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  1. Layla Poinelli

    Today is Layla's bday, I miss her so much. It's not any easier, and all I want is to be with her. It's been so tough without her, everything seems to have changed and fallen apart. More than anything I wish I could bury my head in her fur and just cry until I felt better. I just can't do this without her; some days I don't even want to. I don't know what to do anymore 😢💔🐾
  2. Layla Poinelli

    Missing my Layla Ann. Always thinking of her, especially during this time of year. The weather is cooler, the humidity is gone, and my angel face loved Autumn. She loved to spend her mornings laying out in the yard - it was quite usual to find Layla suntanning in the backyard for 30 minutes. Sept 14, she would have been 14 and Chloe and I spent the day well, living it I know Layla would have been enjoying her day if she was still here, so we did it for her. It's so amazing how one special dog can change your life. What started out as a little neglected, pet store "reject" puppy ended up being the most amazing, special, loving, sweet dog anyone could ask for. How very lucky I am that she waited for me. Missing you forever my sweet Layla Ann, until we meet again.
  3. Hi everyone! We've been reading about Justice, we always come in and check on you guys. Often I'm using 'borrowed' internet so I can't log in but we're here I'm curious - is Justice exhibiting this different behavior in the evening/night/early morning? Many older dogs (people too) get what is called sundowners as they age. I had no idea, my mom was actually telling me about it because she works in nursing homes as a nurse and has for 20+ years. When it gets later in the day, they can get confused, agitated, forget simple commands and obedience.. all sorts of stuff really. Looking back, I remember realizing that Layla was going through "doggie alzheimers" - she would occasionally revert to puppy behavior like getting in the trash or peeing in the house. Try a google search for dogs and sundowners - you'll see a lot of sites with plenty of information. Perhaps it may be the reason Justice is having "ruff" days. Not sure if you remember, Chloe had been having all sorts of allergies. After two rounds of pyoderma, the vet said we gotta test her. Hopefully this will make you smile: my Chloe, labradork of all things dorky, is allergic to : timothy grass, houseflies, mosquitoes, mold (3 types - unless you're a nerdy biologist like me, you've never heard of them...LOL), oatmeal, feather mix,cotton, duck/chicken/turkey/pheasant, pork, cats, and people. No, that was not a typo. LOL She has to have amino therapy since being allergic to me is not an option Tell Justice too, I'm sure he'll appreciate the irony in a hunting dog being allergic to fowl. Hugs US
  4. Sydney - Part 2

    Hoping all is well with your family, especially those amazing labradorks of yours I've had Miss Chloe for about a year now and I can see why you have a soft spot for them - she is wonderful, smart, funny, everything I could ever imagine or want (ok, she can be a little puuuussshhy sometimes but we are working on it). Extremely food motivated. Ate the wall once too. We miss you around here, hoping for an update soon....maybe some pictures? Wonder where Chloe gets the pushiness from ??? LOL Love, Gab n Gang
  5. Layla Poinelli

    So Sept. 14 was Ms. Layla Ann's birthday Chloe and I spent the day together, and we did all sorts of stuff Layla would've done. And I think she liked that We sang her Happy Birthday, Chloe got a new toy and a new bone, and I managed to not cry the entire day. I think it was the first time in over a year, that I have celebrated anything (besides Chloe's birthday!). It actually felt good to be celebrating for Layla because every other day, I just miss her and it hurts. But Sunday was ok, and Chloe definitely enjoyed Layla's birthday Since I am currently at work (shhh!) I cannot upload the pics. But I took some on Sunday and you'll be breathless when you see them. Let me tell you the background... Saturday, Chloe got a new toy (yeah yeah yeah, I know - she IS spoiled!) - this toy is pink and shaped like a barbell. But for some reason, the moment I saw this toy I thought "Layla". Perhaps it's because my boxer-butt had a green/yellow barbell and I can still picture her playing with it. She had it for 12 years, it was the first toy I got her. Chloe's lights up and is chewable and she just loves that damn thing. But I don't know why I kept thinking Layla when I saw it. After the novelty of the new toy wore off, Chloe went back to other, chewable things and the barbell was left to the side of the living room. Well, it kept lighting up randomly. Or it would light up and keep going until I walked over to it and then it would just stop. Weird right? It did this all day Saturday and Sunday. It stopped on Monday and seems to be working the way it should - only lighting up when it is hit. Sunday afternoon, Chloe and I were singing Happy Birthday to my angel girl and the presence of Layla hit me. It was so strong, I could have heard her little paws tapping on the carpet. So Chloe and I came into the living room (we were in the dining room) and in the middle of the floor, were two hearts. Somehow the sun patterned through the blinds and left these two hearts on the floor. And as I stood there, Chloe moved and her shadow made a different shadow that looks just like how Layla used to stand. (After her stroke, Layla walked and stood different. Her back end sloped more than usual; it was a bit drastic compared to the normal slope from withers to hind-end.) Thankfully, I was able to snag about three photos before the hearts disappeared. So you will see two hearts with what looks like part of Layla standing between. Man, I miss her.
  6. Cindy, Been thinking of you today - I know how hard that six month mark it. Hell, let's be honest - all of those "marks" are hard. It's truly heartbreaking to realize how time still continues when your world feels like it has stopped In two days, it will be the second birthday anniversary of Layla that I've celebrated with Chloe but not her. It's hard to accept sometimes. Been checking on you and Justice, even if I can't post. Work and school and homework and a new move have really taken most of my time. I think of you both often, Tuckiebutt too, and always keep you in my prayers. I sure do wish that Justice was feeling better, and I hope things calm down soon. Fall was Layla's time of year - I picture her and Tuckie hanging out in some green fields, under the shade of a big tree with orange leaves. Hugs, my friend. Gab
  7. Bruiser is so handsome!! I really wish we could donate this week but we just moved and it seems to be getting more and more expensive each time :( So sorry to hear about Bruiser's lymphoma and so young too! 12 weeks of chemo and then a retest? I apologize but I do not know much about canine cancer...After 12 weeks, if all is clear, then is Bruiser complete with chemo? Or can it come back later on in life? IMOM is a great place to hang out and is full of support! There are also support groups on yahoo - I believe. Perhaps someone else can swing by and supply those links, although I am sure you could probably just google them. We all love stories and pics too! So feel free to brag away; in fact, it is both encouraged and eagerly anticipated here! I hope you all have a great weekend! Hugs to that handsome, brave boy Gab
  8. We were just stopping in to check on you and Justice (and his poop too!! LOL)...glad to see things are getting "normal" around there I'm also glad to see that the rabbit worked AND you were able to secure some more cans. I was going to check locally and send them to you, if need be I also have some cans of my own since rabbit is NOT going to be on Chloe's menu anytime soon again. 5 months already?? Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry :( I know you don't feel much like celebrating but I sure do hope you enjoy your birthday. I know how terribly hard it is, especially when it's a "first". I don't know when it stops hurting; Layla has been gone a year already and I can't say that the pain has gone anywhere. But I know you are surrounded by lots of love and doggie-butts and that can't be all that bad either WE all love you like hell and think you are one very special and amazing person. And if we feel that way, imagine what Justice thinks of you!!!! Snuggle with him and enjoy your day, even if only briefly. HUGS Gabs
  9. Layla Poinelli

    1 year came and went. Only 70 more to go....
  10. Layla Poinelli

    Yes, I think a Hoagie Hug would help VERY much! Thanks you guys Italian too, eh? So you know EXACTLY what my post meant then eh?? LOL If I truly force myself to be honest, I know in my heart it will get better. My virtue is not patience... But, I would trade all of the heartache in the world for one more moment with her. She was definitely worth the pain of a thousand suns. Thank you for the words of encouragement; every bit of it helps. I know tomorrow will be the second toughest day of my life. I'm not ready but I know that doesn't really matter. The sun still rises and sets, even when you will it to be dark. I remember when JB Dogg passed away; I quoted Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a French novelist who had a way of expressing himself in the most amazing way. The quote was this: "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction." I shared this with Dan because I thought it would bring him comfort during the roller-coaster he was on with his main-man JB Dogg. Because when you truly love, you don't impose your view and conform others. Instead, you share the view with them. Even if that view leaves you heartbroken. I know that I must continue to look outward, the same direction as Layla. It would be selfish of me to think she should be here with me. Because we both knew that one day we would have to look outward to the same destination and that only one of us would be going. Looking outward I see Layla running free and wild, before her stroke. I see brown beautiful eyes, not blue cataracts. She is confident and plays with other dogs, and she trusts again. She's with her kitty Nefertiti again and she is waiting. Patiently waiting. :heart:HUGS
  11. Thinking of you and Timber today. Can't wait to hear an update about his surgery and how successful it was!!! HUGS Gab
  12. Wow! The IMOM angels have been busy, haven't they?? So glad to see that Penny will be getting treatment. She sure is beautiful! And thank you IMOM volunteers for all of your invaluable time, for never sleeping, and for always caring. You guys never cease to amaze me. Gab
  13. I remember bringing Layla home too and how heavy my heart was. The day she went to the bridge, I remember looking at her and thinking how can I ever leave her here?? In the days, hours, minutes between her coming home, I fretted. I worried, I cried, Layla had never been away from me. After all, I promised her. When I got the call from the vet that she was there, I thought I would run to go get her. But, I could barely walk. It was all it took to drive and pick her up. I guess I thought that the house would feel the same once she was home. Sorry to ramble but my point being is this - I think that bringing them home is one of the hardest times we face with our pet, aside from "the day". It is the final fullfillment we make to them, because after all, we promise to take care of them forever. And we do. I can tell you that it will get a little easier seeing them in their final place. I no longer feel like I did when I first brought Layla home. I am forever thankful that she is here with me because I'd feel so lost not knowing where her final resting place was. I am so verry sorry for your loss. I read through your story the other day and my heart truly aches for you. It's never easy and even harder when we don't get enough time (we never really do though, do we?). But know this: RJ was yours and that's pretty darn amazing. In a world of 70 billion people, she chose you. Thank you for your kind words at Layla's. I really appreciate your time and kindness, especially during your own heartache. Gab
  14. Wow! All I can say is amazing! Thanks IMOM angels, you guys are all one-in-a-million. Can't wait to see Timber's mom post about his surgery. I'm sure he is in pain and it must be so hard on him and his family. We'll be praying for your family and can't wait to see Timber on the road to recovery. * If I remember correctly, there is a rottie on the forum who had his front leg amputated and his mom took video of him the next morning getting around!! You'll see, Timber will be feeling better in no time at all!! :heart: * I would also print out the Nevada law above posted by Elwin (perhaps without the emoticons, ) and bring it to the police station as back up proof if they say they can't do anything. And I'll just keep my mouth shut about my personal thoughts about those who hurt animals and those who don't do anything about it. Hang in there, tomorrow is a new day. And it will be a good one Gab