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Tammy Peralta

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  1. Roxy - Pit Bull Who Needs to be Spayed

    I am Tammy, Roxy's new mommy. When we came across Roxy abandoned, tied to a tree in the park on a very hot day, my heart broke....but my mommy instincts instantly kicked in. I could tell that she recently just gave birth...broke my heart even more... Dogs are "not" breeding machines!!!!. My first job, as her mom, would be to have her spayed for a healthier, happier life... Being disabled and not working, my funds are very tight. But with "your" generosity, I am able to give her a healthy, stable life....words alone can never express how grateful and thankful your donations are. I will truly pay this forward somehow!!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and with all my soul for helping me to help my beautiful Roxy....God Bless you ALL....THANK YOU!!!!!!!🐶