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  1. Hello, I am new here and don't know how to navigate this site. I am not sure what to do or how to do it?? Any recommendations from imom visitors?? This is BooBoo Buddy. He is 9 & in need of medical attention. I am a single disabled mother on ss disability income alone. I can't work and recently had my 2nd cancer surgery. Boos two 1/2 sisters and two 1/2 brothers have now passed. He is so alone, with me, but not doing well. He needs help and I feel helpless. I am trying to do all I can to find assistancebut it seems now after the vet visit he is very sad now also. The recent visit caused major trauma - to us both - though my concern is for Boo. I do not want him to silently suffer. He has been vocal lately, standing in odd locations, staring and crying. I am not sure about his state of mind. PRETTY his kitty 1/2 sister was 19 and BABY his kitty 1/2 brother was 17 they were inseparable (all rescues - PRETTY AND BABY I rescued at 4 months old - nursed and raised. GRAM was 4 his 1/2 sister gerbil who would play with Boo nestle with and sit on his back. FLOWER was 4 his 1/2 brother hamster and Boo loved caring for FOWER while he was ill. Boo was a rescue & in our lives since 6 - 8 months old. Now he's 9 and in need. Could you please help me,... find help??
  2. This was the initial visit and the "estimate" from the new vet, just to be evaluated. This is not the hospital Boo will go to under the circumstances. 


    1. Mom


      The Dr. need to initially give Boo his rabies shot, the last vet NEVER TOLD ME that here in MA it is mandatory for indoor cats, but need to put Boo under before they can do so and then evaluate to actually diagnose (1) a lump in his right upper arm (2) on his back just before his tail (3) a bump on his left middle finger (4) rt middle toe, (5) his left arm shaking now after his apt (6) he's been throwing up (7) some diarrhea (8) his wheezing a bit (9) rt ear and eye goo (10) he may have something wrong in his brain - he's been sleeping a lot & seems very sad now. We are not sure if this could be an infection all interconnected or totally separate issues. After he is put under they want to give him his shot(s), do X-rays, ultrasound to see if the lumps need be drained, biopsies or removed immediately, lab work, possible teeth cleaning and nail clipping, see if there is an intestinal infection checking his ears and eyes to see if they can figure out the cause of the bothersome discharge and his head to see if there is visible cause for his stress and depressionhis. I wish I could be more specific but he needs to be put under before anyone can actually touch him he gets so worked up - froths uncontrollably on the way to he Dr., heart palpitates, he hisses and won't let anyone touch him he becomes totally unapproachable. 

  3. I am new in here and just saw a few people who had recieved help via a link for funding??  Wondering if anyone can help us start such a fund for "BooBoo"?? 





  4. Looking for full financial assistance for my service cat who needs care. He is 9 and just to get teeth cleaned and nails trimmed needs to be put under. He has a lump in his right arm and base of tail he also has a little bump on his left hand. We lost our last family member recently 4 in total over the last four years. He is alone, temperamental & been though so much. Originally a rescue traveled states away from "home" different climate and surroundings was traumatized prior to becoming our family and since due to personal issues which inevitable took its toll on all older family no longer with him. We have moved over 5 times and could not imagine life now especially without him healthy and happy. I am home most days, single disabled mother so he is my assistant and in need of diagnostics which I can not afford.