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The TNR Project

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  • Location Monrovia
  • Interests TNR, Feral Cats, Stray Cats, Community Cats, Abandoned Cats, Fostering Cats & Kittens, PetSmart Adoptions, Adopt A Pet, Petfinder, SPreading the word about other people willing to TNR and help!

About Me

I am part of an all volunteer group in Monrovia who began pulling together resources so people in our area could learn to TNR and get our cats/kittens to FixNation weekly. Apparantly, it worked. We are now in 14 cities and have TNR events to train more people who are desperate and as frustrated as we all have been in the TNR world. We all work independently and last year our group did 1000+ cats. A lot of the kittens were also kept/fostered/adopted through fosters and organizations we've teamed up with. Don't get discouraged! Use your anger to fuel you forward, but in as sane a way as possible. Keep asking the questions, keep looking for help and reach out to people who are currently doing what you believe in. Never give up! There's always a way, we just have to find it. This is a long, hard road and we are the warriors who want to be the solution to solve the problem. Look at all the cats/kittens each and every one of you have helped or the people....you've done great things! You've done the impossible which others I'm sure have told you couldn't be done! Keep up the fight! Find the group or the people and surround yourself with them that are doing what you believe in. There is room for us all...and in us all there is a protector of the innocent.  I'm so sad this site is no longer, but so happy the forums are up and well! Keep posting, keep sharing and above all, keep trying! Whiskers up and tails bushy people!! Big Kitty Love to Each and Every One of You!! ^..^