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  1. Help me with Abandoned Cats

    Cheri When I was a young girl in Kansas, I lived only a mile outside of the city limits. People were constantly dumping their dogs and cats (usually pregnant) right at the corner of our acreage. Back then there was no Humane Society and I'm not sure if the city has one even today since I've moved away. Some of the animals my parents took back into the city to the local vet's, but a vast majority of them met the bullet via our farmer neighbor. The dogs would chase the cows and cause all kinds of havoc. I don't know when it happened, but suddenly the pet dumping just came to a halt!! Times have changed and you are an exceptional person for caring for these abandoned softies. Have you tried contacting the local television station to do a piece on what is going on? You'd be surprised at the response that gets with adoptions and donations. I applaud what you are doing and am surprised that the veterinarians there are failing to assist with free services to help these abandoned pets. Post the pix of these sweeties!!