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The TNR Project

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  1. I'm so frustrated!

    Jackie: The old adage of....."you can lead a horse to water, but can't make him drink" applies here. I work with The TNR Project in Monrovia and we have a vanpool that goes to FixNation twice a week. We train people, register people, give them a free ride, help with traps and they STILL don't get their cats done. They beg us for help, so we help them. They don't hold food or they "forget"...thereby wasting our time and ultimately, it's the cats that suffer! SOOOO frustrating! We always ask ourselves...."how can we make this easier for people"? I don't think it matters....I don't know if they're lazy, some are worried b/c they're illegal, some feel like it's too much work....I don't get it. Those of us who have fixed colonies of cats and seen the benefits....talk about INSTANT GRATIFICATION!!! That's my favorite....when I pull 2 late nights in a row to get a colony of 15-40 cats/kittens. There's nothing like it and it's MY rush! All we can do is keep it up, spread the word, try to help others and ultimately help ourselves and any kitties within our reach. That's how I sleep at night. I do have hope though....more and more, people ask me "what's TNR"? I'm only too happy to explain and email them the registration to board our vanpool. Oh...and for those who say "Why do you do it...does it even make a difference"? That's when I point to each individuall kitty and proudly say...."it made a difference to that one...and that one...and that one.... Don't despair! Unite! Strength in numbers people! Keep on rescuing and keep on repeating the word "TNR"...eventually it will catch on and when it does.....look out! Keep your whiskers up and your tails bushy! Big Kitty Love to YOu All!! And in my book, you all are nothing short of ROCKSTARS!! MEOW!! TNR Postcard-Back Original.pdf TNR Postcard-Back Original.pdf