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  1. Surgery went well Thank you to every one who was so kind to help me

  2. Will have to call vet today Pickle is not feeling well

  3. Still working on the rest of funds for Pickle very active on Craigslist Nashville selling my boat and when that happens I can afford to help Pickle!

  4. Still working on the rest of the funding for Pickle

  5. Pickle loves his car rides even in the rain he wants his head out the window!

  6. He is a very good guard dog strangers are not allowed near me!

  7. Pickle is doing well loves his baths & brushing thinks I belong to him LOL!

  8. went out of town for a family wedding & my parents said Pickle cried while I was gone

  9. Pickle Harrison - Cryptorchid American Eskimo

    Wow I do not know how to thank everybody what a great place this is! I'm going to spread the word about I MOM
  10. for the first time last night Pickle jumped up onto my bed instead of going to his bed

  11. Pickle Harrison - Cryptorchid American Eskimo

    When he was a puppy he ran away from previous owner & came back with a dislocated paw when he is neutered I will have an xray taken to see what the exact problem is & what if anything can be done My vet can schedule the surgery anytime I am still working on raising funds Thanks Tammy & Pickle
  12. Pickle Harrison - Cryptorchid American Eskimo

    I need to update his picture he is very fluffy & much whiter since his bath!
  13. great car ride a walk in the park & on the way home saw a group of deer Pickles wanted to chase them!

  14. Pickle Harrison - Cryptorchid American Eskimo

    Pickles is doing great he still needs his surgery & his foot still bothers him but his foot will not kill him but his need of surgery for neutering will
  15. Pickle is happy today he gets to ride in the car again!