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Susanne Ignazito

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  1. Monkey - kitty with a neck wound

    Monkey is home his neck wound has been fixed and he was also neuter. He is still upset and not feeling too good yet. I am happy to say they tested him for fiv/felv and he is negative. I told him from now on he would stay inside. It such a shame this happened to him. He is bigger than the other males outside, but he is so sweet that they bully him. This sweet boy will be added to my inside family and will no longer have to worry about the bullies outside. Thanks for all the help IMOM Angels. When this first happened I was crying because I thought we would have to put him down because I did not know there were places like this. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to pay it forward. I will definetly let people know about you. Bless you all.
  2. Monkey - kitty with a neck wound

    My husband is on his way to pick up Monkey. The vet said he did well in surgery. I will post a picture of him when we get home, the ones I took earlier did not come out to clear. Ever since we took him to the vet the first time, he does not want us to hold him or stay still for fear of going in the carrier. Boy, did he put up a fight this morning, for someone who does not feel well, when we were putting him in the carrier. So I know he will be happy once he gets home. I will update you then.
  3. Monkey - kitty with a neck wound

    Thank you so much IMOM you worked so quickly to help Monkey. I am thankful beyond words. The vet is going to re access his wound today and schedule surgery for tomorrow. You all are angels. Monkey thanks you too, maybe not so much now (since he did not like the vet) but once he feels better he will.