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  1. Lucy

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm communicating with you all through this wonderful website, for advice and hopefully assistance. My name is Catherine and our puppy's name is Lucy. We were so excited to get her, eve if she meant pet number 7. We have a 14 year old lab, rescued. 4 cats ranging from 12 to 18 months. 2 rescued 2 feral. Well I guess all rescued, and a Beta named Charlie. She's so much fun, funny, loving and full of life. Until we saw her little belly was getting extended, we tried all kinds of at home remedies before taking her to the Hospital. 2 months later 10 or 11 appointments over $2000, we finally got a diagnosis. She has a congenital heart disease and what she has is called a Pulmonic Valve defect. To make a long story short she needs $3000 to $4000 for her surgery. I have made Calls, filled out numerous applications, started a Go Fund me account. All while she needs to be tapped to remove her abdominal fluid almost weekly. She should only weigh 30 pounds but is at 59, as we speak. I'm sadenned, angry and desperate for answers. Why us, why her! I have 4 children and they can at least tell me how the feel, ww have medical insurance and I can comfort them. But how can I help her, no cash, out of options, they can just come to you and say your dog needs $4000 In heart surgery or she will die, and good luck getting help! Again I'm not ashamed to beg. If you know a vet, if you know a hospital or school, if you can donate, or if you will help us, help her! Our family will be forever in your date. I am a firm believer in God, Karma and paying it forward. I hope you are as well. Bless you all.