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  1. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    I am sorry to read about Libby. I know she is exploring Rainbow Bridge with Tucker. So hard to lose our babies especially when it happens without any warning I am going to stop wishing for winter (Florida style) - 30 is cold- My hometown was 9 this morning.Yikes Hope all went well today ad Justie is feeling better Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  2. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Good Morning I finally got to move back to my home on the beach ! I took almost everything with me as 185 mph wind can collapse most anything. Lucky for us, last minute wobbles took the storm west of us so only lots of tree damage. So now my apartment looks like the storm went right through it and I can not find the cat (she is there somewhere, she eats the treats I put out for her) and boxes everywhere. If I can get a day off I will be going through it all to see what to keep and what to pass on. One good thing happened- when I was staying at bosses house (think of a hoarder- lost the cat there too as well as my phone and keys) - I was looking for an address and found a box of letters that included people I helped on the kidney cat board - nice to remember all those people again - and found letters from friends who have gone to RB. So lots of good came out of the storm. I evacuate every 25 years (last one was Andrew) and every time good things happen and you meet interesting people. I usually just stay and watch the storm and wonder if I can get on to the roof. Back to important stuff- I do not take medications- use osteopathic physicians and do not even take aspirin. I am extremely sensitive to any drug. I I had an episode of vertigo (scary stuff) and they sent me home with meclazine and onadestron (did not take- email me if anyone needs it) and something else. I can tell you that I took the meclzaine for four days - only when I felt off- and it had no side effects at all (for me). The meclazine really helps the vertigo and quite fast. Not sure about side effects. To check out people experience with meclazine (or other drugs) : http://www.askapatient.com Read that when an MD tried to get me to take Lyrica- happy I read it - very bad side effects on people Also remember to check out the brand name of drugs if given a generic as the Black Box Warning only appears on the brand, even thought might be same for generic. Magical Beach Kitties who are now over being mad at me for letting the storm disrupt their routines are sending lots of white light and healing purrs to Justice Love to everyone Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  3. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi All I seem to have signed up for the kitten of the week club - anyone know how to unsubscribe ? I have an LBK - showed up first - and then two weeks ago I came to feed them on a Sunday and very demanding mewing- tiny little black kitten - she is super friendly and loves to help you eat your dinner. She is very good at entertaining herself - I brought her inside for the storm and she is very happy inside. My kitty is not pleased- slash/hiss- Trouble may need a different home The next week I saw one of the black kittys looking at the fence a little orange fuzzball came under and walked up and laid down next to LBK. I called my friend and he added her to his collection. Still missing some of my drop in kitties that come to eat and hang out and have catnip before finishing their rounds. I am leaving food all over the neighborhood so they will be able to eat I could not check in before now due to power being out everywhere. Have to check on my ice cubes for tonight=have someone looking for ice ! Love to you all Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties I
  4. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Good Morning everyone ! We all survived ! Happy to report the Hemingway cats and their caretakers all survived a direct hit in Key West ! I live on Hollywood Beach - the one you saw on the news. The bridge to the beach was closed for two days as the street going over it was under several feet of water. I usually stay and get to spend a few days alone on the beach after the storm (they make you wait to come back until they clean up the storm debris)- just me and the kitties. I fill up the shopping cart with food and plates and go up and down the streets leaving food.) I I have not been able to get back yet- Probably just as well since they would not have let me over the bridge and I have many cats in several locations to feed. It took a few days You probably saw that most of the state is without power. They are busy getting the power back and doing a great job . They are trying to get the power on for the east side of state by Sunday- which is awesome. We were out of power for four-five weeks after WIlma Thank you all for thinking of me ! Happy to see Justice is dong well ! Kathy
  5. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy and Justice and Angel Kid Tucker Just wanted to share something from one of my kitty groups- Treat the cat, not the numbers. I can not tell you how many times new members have joined with kitties with high numbers - with a lot of help and support from the group, the kitties do well - much better than predicted by the doctors. I hope the meds will help Justice- I know it helped my friend's kitty who did so well you could not even tell she had any issues I think you are right that Justice is going to do a lot better than they said. Sending you lots of scratchy kitty kisses and paw swipes (hey- that is how we say Hello !) Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  6. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Great News ! Justice is feeling better ! Thanks for sharing the good news ! Kathy and the Magical Beach Kittie
  7. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy and Justice All of the IMOM Angels and Bridge Kids are with you - filling your home with love for you and Justice. I hope your love will help Justice stay for many more days so you can keep making memories Every day is a gift Scratchy kisses from the Magical Beach Kitties Beauty's Kathy
  8. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Cindy and Justice I wish we could all be there with you to help you during this difficult time. Your dedication and care of Justice and Tucker is an inspiration to me -I want you to know that your journey has touched many lives- whenever someone has to become a caregiver for their loved one I tell them your story and how you and the Angels gave them both a long and wonderful life. You will never be alone- your Angels will always be close by your side- Angels on your shoulders- and all of us who shared your journey will always be with you Sending you lots of love and healing white light from the Magical Beach Kitties Beauty's Kathy
  9. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    So happy Justice got to come home ! His support team is awesome- and so are you. We will be waiting for pictures of the homecoming Love you both Beauty's Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  10. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy and Justice And Angel Tucker Forum is getting crazy- gave me some non existent email address. Finally got on. I am happy to see Justie doing better.. Keeping all paws crossed that he continues to do well Beauty's Kathy
  11. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy and Justice and Angel Tucker Finally back on the forum to post=- always following you I hope Justice is doing better soon. Beauty's Kathy
  12. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    If Mister can have lactulose- start with smaller doses until you find what works for him. If you give too much, it might have the opposite problems Lactulose is dose to effect meaning that there is not a set amount to give . It is a syrup liquid. Also, check out this awesome website that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about this subject and treating it: http:www/felineconstipation.org Hoping Mister is feeling terrific soon Beauty's Kathy
  13. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi So sorry Justice is having problems. I can tell you that my friends' Australian Shepherd had an incident - vet thinks mostly it was a stroke and had similar behavior - he would get stuck in a corner, facing a wall and could not figure out how to get out. He did get better (that is the good news) and did not have any more events. I hope that whatever is causing Justice's problems is similar to my friend's dog Love and kitty kisses to you both Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  14. Wiles Animal Rescue - 21 Cats and Dogs Need to Be Spayed/Neutered

    IMOM Angels did it again ! Thanks Wiles for saving those pets and giving the a furever home ! Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  15. Wiles Animal Rescue - 21 Cats and Dogs Need to Be Spayed/Neutered

    Wow ! So close- off to see who I can email to get this last amount of money for the Wiles Kids Kathy