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  1. Hi Cindy and Justice All of the IMOM Angels and Bridge Kids are with you - filling your home with love for you and Justice. I hope your love will help Justice stay for many more days so you can keep making memories Every day is a gift Scratchy kisses from the Magical Beach Kitties Beauty's Kathy
  2. Cindy and Justice I wish we could all be there with you to help you during this difficult time. Your dedication and care of Justice and Tucker is an inspiration to me -I want you to know that your journey has touched many lives- whenever someone has to become a caregiver for their loved one I tell them your story and how you and the Angels gave them both a long and wonderful life. You will never be alone- your Angels will always be close by your side- Angels on your shoulders- and all of us who shared your journey will always be with you Sending you lots of love and healing white light from the Magical Beach Kitties Beauty's Kathy
  3. So happy Justice got to come home ! His support team is awesome- and so are you. We will be waiting for pictures of the homecoming Love you both Beauty's Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  4. Hi Cindy and Justice And Angel Tucker Forum is getting crazy- gave me some non existent email address. Finally got on. I am happy to see Justie doing better.. Keeping all paws crossed that he continues to do well Beauty's Kathy
  5. Hi Cindy and Justice and Angel Tucker Finally back on the forum to post=- always following you I hope Justice is doing better soon. Beauty's Kathy
  6. If Mister can have lactulose- start with smaller doses until you find what works for him. If you give too much, it might have the opposite problems Lactulose is dose to effect meaning that there is not a set amount to give . It is a syrup liquid. Also, check out this awesome website that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about this subject and treating it: http:www/felineconstipation.org Hoping Mister is feeling terrific soon Beauty's Kathy
  7. Hi So sorry Justice is having problems. I can tell you that my friends' Australian Shepherd had an incident - vet thinks mostly it was a stroke and had similar behavior - he would get stuck in a corner, facing a wall and could not figure out how to get out. He did get better (that is the good news) and did not have any more events. I hope that whatever is causing Justice's problems is similar to my friend's dog Love and kitty kisses to you both Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  8. IMOM Angels did it again ! Thanks Wiles for saving those pets and giving the a furever home ! Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  9. Wow ! So close- off to see who I can email to get this last amount of money for the Wiles Kids Kathy
  10. Does IMOM still have her email? Glad to hear Justice is doing ok
  11. I will send out some more emails and ask Kitty Angels to help as well Kathy
  12. Hi I sent your link to some kitty people=- send us some pictures of the cats .kittens you are caring for - Keep posting and posting- IMOM angels love stories ! Kathy
  13. Hi there Wiles- Please post lots of pictures of the cats and dogs you are helping- if you can, tell everyone their story - Years ago I used to take flyers of cats needing homes to my friend who worked at a very nice department store- the flyers had pictures and stories about the kitties - my friend would usually have them adopted before I left the store ! So, post lots of pictures for people to see ! Thanks for all your good work Kathy
  14. Can someone send me a link that I can email to a friend who can put it out here locally- even if they give $5 each it would get you closer send the link to : loveferals@yahoo.com Thank you Kathy
  15. Hi Is there any way to send this out to all IMOM angels that may not have been around as much? I'm here too - wish I could do more right now- I will send to the people I know and hope someone can share on facebook Kathy