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  1. Zeus

    This is Zeus. He is a white and brindle pitbull. I have had him since he was 3 months old and was born on August 13th 2014. He is wonderful with my 4 year old daughter. I couldnt ask for a better companion! Last night, september 13th 2015 my fiance and I got home from work and when i went to walk him, he would not get out of his crate.... I managed to pull him out of the crate and he fell over! I called my friend who breeds bully/cane corsos and asked if she knew a vet who would bill or do a payment plan.... She luckily was able to calm my fears as she has 1 semester left as a Vet tech in college. I called the vets she provided the numbers for and even other vets, but no one wants to do a payment plan or do billing instead referred me to apply for care credit. We applied for care credit and got denied. Even the Dutchess County SPCA wants the money up front. Dutchess County SPCA was kind enough to refer me to imom.org in hopes that imom can help. We believe Zeus may either have a sprained or broken front left wrist, and he is having a hard time putting pressure on his right hind leg.... Because the injuries are on both sides of his body he is having a bit of difficulty keeping balance and either just lays down or sits without putting pressure on his front paw. Are there no vet offices or animal hospitals left that care about saving or helping an innocent dog? Their hunger for money disgusts me. I even provided where I work and when i get paid and no one wants to help. How can someone not want to help? Even insurance through AAA for pets you have to have money up front and they will reimburse you. If anyone has any way of helping please please I could really use it even if its a lead on a vet that will help i live in Upstate NY near poughkeepsie. We have called literally 20 vets within 30 miles and all want money up front. Thank you, Clotilde.