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  1. A friend lost her dog today and did not get home in time before she passed...Makes me remember how much I miss Chris...

  2. A friend lost her dog today and did not get home in time before she passed...Makes me remember how much I miss Chris...

  3. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    Thank you for all you wrote above. It really touched me and made me cry a little. You are totally right about Chris and Fluffy. My son doesn't know much about this site IMOM, but that here has helped Chris live an extra couple years before it was really his time. I do appreciate all of the help and hope I do not have to go through the same with my Fluffy, or Angel girl. My Angel girl (Terrier Lab) is 10 years old and Fluffy will be a year old on 3/23/11. My son is doing great, but he would never understand who the kiss was from without knowing who you are. I only know you from on here, and don't think I have ever seen who you are. I do have a facebook account. Do you?
  4. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    I will always miss him. Every time I see pictures of him it makes me more sad and wish I never had to put him to sleep. I was with him through the whole thing at the vet and keep seeing the visions of it. He was still so happy when at the vet and had his smile and tongue hanging out. I have the picture before he passed sitting in the room. It happened so fast and made me sick and wondered if he knew what was happening. One minute he all excited, and the next nothing. I know he had lots of problems and I couldn't keep him suffering for my selfishness as I didn't want to see him gone.
  5. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    Hello! Sorry I have not been on here in quite a while. It has been hard once Christmas 2010 came and knowing it would have been Chris's birthday. I got teary eyed just thinking about him. I have been trying to make up a scrap book with family, friends, along with my Chris in it, and I had to stop. I miss him so dearly. I love my new puppy which will be a year old 3/23/11, but he will never replace him. I went back to pictures of Chris when he was a puppy. I had some great moments and days with him. I just can not believe he is gone. I have his ashes in the box up on the corner shelf in my room with his picture and collar. Christmas Noel Winker (Chris) I miss you tons......XOXO....
  6. My profile picture is with Chris the day he had to be put to sleep (7/3/10). It makes me so sad when I look at the picture with him smiling and not knowing that this was his last breath and day to be alive. I cried for days as It killed me to see it done, but felt I should be there till the end.

  7. No. I have the Terrier Beagle, Christmas who passed on 7/3/10.

  8. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    Sorry I have not been on IMOM in quite a long time. It has been hard being around Christmas knowing Chris would have been 16 years old on Christmas Day. My son played the Christmas 2009 Video that I taped of Christmas Day and it made me cry, especially when we started singing "Happy Birthday" to him on it. I totally miss him. I may have a new puppy, Fluffy (Bichon Poo), but that does not replace Chris. I love my new puppy as much as I loved Chris. I miss him so much. I hope everyone and their pets are doing well. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, and has a nice Christmas too.
  9. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    I was given $33.00 from someone to put towards a $64.00 voucher for neutering and certain locations. I will be getting Fluffy done as soon as I receive the voucher in the mail from "Friends of Animals". I have already spoken to the chosen vet he will be going too, and that he may only now need the crown around neck and pain killers. I have Care Credit and hope things do not happen that way for quite some time. I know I was crazy to purchase a new puppy and with my financial state, but I have some help at times when needed from others. I could not leave Pennsylvania to come back home without that adorable face.
  10. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    My son loves school. He is doing great in 1st Grade. Someone helped and got us a new puppy, Bichon Poo. He is so much like Christmas (Terrier Beagle), in so many ways. We are looking for Help from whoever to get Fluffy (Bichon Poo) Neutered. I do not have $300 to get him Neutered, so I filled out an application with IMOM for assistance. I hope they can help. Fluffy is almost 5 months old, as of the 23rd of this month. Hope everyone is doing fine.
  11. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    We are all doing alright. Occasionally my son will state he misses Chris. I miss him as well, but I have him in the corner of my room on the top shelf. I still can not believe he is gone. Fifteen years sure went fast. I have tons of pictures of him from when I got him at 4 months old to the day he passed. I am making up a collage of them into an album. Things are going fine. One more month and the kids are back to school. YAY!
  12. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    I picked up Chris's ashes last Wednesday. I have it put up on a corner shelf with a picture and his name tags. I miss him so much. It is really weird without him. I hope everyone else and their best are doing well. I thought I would advise that we are all doing fine. It took time to get past the upsetting moment and depression. Christmas had a long life: 12/25/95-7/3/10.
  13. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    It has gotten a little easier with not seeing Chris. I totally miss him, and the fact of his day/night schedule for his insulin. My son misses him as well. It still hurts me that he had to be put down as he just have gotten worse in different ways. I feel bad the way he had to go and made me so sad. I did not want to leave him, even at the end. My mother's dog walks in my room every time he is over looking for Chris. I think he is wondering where he is. My other dog, Angel does not seem to faze her at all. I am waiting for the Vet to contact me on his ashes.