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Ivy Ho

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  1. Cookie, a 5 year-old Netherlands Dwarf rabbit was rescued after she was diagnosed with a severeteeth issue (malocclusion), She had a tooth-extraction surgery and got 6 teeth removed a year ago. She was good and happy for several months until a large abscess was found near her right eye. Cookie went to the Berkeley Animal Hospital to have a CT scan on 3/15/16. The radiologist said Cookie has a very large abscess eating away at the roots of her upper cheek teeth, and that is also starting to push into the area of the eye and her sinuses on that side. She will need a surgery ASAP to save her eye and the remaining teeth. We expect Cookie's surgery cost is around $2,500. We were all blindsided by this urgent surgery and we could use your support. To assist us to help Cookie get well, please consider donating to her. Your love, support and get well wishes for Cookie will be shared with her. Owner is able to pay $1,000.