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  1. I am on SSI disability and my cat Angel, who saved my life once, (and was feaurd on the Youngstaown News and Warren Trbune Chronicle), is in desparate need of an antibiotic shot and prednisone steroid shot for her Asthma and Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections and the antibiotics and Prednisone medication she needs at home in between her about every six month vet visit for this treatment. She saved my life, living up to her name of "Angel" and I have, just recenty, lost my home but am staying with a friend where all of my SSI check goes for living and my credit is not accepted anywhere, due to my last divorce, which was so abusive that that is when Angel saved my life. Her vet visit costs around $150, not including the money I need for her and my other cat's Revolution, due to the fact thisl ady here has a dog and they have both contracted fleas very badly. She is scraping up the money to buy Revolution from Canada. My cats have refillsleft at 1-800-Pet-Meds but I have no money, nor any family. I have tried starting a Facebook page but have yet to receive any donations what-so-ever.Angel is 16 years old and in great health besides when she gets sicklike thisabout evry six months.She has been tested and cleared from ALL feline diseases. Please help me to save the life of an Angel who once saved mine.