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Brinson ferals

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  1. Thank you CatPaws! I do love my ferals & try to do everything that I know to do for them to help them have the best life they can. Bubba is still very thin and for some reason the black girls at colony 2 are really thin. I had them de-wormed & flea treated when they were spayed but maybe the heat is keeping them from eating very much. Yes Lou's time is coming! He's been staying hidden in the bushes lately since Bubba has been staying with colony one but I see him and know he's there. I leave food for him at the edge of the trees and I had set the trap up next to the edge when I trapped the seal point Siamese mix. When I set the trap they all took off so Lou will be a challenge but I'm determined to get him!
  2. Not a dilute calico like I thought but a seal point Siamese mix! Not sure if it's male or female but it's trapped & home with me for the night & straight to the vet tomorrow morning! Hallelujah!!! Still have Loup Garoux "Lou" to go!
  3. Success today! Well actually I "scruffed" black fuzzy quarter tail late yesterday evening @ colony 2 & put her in a carrier & took her home for the night. I dropped her off at my vet first thing this morning to be spayed! She only recently started allowing me to pet her but last night she was a little love bug! She rolled around on the floor in front of me & lay next to my legs as I sat on the floor with her. She wanted to be petted and scratched! I couldn't believe how tame she was acting. She let me rub her belly & never scratched or bit me. She didn't like the carrier at all & cried the whole time on the way to my house & then this morning on the way to the vet & stuck her paws & legs through the wire & rattled the cage trying to get out. I think she may have had kittens but i think they must be weaned as she didn't have any milk but I haven't seen them so I don't know if they died or something else happened to them. I think she may be pregnant now but I'm hoping she's not. Wish I could find a home for her. She's so sweet!
  4. Bubba was alone @ C2 today but there had been a rain shower so maybe the others were still hiding. He was extremely lovable today! I had to feed Fluffy @ the edge of the woods as she wouldn't come out to eat because Lou was there. Tadpole & Sally there also @ C1.
  5. Hello CatPaws! Thanks for checking on the feral kids! I was so sorry to hear about IMOM closing! I didn't know if I should continue to post or not! I am VERY GRATEFUL to IMOM and everyone who donated to spay/neuter the Brinson ferals! I think I have 2 left unless those I was seeing during "kitten season" return. I almost caught Lou just the other day but he/she didn't go far enough into the trap to trip it before running out. I've only seen the black fuzzy quarter tail on occasion so it's hard to plan trapping with him/her but I haven't given up on either of them! I will catch them! Bubba is still going back & forth between colonies but I think he may settle with the black girls (Shelly & Sheba) & the Siamese (Savannah) as Lou seems to have claimed Fluffy Marie LeVeaux, Sally, & Tadpole as his family although they still don't like him. Savannah was with colony 2 Saturday. That is the first time since I released her! I ask Fluffy Marie LeVeaux every time to get in the car & go home with me. She looks @ me with distain & gets up (even if lying down) & walks away from me! She's so funny & smart! The raccoons have been out in droves this year & so brazen as to come out even in the daylight to eat so I have to sit with the cats so they can get their fill and not be run off by the raccoons. I enjoy my time with them even though it is so hot! Hope to hear from all of you soon! I will post again soon!
  6. Do only females yowel when in heat? Yes it would be wonderful if Lou is yoweling in frustration if he is a male & has no females to breed!!!
  7. Thank you Judy! I'm sorry you have been having computer problems!
  8. Oh & I wash my hands & arms with Addy's medicated shampoo every time I wash my hands (which I'm ocd about) & I wash my hands between animals (I'm a freak about that & always have been for some reason). Addy gets oral meds every day & a medicated bath every other day. I also put coconut oil on her spots the days she doesn't get a bath. Her scales seem to be healing and almost gone. She still has spots of hair loss but I'm sure that will just take time to grow back.
  9. Thank you Kuhio! I think they all look good except for Bubba. He seems very thin to me but I'm sure it has to do with his roaming and "courting" the girls. He was a huge filled out cat when I first saw him but I guess life on the street has been hard on him as I assume he was once someone's pet & not born feral. Mustang Sally has really filled out this year since she's been spayed and not nursing babies every few months. Thankfully I haven't had any signs of ringworm on myself or my pets. But I've kept Adelaide confined since she was diagnosed and I've been diligently cleaning my house daily. I feel itchy sometimes but I think I'm just paranoid. 😬
  10. Lou is really a big tall cat. Tadpole is tiny compared to Lou. Lou only came out to eat when I got back in my car. He/she seems to have a lot of white around the face & underneath. I wonder if older cats get grey hair like dogs do?