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A. DeSilva

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  • Interests My first love is parrots, especially my two African Greys. Conie is a 30 year old female, and Greybird is an 8 year old male. I live alone with my birds, who are my constant companions and keep me entertained. Conie has been with me for over 25 years, and is the most affectionate and gentle bird I have ever known. She is very ill now, and I am hoping for help for her medical needs. Greybird is a brilliant young Grey who has an outstanding vocabulary, understands what he is saying, sings, dances and even jumps on suggestion. The birds are great friends, and if we loose Conie, it will take a toll on Greybird as well as myself.<br />I was a Director of Catering in a four-star hotel for 12 years, until I became disabled in 2004. I have since been slowly earning my Master's Degree in Counseling as a part-time student. I love helping people, and spent my internship working with Native Americans in recovery. I have severe back pain, so outside of classwork and tending to my birds and home, I am not able to do much else. However, I love visiting my family and friends when I can. I love going to the movies and listening to live music. I am interested in becoming a volunteer with IMOM.
  1. Meet Mack and Donna

    Dear Mack and Donna, Sending best wishes that you will receive help for your dear friend with diabetes. I am unable to donate at this time, as I have my parrot in surgery today. IMOM Angels were able to help her with her initial expensive tests, which we were so grateful for. I hope you will also be blessed with IMOM's generousity. Sincerely, Anita and Conie, the African Grey Parrot
  2. Conie DeSilva - All Fund Raised!

    Hello Cindy, Thank you for following Conie, I am sure your positive thoughts are helping her. Yes, she is a beauty, isn't she? I just love her dearly. I hope your mini schnauzers are doing well. As far as feeding her through a syringe, she is getting smarter on bitting off the tip, so now each one only lasts two feedings at the most. We are using the larger size for food, and the smaller ones for meds. I have to put it in above her tounge at just the right angle show that she swallows. The meds are a bit easier because the amount is so small. I don't know anything about compounding meds, but it sounds important. I will look that up on the net, & ask Conie's veternarians. Sending my affection and best wished to you and your precious little dogs. I am pasting a note I typed about Conie's tests results and updates below. Thank you!! Anita and Conie 9/11/08 Test results are in for Conie, the wonderful African Grey Parrot. I would not have been able to pay for the expenses of her initial care and these costly tests if not for the generous help from the Angels who helped her. I am sure that the prayers and good wishes sent her way has helped to keep her in good spirits. Conie and I thank you all for your goodness and love. Even though her appetite is increasing and she is eating small amounts of her favorite peanuts, walnuts, broccoli and apples on her own, and I have been feeding her healthy bird pellets (mashed) through a siring, she is continuing to lose a little more weight. I have taken her back to the bird hospital twice for “gavage” feedings and follow up exams. After the huge bill the IMOM has covered, I have already spent an additional $350.00, which was the money meant to pay my basic bills and expenses this month. I am planning to do some continued fundraising on my own, starting with sending an email to all of my friends and family, asking for loans/donations & work for vet bills. We got her test results in today. The largest concern is that she has a small liver. The doctors said that the most precise way to determine the exact diagnosis of her liver would be to do a “liver biopsy”. That would mean very costly surgery, and all of the risks that go along with that. The other suggestion is to do a “liver profile”, which would at least tell us if she has a bacterial infection of the liver, which could be treated with medication. While this is still expensive, it is my preference for her treatment. I am disturbed by the cost of the continued recommended vitamin injections: Vitamin B=$158.00 Vitamin C=$158.00, Vitamin K and Calcium injections are more reasonable at $40.00 each. I am planning to do some research on alternative vitamin treatment. I am so in awe of the power of In Memory of Magic and the Angles who love animals! Anita DeSilva
  3. Conie DeSilva - All Fund Raised!

    Dear Pat, I was looking up a case under your name, and saw that Nella, the chihuahua, was approved for surgery recently. I was wondering how the surgery went. I think I saw a few other cases under your name. Do you work with IMOM helping with various pets? Thank you so much for asking about Conie, my beautiful African Grey Parrot. She received care, including a gavage feeding, fluids, a vitamin shot, and quite a few tests & xrays. I found some additional help so that I could bring her back the next day for further care. Some of the results are in, but I won't know about her culture until Thursday. Her xrays show that she has a small liver, but the doctor was optimistic because the liver is a regenerative organ. She said that if we can get her through this crises, she may have years of life to remain my best friend, and charm all that meet her. We came home with some medicines that I am feeding her by syringe twice a day, along with healthy bird pellets that I soak and feed through a syringe 3 times a day. She is eating a few peanuts, walnuts and cashews on her own, but has not regained her normal appetite yet. I will hear about her culture on Thursday and then post her results. I will check back in after I get a complete dignosis. Warmly, Anita and Conie Update on Conie the parrot.
  4. Patch Moye

    Dear Jenn, I am so glad your prayers have been answered, and your dear friend Patch is getting his surgery! I will pray for you tomorrow that Patch will have a speedy recovery! Conie, the African Grey Parrot also sends her best wishes! Warmly, Anita
  5. Conie DeSilva - All Fund Raised!

    Whoo Whooo is right!!! Thank you dear angels! That was fast! Since illness with parrots can strike a quick blow, I am so grateful for the speed in your donations. Conie is receiving care, and I will have some of the test results tomorrow. I will keep you informed. I am glad to hear of another bird lover; I am glad Cooper is happy too. I am blown away by the love and generousity you all have given us. Hugs, Anita & Conie DeSilva
  6. Conie DeSilva - All Fund Raised!

    Dear Tracy, Conie and I are so blessed to have been directed to call you by the Bay Area Bird Hospital in San Francisco. The receptionist, Suzy, said she had referred clients to you many times, but I was the first she has seen who actually went through the process and received funds. Because the funds were raised so fast, I feel that there is something special that Conie and I are meant to do to. Once we get through this crises, I will check into volunteer opportunities with IMOM. She is receiving care with fluids, gavage feeding, a vitiamin injection, and medicine. She had a culture, a liver profile, and Xrays. I am meeting with Dr. Marcucci tomorrow for the results of some tests. One will not be back until Monday. I will keep you all posted. Is it possible to know who the generous Angels are that helped Conie receive treatment? I would like to thank them individually if possible. My heart goes out to all of you, especially you who are still waiting for funds for your beloved pets. Affectionately, Anita & Conie DeSilva
  7. Conie DeSilva - All Fund Raised!

    Dear Jennifer, I looked up your profile, and saw a photo of your wonderful dog Spike. I was not sure what his status was. Has he recieved funds for surgery? How is he doing? Has he had the surgery yet? Thank you again for your donation!!! You truly are an angel, as are all who work with IMOM. I want to thank everybody who donated to my beloved African Gray Parrot, Conie Girl. I gave Conie a kiss from you, she is very affectionate and loves kisses! She loves to be held, and cuddles on a pillow next to me for 1/2 hour everynight before she goes to bed. She learned that from our cat, who recently passed after living a lively 21 years. Conie and I are so blessed, as I know there are many pets who need help. Even though parrots can live up to 100 years, they are very fragile, and there usually is not much time to intervine once they show signs of illness. She is receiving hospital care with fluids and Gavage feeding. She also had a vitamin injection to help her feel better, and start her on her road to recovery. She has completed all of the tests that the doctor ordered. I will meet with her veternarian again tomorrow afternoon to hear the test results. I will post the results once I know. Gratefully, Anita DeSilva quote name='Jennifer.S IMOM' date='Sep 5 2008, 01:34 PM' post='80415'] Oh, this is fabulous news!! I would say give Miss Conie a kiss from her friends at IMOM but she might not appreciate that... maybe a gentle stroke on the head would be better! Let us know, Anita, when you have more news...we'll be anxiously awaiting.. Jennifer
  8. Conie DeSilva - All Fund Raised!

    Dear Jennifer, You have warmed my heart and soul this morning! Conie thanks you too; and we both have greater hope in seeing that a wonderful woman, whom we have never met, is so generous and cares about this fabulous African Grey. Your donation will help towards Conie recovery and in the possibility of becoming a centenarian! Thank you so much, Gratefully, Anita DeSilva and Conie Girl