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  1. One eyed kitten

    Well I just got back from the vet, and they are keeping him over night for observation. The issue now is that he cant walk right. Its like his back half doesn't coordinate with his front half. He seems mentally to have bounced back from the surgery but my vet is really stumped. they did test for the feline leukemia and that came back negative, (thank god) but right now they are worried he might have FIP. I did just do some reading on it and i hope to god thats not the case. You see Tiberius came to me at about 4-5 weeks old. he was about a day (literally) from dead and was severely abused. He is my little angel kitty and i just want him to have a happy life. i will do all that i can to see that he does.
  2. One eyed kitten

    Hi, my name is Liz, I need some advice on my kitten Tiberius. Hes about 8 months old and sadly has all sorts of problems that i am dealing with the best i can. He's a regular at my vets office, where they all love him. The most recent thing is he developed glaucoma in his right eye and we had to have his eye removed. He had his surgery on Tuesday and is not bouncing back the way i thought he would. I have finally gotten him to eat and drink by himself, but he is having trouble walking and standing. I dont know if this is from the loss of depth perception or what but i'm worried about him. my vet has him on an antibiotic and steroid at the moment to help with the cough he got from being intubated and for the lethargy. If there is any advice that anyone can give my i would much appreciate it.