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  1. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    Really great news. Way to go IMOM. So happy for Isley "The Prince of Union Square."
  2. Looks like we might have gone over there at the end. If my 126.00 was over I would like it to go to Tom. If I had been thinking that's where I would have wanted it to go. He needs us now. I wasn't thinking because I was crying. I've cried many times on this forum and will probably cry some more. No, I'm sure of it. Today I cried because I was mad. Never done that before. " VIVA TIMBER ~ VIVA TOM"
  3. If its over you can put mine in the general fund as well. I'm really p****ed about this.
  4. Will be sending in 126.00 right now. Get him fixed up. I'd love to get my hands on the sorry SOB that did this !
  5. harming animals

    What city are you in ? If the cops don't do anything about this you have a lousy police department. Something's wrong here.
  6. Cookie Knight is at the Bridge :(

    Couldn't sleep tonight and clicked on the IMOM site and read Cookie's thread. It is so unfortunate that when we take on an animal into our lives knowing we will grow to love them, we also must realize we are also taking on the heartache that will come when it is their time. It doesn't stop us from growing to love another one or two or three while never forgetting or grieving for the ones that have moved on. Thanks for giving Cookie the life he always dreamed of before you came along for him and for helping the PINs with your tireless work for IMOM. Steve
  7. People do care about Snowball!

    Hope all goes well for Snowball.
  8. Soze Comeau - Cat with mass in jaw

    Hang in there. How long do they think it will be before she's eating on her own ?
  9. Princess Garcia - Shepherd with Abdominal Mass

    Sending in now. Good luck Tuesday Princess !!
  10. Princess Garcia - Shepherd with Abdominal Mass

    OK I'll match 50.00. I know this WILL get done. Good luck on Tuesday Princess !!
  11. Princess Garcia - Shepherd with Abdominal Mass

    Well then it looks like she needs this by Monday or no surgery on Tuesday. Is that right ? Can and will IMOM open this back up, because the way I see it Princess is NOT at AFR just yet and it sure sounds like this is very critical that she gets help on Tuesday.
  12. Princess Garcia - Shepherd with Abdominal Mass

    How much more is needed to get her into surgery ?
  13. Princess Garcia - Shepherd with Abdominal Mass

    Does anyone know when is the soonest she can have her surgery ?
  14. Wow ! Great job guys ! Good luck tomorrow Princess. Hoping for many happy years to come for you.