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Oreos mom

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  1. Thanks again!

    Oreo and I would like to thank you all once again! After coming home from the vet's office she is recovering splendidly and has finally stopped giving me dirty looks for sending her there in the first place :-) she is so much more calm now and has stopped that incessant yowling at night calling all the male stray cats in the area to our front door! She is happier and so am I again thank you so much for your help God bless!
  2. Oreo Fleming, kitty needs to be spayed

    Hi everyone! Im oreos mom! Thank you so very much!! I live in low-income apartments due to having a chronic illness. One of the apartment tenants that owned Oreo and a dog went to visit friends and family in Oklahoma. While there, she passed away from a heart attack. The maintenance man found a home for the dog and asked if I could adopt Oreo, so of course I said yes! I noticed her eye was injured from the dog she was with and before I could get her to the veterinarian it ruptured! The vet kept her overnight cleaned her eye and sewed it shut...she's no longer in pain, and a very happy kitty! I love her very much and she's a great companion! Unfortunately she is now in heat and because of the previous vet bill that I paid for, I can't afford to get her fixed. She is constantly yowling and howling and seems miserable! I live in a rural area and do not have access to free spay and neuter clinics. Again thank you very much!!!!