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  1. Sitting at work tonight during my break, reflecting on how fortunate and blessed my family was to receive the funds from IMOM community members to save Ginger's life. It's something that I can't express enough gratitude for. As I logged in, I noticed IMOM is permanately closed down, which makes me feel all the more fortunate to have found it when I did. Closed down or not, I wanted to make a visit to remind the supporters that I will forever be grateful for everything you have done for Ginger and our family. I will never forget the generosity! Ginger is doing fantastic and without you all, it's not even a question that her young life would have ended. IMOM has been a true blessing and I thank you all for not only the help you have given me, but the help that you have given so many others through all of your years of service. Blessings to all of you!!!
  2. Ginger is doing FANTASTIC!! When she was on her way home a few days ago, she wasn't acting at all like herself and she was several days post-op so I was worried thather personality had been permanently changed from al of the fear and trauma but as soon as she came inside, she immediately started grooming her babies. Then she ate a whole can of cat food! Now I'm watching her sleep on the dining room chair across from me, and I continue to be so thankful for all of the help and donations and volunteer time it took to save her life. She is comfortable and happy and has no idea she could be buried in the back yard right now if not for so many people helping to rescue her from her life-threatening intussusception. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so very very much!!
  3. GINGER GETS TO COME HOME TODAY!! We went to visit her yesterday evening. We smuggled her in a piece of chicken nugget and she nearly bit my finger off trying to get it. We saw a little bag of dry cat food on the counter so I gave her a little handful of that And despite the little come on her face she inhaled that too. When we left, I made the vet tech promise to feed her right away. I explained that I understand they do not want to overdo it after surgery, but to have her at that level of hunger it's too much. They promised to Feed her right away and then we came home and within two hours, they called me to tell me she had a bowel movement and was able to come home. My little one was already in bed by that time so now we are ready to go pick her up and I know she is more than willing to come home !
  4. Hello Angels. Ginger did not get to come home today (it's late as I post this because I am working the night shift, 1:25 am) but she is doing well and eating and drinking! She is still slow and sore and still hooked to an IV and likely will not get to come home until Wednesday but the fact of the matter is she gets to come home at SOME point and that is the miracle that all of you helped provide!
  5. UPDATE: Ginger's surgery is complete!!!! You guys did it! You SAVED her! Through your generosity, you have spared her life and I thank you all a million times over and from the very very very bottom of my heart!!!! May all of you AND all of your pets be blessed, and for those who aren't, may we continue to saw as many as possible. I did not have the money to pay for Ginger's surgery all at once or by myself but a group of people came together and not only saved a life, but recruited a new warrior as well! The cause is great and I want to be part of it! Every contribution counts and I vowel to help you help others because I know first hand how life changing every dollar can be... Thank you all! More updates and pics to come!
  6. So I have made several phone calls since leaving ginger after spending four hours at the vet with her. I posted an update right before I left with some pictures I took of her before leaving but I don't see them on this post so somehow it didn't take . Anyways, with the phone calls I was making, there were four options according to the recording. The first option was for hours and directions, the second option was for an emergency, the third option was to speak to a representative, the fourth option was to speak to a manager. When I selected the second option, I would get a pre-recorded message advising anyone with an emergency situation to just bring their animal to the hospital, no option to leave a voicemail . So I tried the third and fourth option and got the exact same message with no option to leave a voicemail. This cycle has happened every time I called, this cycle has happened every time I called strangers but around 12:30 AM I finally got the option to leave a voicemail by selecting option number four. I left a voicemail but then I kept calling back because at this point, I have been going crazy not knowing how she is doing. Eventually someone answered and I explain to them the dilemma is I have been having trying to reach a live person. They explained that if there is another caller on the other line, you will not get an option to leave a voicemail, and he will only hear the pre-recorded message. Now for the update on Ginger: As of 12:52am, she hasn't even had her surgery!!! They said there has only been one veterinarian there and from a medical standpoint, Ginger has been less critical than the animals that have been operated on. I don't know what is wrong with the other animals but I did say to them in a nice way "Really? It's my understanding that at any moment her bowels could perforate into her abdomen and at that point she could become septic, and we have been there since sometime in the 1 o'clock hour almost 12 hours ago, so the vet has been doing surgeries more critical since then?" And it sounds like Ginger needed a certain amount of hours to pre-hydrate with IV fluids plus try needed to do their own blood tests since her regular vet is not in office today to fax over any records and by the time they completed that, several other critical animals came in and although Ginger is in a critical situation, at the moment the others came in, she was "stable" so they had to triage her at a lesser priority. I can only guess things that would be more important would be like animals who got hit by cars or shot or maybe in house fires or something. I hope all of the animals who go there today are saved, but I can't help but be partial to my Ginger. This is one of the only places I know in the area that offers emergency surgeries and it just so happens that Gonger arrived on an incredibly busy day. Thank you all again for your generosity and I will continue to post updates on Ginger's Status. I did ask them if they anticipated she would be having surgery tonight and she said yes so I asked her to please call me the moment they have updates no matter what time it is tonight and if they don't have any updates by the time her shift and, to please convey that message to the oncoming staff that I am anxiously awaiting some news some m I asked her to please call me the moment they have updates no matter what time it is tonight and if they don't have any updates by the time her shift and, to please convey that message to the oncoming staff that I am anxiously awaiting some news. They did say despite Ginger attempting to drink at home, she was very dehydrated and seemed to perk up a little with IV hydration because she hasn't been able to properly absorb what she was taking through the oral route so they are trying to keep her comfortable while she waits. Here is a photo of 3 of her babies. They are anxiously awaiting Mommy's return and seem to have been looking for her.
  7. It's 9:20pm my time and I've heard absolutely nothing about Ginger and nobody answers phones there :(
  8. Surgery will be starting soon. The Veterinarian came in to speak with me. They are hydrating Ginger and will give her Ativan (I think). My phone is almost dead but I had them bring her to me so I could give her some kisses before going back. Here are a couple pics, so skinny.
  9. No updates yet: when we first got here, they took Ginger back to the back through an employees only door. I wish I could be back there to comfort her. She must feel scared but this will be a small price to pay for her life. Surgery hasn't started and I haven't talked to a vet yet. This is an emergency hospital that has not seen Ginger before so they have to do their own diagnostics Im guessing is what is happening. I hear meows every now and then but I'm not sure if it is Ginger's voice. More updates as I get them.
  10. I want to stop a minute before heading off to the vet (woo hoo) and thank you all for your generosity again! I consider everyone to have went above and beyond to help Ginger and there are NO WORDS that can express my gratitude! Not only did you help me get the surgery she needed, but you angels came through SO FAST that we are able to go to an emergency clinic and not wait an extra day for our regular clinic to open! This is truly an amazing miracle and I hope you all know that not only did you save the life of Ginger, but you have touched the lives of my family and I immensely! You have spared another life and its incredible what each of you have done. Every single dollar was a blessing and a special thanks to those who coordinate all of this at IMOM..... If not for this charity site, I don't know where I would have turned. Please stay tuned for more updates than you can handle! Much love to all of you! Here we go.....
  11. I have information on a reputable surgery clinic that is open 24 hours. The moment I find out we have reached our goal, God willing, I can take her because each minute is vital. I had not actually witnessed her drinking water today until 10 minutes ago and she took a few licks. She ate some tuna earlier but her coat is looking unkempt again. Time is of the essence and thanks to all of the Angels out there!!
  12. The tears are spilling from my face and I'm in disbelief that complete strangers are helping us. My 12 year old just said "Mom, I think she is going to make it!"
  13. The generosity so far has been amazing and it brings me to tears. Bless you all who have contributed thus far. Thank you so much. Words can not express how much I appreciate the generosity. I cannot believe $380 has been raised for her so far. I am so fortunate for every one of you. Bless you! Thank you!
  14. My heart is broken for you <3 :(
  15. I thank God I have been granted a spot on this forum in hopes of finding help for Ginger. Her condition is entirely treatable with surgery, but without a surgery in the next few days, she will die. She has been a God send to myself and my three children, but especially me. You see, Ginger has this special charisma about her, a truly beautiful soul. We got her as a kitten and I intended for her to be a companion and playmate for my children because they desperately wanted a pet. Growing up with dogs, I naturally wanted a dog, but it was not allowed on the lease so I "settled" for a cat. I say "settled" because I always thought of myself as a "dog person". Ginger soon taught me that she was to receive FULL affection from everyone and wouldn't have it any OTHER way. She wanted it; she worked for it. We were her humans and she took that responsibility seriously. I am 34 years old, and I have 3 girls ages 16, 12, and 2. The 12 year old and 2 year old sleep in my bed with me and Ginger decided early on there was room for one more. Gladly passing out (painful) massages to us every night, she makes her little nest in our bed, dutifully keeping us warm. She helps me with house work by impeccably maintaining her litter box, going as far as to cover any potential stenches with random t-shirts and leggings that she takes from the girls rooms. Oh how thoughtful, Ginger! And she never forgets to remind me of her presence when I am getting cheese from the fridge, or anything for that matter, but that yellow cheese is her weakness! Until recently that is.... Ginger's special power is warming hearts. She warmed my cold dog-loving heart within days, and turned me from a dog-person to a dog AND cat person! I'm a nice person in general, but if I were the Grinch and Ginger were all of Who-ville, she made my heart grow bigger by forcing her way into it, with ease. When Ginger had her babies, she upped her status even more. She become another mother in the house. She officially became not just the pet I love, but my FRIEND! There was a time once recently when I had a particularly stressful day and my toddler had been a handful and didn't sleep well through the night. I got up to take my daughter to the bathroom, exhausted, and there was Ginger, wide awake tending to her toddlers and I said to her out loud "I see YOURS have you up all night TOO". It's hard being a single parent to three daughters of widely varying ages, but when I see the way Ginger has to "change a diaper" so to speak (you know what I mean), it makes me feel fortunate and not so alone because I don't have a lot of free time for socializing with other human beings other than at work or the grocery store. Ginger is so special to me, She is hard-working, compassionate, loving, feminine, clean, efficient, and since she is young, she still has a lot of spunk and will randomly barrel through the house knocking things over and grab something random and throw it in the air and then do a back hand spring off the couch or some other random cat trick before coming over to get some affection for the entertainment she has just provided. At least that was what life was like until recently..... Ginger had been getting very thin but I thought it was because she was nursing kittens. She seemed like she was constantly starving and she had a great appetite so I just assumed it was normal to thin out some. She had also started using the bathroom on random places on the floor, very uncharacteristic of her once very tidy nature. I still just assumed she was exhausted from mothering her kittens and chose to cut some corners to save a little energy. It wasn't until one evening at the beginning of last week that she climbed on my lap and basically gave me a hug that it all clicked. She jumped on me and put her head right on my chest and extended her paw across me as if to say "notice me". It struck me as odd because she likes laps but never did that "hugging" maneuver before. She quickly left and I thought about it for a minute or two but it STILL didn't click. I didn't "notice her" completely in that moment, even still. 15 minutes later, she climbed onto her cat perch right in front of me, me still sitting in the recliner, and I was immediately shocked at what I saw. It all clicked in that very moment and within seconds, I had clear hindsight. Ginger's pupils looked dilated, her normally smooth coat looked greasy and unkempt, and I never realized an animal with fur could appear pale, but my Ginger looked severely pale. I realized her weight loss and not using the litter box were related and that she hadn't been meowing when I opened the fridge and I couldn't recall seeing her nurse her kittens recently either. I had ALSO seen some vomiting in various places on the floor. I opened a can of cat food and most cats, including Ginger, go crazy for the sound of a can opening but Ginger had NO reaction. I slept on the couch with her that night. I lay her right beside me and covered the two of us up. I think she knew then that I was aware of what she had probably been trying to tell me for days, if not longer. The next morning, the vet was able to see us immediately. They gave her de-wormer and a bag of fluids under her skin and noted that her intestines felt thick but the (Im not sure the terminology but something to the effect of gastroenterologist) wasn't in and did some tests and was suspecting feline leukemia. I was devastated and took her home and watched her decline more the next day. She climbed under the recliner and didn't want to be bothered by her babies or me or the girls. She would come out occasional to vomit dark green clear fluid. I spent almost every waking moment doing research. I found that if a cat doesn't eat for more than a couple days, they can go into severe liver failure. If she was going to die, it wasn't going to be from liver failure on my watch and the green color made me think bile or liver involvement already so I made a thin meat mash mixed with water and gave her syringes of it periodically. I also took a tums and broke a small piece off and crushed it and mixed it with water and syringed that into her mouth and I haven't seen any green vomit since I did that. The following day, I took her back for another emergency bolus of fluid replacement under her skin and got negative results for blood work. The specialist was there and his test revealed an intussusception, or telescoping of the intestines on themselves, fatal if left untreated with a costly surgery. I'm going through a bankruptcy right now and it couldn't have come at a worse time. NOT that there would ever be a good time for a diagnosis like this, but the reality is that I don't have the funds or resources to cover it. I'm fighting to keep 25% of my wages from being garnished which would absolutely destroy us right now. We don't live a luxurious lifestyle, my family and I. I shield my children from the reality of the situation but its not good. I am thankful for what we have and always feel so blessed, but my feet hurt so bad at work and I find myself jealous of my colleagues shoes sometimes because I know they are more comfortable than mine. I also know I can get some nice comfortable shoes from Goodwill but there always seem to be things that are a higher priority. My children aren't starving, as a matter of fact they eat fresh vegetables and fruit, but behind the scenes, I rarely eat the "good stuff" with my meals because I want them to have it. I get salads and things so I'm not trying to paint a picture of absolute poverty, but we are in a bracket of poverty based on federal guidelines but we don't have food stamps because I make it work. We do without some luxuries for the more important things like healthy food, not an abundance of it, but we have it.... and my kids have comfortable shoes. They each have several pairs of shoes, generally used shoes, but they don't care. They are comfortable in life because that is the perception I want them to have. When we go out, its is free stuff like walks in the park. We don't vacation but we have family time and vegetables and shoes so we aren't well off, but we are surviving and thankful to live in America, and happy, mostly. We are also charitable. I have given MANY times to the St. Judes charity as well as other random charities like Smiles for kids with cleft palettes in India, organizations that provide plants and livestock to third world countries, and I remember one was for service animals in need. My girls know I will almost ALWAYS purchase one of those miracle network tickets from grocery stores and gas stations whenever I'm asked, and if there is a quarter sheet near a register, I will dig through my purse and use every quarter I have to fill the slots with quarters to help when I can. I teach them that giving when you have little to give is more special than giving when it doesn't affect your wallet. All giving is special, but it means a lot to give $1 to the Miracle Network when you only have $10 total. We are good people and I wouldn't be asking for help with Ginger if I had the money to do it. This isn't to free up money that could be used for something fun or fancy. I simply don't have it and I'm calling on those with compassion and an extra dollar or two to help save Ginger. I love her and I want her around me but that's not even that true cause here. Ginger WANTS to live! She WANTS help. Up above I gave a list of her qualities but there's one I haven't told you about yet. Among all of those other things that make her special, Ginger is also a fighter! She has a zest for life! After her 2nd fluid replacement and a couple more syringes of meat water, she licked a piece of canned dog food. I never thought I would be so excited to see her lick a piece of food in all my life but I stood breathless as I watched her sniff it and then eventually lick it. She licked all of the gravy off of it and shortly after, she ATE IT! Then I offered her a couple more pieces and she ate those! Then she vomited a little while later. After vomiting, I offered her some shredded ham.......and she ate it! and then ate a small piece of cheese! and slowly she began consuming small amounts of food until finally, she drank water! This is NOT supposed to be happening! It should be all downhill from this point. Her condition does not improve on its own, it REQUIRES surgery so we can't figure out what is compelling her to eat and drink from such a desolate condition other than her will to survive. She is fighting! She knows I am fighting for her and she knows when I am crying for her. She continues to vomit but it is not that green thin vomit. She can't absorb many nutrients because that happens as food travels the entire length of the intestines but it is enough to buy some time. At any moment, she could stop eating and drinking again, but there is stil hope as long as she is eating. The scariest part is that since her intestines are quickly being strangled in that section, once enough tissue dies and a hole allows her bowel contents to seep into her abdominal cavity, it will be too late. She will suffer even more pain than she is in now as peritonitis and sepsis set in and rot her from the inside out. I would have no choice but to have her euthanized at that point but there is hope and prayer that generous members of this community can help me to help her survive. Her babies need her, I need her, my children need her, and although she has a beautiful soul, I don't think that soul is meant to cross over to the rainbow bridge yet. Please imom community members, consider lending us a small bit of resources, any contribution will feel miraculous at this point and I pledge to you to continue to keep giving dollars when I have only 10, but I need a couple back for sweet Ginger if you find it in your heart. Forever grateful, Melissa Flynn