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  1. Hi, Our 11-month-old golden retriever was hit and ran over by a car Tue evening in front of our house. He is such a sweet, calm and adorable puppy that we can't even believe how did he get out to the road and was run over.After X-ray and ultrasound, they informed about broken bones in one back leg, Ankle issues in another back leg and Pneumothorax "Accumulation of Air Between Chest and Lungs". One of the broken bone came out, and as per the vet it has a serious risk of infection.He has been admitted and being treated at DVSC (Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center) for since Wed morning. Looking at his current status docs can not do surgery and waiting on. The estimated cost for his treatment at this time is in the range of $12-15k. We have already spent $8000 so far, without any firm direction from docs.We are coming to you all to ask for your emotional and financial help with the unexpected situation. We have committed to do everything possible for this baby but to do so comes at a very high cost and need your help. Thank you so much for your help. Please spread the word!