IMOM has to help pets in need. Dede needs to follow the rules and someone from IMOM needs to determine what the fundraising goal is now that things have changed. IMOM's money doesn't grow on trees. Fendi's situation is not life-threatening. How would you all feel about turning away a pet that is in danger of death because there was no money? That could very easily be a reality in the near future.
  8. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Kim is right. IMOM is the last resort. IMOM numbers are adjusted when the estimate changes or the applicant has more to contribute. The caseworker should be working the numbers to determine the fundraising goal, not the applicant. I am happy that Fendi will get her surgery, don't get me wrong. Dede seems like she wants to make the IMOM rules to fit her, not follow them.
  9. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    $3,300 to $3,600 for both eyes. IMOM fund raises to the low end of the estimate. $3,300 low end of estimate $2,951 your contribution $ 627 last fund update I see $3,528 You have more than enough. Is there something I am missing?
  10. Loving those trains! Glad the vertigo is gone. Storms are every where. My son's college is without power. My college was damaged terribly this morning. Storms visiting my sister and her family now. Storms headed to us tonight. Scary. I need a calming collar and a man cave! Callie and Ava are feeling better. Coop has another appointment tomorrow for his ear. :-( XOXOXO
  11. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    That's what I was saying all along. The estimate for one eye was more than two should be. What you don't know is that I was the Treasurer for IMOM for a few years. I have a good idea on how much things should cost. Plus I have a pet that sees an eye doctor on a regular basis and has had eye surgery. I figured you already had the funds for at least one eye. Now go schedule the appointments!!
  12. Good job Tucker! Glad you were able to take him. Love all the butts saluting Justice! Hope you are feeling better. Juli and kitties
  13. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    Awesome! That is great that you did all your research and found the best option. Way to go Kim for recommending UC Davis. I hope Fendi can get her operation soon. Juli
  14. Hi Cindy, You must not be feeling well. That makes us sad and a bit worried. We hope you get better real soon!!! So glad Carol was able to take care of Tuckie. Callie is feeling better. No more throwing up. But now Ava is sick and she had to go to the vet. She got a shot for allergies last week and now she has sinusitis. Cooper has a problem with his ear. Tori Kay is my least trouble right now. Can you believe that? Callie is really happy because her non-furry brother is home visiting from college. She is going to go visit him this summer when he is off doing an internship. We all hope you feel better!!! Juli and the sick kitties
  15. Fendi - Pomeranian with cataracts

    FWIW, testing for glaucoma is as simple as putting a drop of anesthetic in the eye then touching the eye with a tonometer. Our animal eye doctor charges $25 for this procedure. Too bad you live in California. I am certain you could get this done for way less where I live. I am also certain you already have the funds it would take.