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  1. Charlie Brown is going to be neutered!

    I just wanted to post an update, Charlie Brown is doing good he's been home for about an hour now. He's still groggy and acting a little loopy, but the surgery went well. Thank you again imom and anyone who has supported imom, you are all amazing people! Thanks again, Dustin
  2. Charlie Brown is going to be neutered!

    I'm sorry the reply is so late I'm using a tablet and free WiFi to post and do all this. I wanted to say thank you to anyone and everyone responsible for helping me and Charlie Brown. I appreciate it so much, words can't do justice for my feelings. Thank you!
  3. Intro

    Hi, Not exactly sure how I should introduce myself, anyway here goes. My name is Dustin and my cute brat is Charlie Brown. He's a very intelligent dog, who recently learned how to open the front door. He doesn't really wander off but it's unnerving. Sometimes people forget to lock the deadbolt. I got him from a hoarder when he was 6 weeks old and I'm sure if I hadn't, by now he'd be dead or a part of the over breeding problem. I've gotten all his shots and that kind of stuff but my financial situation has been spiraling down for awhile. I hate asking for help but I know I need it. So I thank imom and its supporters for any help I can get for getting him neutered. Thank you for taking the time to listen and care. We appreciate it very much. Thanks, Dustin & Charlie Brown