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cheri winn

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    I would also like to add that 2 of the cats need visits to the vet. I live on a busy street, 4 are indoor outdoor, which I hate but I don't have the space. They dart in to traffic. I'm just waiting for one of them to die. One of the males is so obese he can hardly walk, he has no way to run or climb a tree if a dog gets loose. This is so, so , stressful. I need help to be able to care for them and repay what I owe so I can move forward. The goal is to find them homes. I can't do that while I spend every day trying to feed them, and bs the people who helped with vet bills when there was an emergency. None of the rescues will help. There is a very uncaring view of animals. please help. I've sent an email to the right people. I'm not getting any responses and not sure where to turn next.
  2. I am living in western NC, and they really don't treat animals well. This is also a high kill shelter area. I am from Chicago and would never, ever, just dump an unwanted pet. I am not working at the moment. I worked for US airways for 20 years and was hit by a car... Anyway I took on the responsibility of helping these cats. 3 pregnant cats have been abandoned and a few males. I have had them all fixed, and shots, 3 needed additional surgeries. I have used all of my 401k and retirement on taking care of these cats. there were 21, I have found homes for 13 and there are 7 left to find a home for. One of my own cats died in Jan. I feel guilty. If I had not been so overwhelmed with this I could have saved him. I am out of money. Meaning every day is a struggle and hustle to get them fed. I owe everyone money, and that includes vet bills for 3 emergency situations. I have a dog and 2 cats of mine own. I am getting no help from this community. The help I have gotten has been from friends up north. They are done with this now. Someone literally suggested I dump the cats deeper in the woods. a youcaring page has been set up. It also has pics of the cats available for adoption. I am in a desperate situation. Is there anyone out there who will help me????? I'm begging here.
  3. I moved from Chicago to a small town in western nc due to a car accident. I worked for us airways for 20 years... they don't value animals here. People have dumped their unwanted pregnant cats in the woods next to my house. There have also been a few males that have shown up as well. I jumped right in. Have had them all fixed, 3 needed additional surgeries. I've rescued 21, found homes for 13. I have 7 left to adopt. I also have my own 2 cats, and a dog. Another male showed up a few days ago. I am out of money. I have vet bills, unpaid loans for several emergency situations with these cats. I am struggling every day just to feed them I need HELP!!! also homes for the remaining 7. I have gotten no help from this community and it saddens me. We also have a high kill shelter. I need help.