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  1. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Yes he's not happy with the shirt lpl but it's keeping him from scratching his belly where his stitches are
  2. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Ok so sorry I haven't posted in a bit but we got some tragic news......We got the biopsy back and both tumors were mast cell high end stage 2 .....vet thinks 3 to 5 months :( Sooooooooo were doing our best to keep his immune system up and keeping histamines at bay...and trying some additional alternative medicine. He gets his stitches out Monday ....ugh can't wait he hates the elizabath collar and I'm bandaging everyday so hope its all healed so he can get them out ....I'll keep everyone posted as usual ♡♡
  3. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Awww thanks he is ...
  4. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Thank You I will Def look into this
  5. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Yes he's healing well so far so good its bitter sweet though but we decide on a treatment and it's holistic I joined a facebook page for dogs with mast cell tumors and we're going to be changing his diet to Evo...I have him on 1/4 cup cottage cheese 》(contains lysine ) going to keep him on benadryl 3x daily to combat histamines from mast cell and tagamet ( actually used in chemo). Milk thistle,souerkrout, 》to alkalize the body,tumeric to name a few..anyone reading this interested it's called cleo's diet ....thousands are following this diet and it has great results dogs living 5 to 6 yrs plus with stage 2 and 3 that were given 6 months. I'm hopeful but I just want to do the best I can for him and make whatever time he has remaining healthy and happy and comfortable. AGAIN I'm beyond greatful that I got the help I did....Without it I would have lost him. He has a lot of life left in him and he's not going to go down without a fight so we're gonna fight this together but yes I hope the good news keeps coming....biopsy should be here in a few days. I will post results as soon as I hear
  6. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    So vet check went well, his incision looks great and is healing well. Another appt in 5 days for another bandage change. So far so good......biopsy report should be in this week.
  7. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    So happy my boo is feeling better
  8. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    So Capone is feeling much better that I've not really had to keep up on his pain meds that much in the last day....he started putting weight on his leg here and there and on bathroom breaks he's trying to run up the stairs which we have to stop him so we can lift him up them and 84lbs ugh lol We have our first vet appt today for a bandage change and I can finally see his paw and how it's healing....he had a lot of bruising on his belly from tumor on his side but that seems to be healing well ,just some swelling. I'll update later how things are looking with his paw.
  9. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Thank You Dawn. I just got him up about 1/2 hour ago for the first time to go out and pee and he ate and drank and now back to recovery sleep.