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  1. Slight Tick issue, PLEASE HELP

    Do you have a pesticide in mind that works well that is not harmful to my dog and the flowers in my garden? Thanks for the reply
  2. Slight Tick issue, PLEASE HELP

    So Google come us with this as a standard Target the ticks' favorite habitations. Outdoor ticks can usually be found in grassy, bushy areas sheltered by trees and shade. ... Cut back vegetation. Start by getting rid of any tick-friendly foliage. ... Mow the grass frequently. ... Clear your yard of brush and dead leaves. ... Use a pesticide. But what pesticide would you use that does not harm the environment?
  3. Stuffed jalapeno appetizers

    I have got to be getting myself on some of these!! they look beautiful
  4. Slight Tick issue, PLEASE HELP

    Come on guys! There must be some pros on this site that have been through the same nightmare I am going through at the moment.
  5. Parvo disease

    My pup had this when he was young, fortunatelywe got him to the vet in time and sorted him all out. He had the intestine problem with all the symptoms above. How was the puppy in the end?
  6. Hello IMOM forum, I need to start with how happy I am to be apart of this forum and that I am looking forward to speaking with you all and hopefully finding answers to my little crawly problems. At the moment I am living in Cambodia, Loving life by the river just relaxing taking it day by day. I was feeling a little lonely and ended up spending loads of money on Cambodia's next best fashion line up, not good. So it came to me that I needed a best friend so I got Boyce "my dog" and since we literally go everywhere togeather. Anyway back at home in England, I had never seen a tick before and was unsure of what they were until I moved here. After a year of fighting these little critters I have found a treatment called Alprocide,this works really well in terms of the Ticks not latching on. But I still find them around the house sometimes and still a few small ones on him, Luckily enough I have had none on me as of yet and don't plan on letting it happen anytime soon. I also found some cheap Tick collars here https://fr.pinterest.com/easyprices/But they didn'tquite do the job I was expecting. I understand that there might be no "Cure" for ticks but there must be other options or a mix of things that I could do to preventticks? So this is where I am hoping you guys will flood me with ideas so I get to work and keeping these critters away. ANY advice/information/ancient knowledge/Hints & tips etc, are all welcome. Really looking forward to speaking with you all. Cheers guys!