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  1. here is draven with his senior brother,mickie.
  2. The vet said Draven's condition is a very urgent one. Without medical help, he might not survive more than a few days.
  3. This is not really a reply, but I am giving an update on Draven's condition and diagnosis. The doctor said his blindness is more than likely due hypertention which would also effect his organs such as his kidneys and electrolyte levels are low which means he is having attrophy and he needs to go in under 24-hour surveillance and care for approximately 3 days while they test things like his blood pressure, doing blood tests to see if any other complications, possible neuralogical tests, medications, treatment, boarding, fluids and any other Misc. needs they find that he might have. The vet (that is not a 24-hr. facility) said that he could do a complete turn-around, and that this is very potentially likely since he is showing some good vital signs. However, he needs to be in veterinary care soon to ensure the best recovery possible to him. The only treatment he's gotten so far is the exam and he was given a fluid-injection pocket. He is currently sleeping and purring, but we'd like to see him survive because he's been a membe of the family for over 15 years. PLEASE HELP DRAVEN.
  4. My daughter has a kitty named Draven. Draven is with her at a vet's right now needing help. I am only doing the asking because she is busy with Draven and the vet right now. The vet is diagnosing Draven, but is then asking for any organization or person willing to assist to fax the vet's office right away. My daughter lives in Los Angeles, is low-income, and desperately needs emergency help with Draven. I am a senior citizen, on disability, and feel terrible that I do not have the resources to help Draven. If IMOM, or any private donors, are willing to help Draven, please let us know ASAP, because it is an emergency situation. I am not sure what the exact health problem is, just that it is an emergency. For one thing, Draven is completely or partiallly blind, which the vet says can probably be corrected. But there is something else, too, which he says can probably be corrected. I am not sure what it is though because I am too busy with this desperate search for help. Please, if you can help, let me know so I can have my daughter get in touch with you as soon as she comes out of the vet's office. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who can help.