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  1. My name is Michelle I am disabled and just experienced the Historic flood that was in Louisiana my therapy dog's a chiweeny named brownie who has some minor breathing issues. This morning my fiance came and got me out the bathroom and told me she was having problems breathing and something was wrong I thought he was just worried and she has bad anxiety so I thought he was prolly making her really nervous so we got her some fresh air and I listened and she was breathing fine went pee and I brought her back inside tried to compfort him and put her water and food on the bed by her and she drank a lot and ate a little I didn't a check of body to see if she was in pain and she wasn't but after that she did start acting weird she won't move she is shaking really bad she is not nearly as bad about shaking as you would think for being a chiwawa she only shakes when she's really cold she's very unresponsive and keeps trying to just close her eyes she is always so hyper I really hope she is just having like some bad anxiety or something but I really need to get her to the animal hospital but I don't have any money and they won't even look at her unless I have $100 in my hand for an exam fee my fiance has had a hard hard life and seen a lot of death and he is convinced that she is dying I swear to God I'll do whatever it takes to make sure she is okay she isn't just my therapy dog she is also a huge therapeutic help for the him the person I love most in this world I need help today please God let me find a way to get a veterinarian to see my dog today even if it is anxiety she needs helps with it and she needs heartworm meds too please someone help us