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  1. It has been 1 month since we lost Princess and not a day goes by that we all don't miss her. Her best buddy Hannah spent the first week laying and sitting on the hard wood floor, as though the dog beds and blankets were not the same without Princess. Hannah is now back to sleeping with Sitter and my 17 year cat now sleeps in Princess' spot. Princess always slept between the other 2 rat terriers. She was such a special dog.
  2. I have very bad news to share. Princess was put to sleep last night. I had an appt for her for today because it looked like the lump was coming back, but she crashed yesterday. I was at work and my rescue partner called me. She was rushing Princess to the vet, she said she felt like Princess was dying. The vet did an ultrasound and there were tumors in her abdomen. She couldn't stand and was breathing abdominally. There was nothing we could do to save her. Thank you all for giving her 4 more months of happiness.
  3. Just wanted to stop by and let you all know that Princess is still doing great! No signs of the cancer coming back. She is a happy happy girl!
  4. Princess now has her e collar off, is off of crate rest, and all of her sutures have been removed! As a reward we went to the local dog park. We live in a small town and there are hardly ever other dogs at the dog park but there are lots of smells. Princess enjoyed herself, got to relax, roll in the grass and enjoy herself. In this photo you can see the incision is still healing, but she's feeling much better. Thank you all!!
  5. Thank you so much to the IMOM group and the community for helping out our rescue dogs. Princess is feeling great and we are all hopeful and optimistic that she will have years ahead of her. You handled the case very quickly, raised the funds needed swiftly, and paid the vet so quickly. I am very impressed by how smoothly things are running now. Thank you to our case worker Jamie and everyone else!!
  6. Yes down the line means for now everything seems great. I know we all can't wait for Princess to be out of that crate. She has started barking in the crate now :( She is always pawing the door, won't eat in the crate, and just hates the confinement. I feel bad for her, I tried to get the ok from the vet to just let her roam one room but he said no way at all. She needs to be doing no walking/running except what is absolutely necessary. He said she has too many sutures and can't risk even one of them coming out. I think once she's fully healed a trip to the dog park will be in order for her. She's starting to hate car rides, gets all trembly and scared :( she's never done that before either. Poor gal has been through so much and she doesn't understand why this is happening. I sure wish we could explain things to them.
  7. Thank you so much for the offer I think if we need it we wiill buy some through Amazon. Princess gets her last pills tonight. She went to the vet for a recheck today and there is a discolored area along the suture line but the vet feels it is just from the inflamation from the surgery. It is a small area...about .5 inch. We'll see what it looks like next week. The tumor results are in and it was a grade 3 tumor. That means it is likely to come back at some time, but as Dr. Jon said it could very well be years down the line. Princess hates her e collar and hates being crated. She's a sweetheart, she goes into the crate when we tell her too, but she doesn't enjoy it, she wants out all of the time and if given a chance she runs to the dog bed in the dining room vs the crate. I let her have some time with the e collar off today (while at the vet) but she was trying to lick constantly. I can't wait til she can be free again.She shows no signs of pain and loves her treats. Sorry for typos, I am on my kindle and it is hard to type on
  8. Never heard of that. I will look into those. Thanks.
  9. Princess is now down to just 3 pain pills a day instead of 5 she has realized there are pills in the fresh pet treats, so now she is getting turkey with her pills. I can't wait to get the results of her mass this Friday!
  10. She is doing great. I don't think she understands why she has to go in a crate. I know she can't wait to have freedom again.
  11. Here are the photos. It was a very major surgery.
  12. I took the photos. They are pretty sore looking, do you want me to post them?
  13. Princess is doing great so far. She is drinking, taking her pills in fresh pet treats, and wags her stub of a tail and trots around. Tonight I will try to get photos of what she has gone through. She is like a Frankenstein dog, and so happy about it lol
  14. Princess is home! The vet said she is extra tough. This surgery turned into even more of a major ordeal than expected. She now has a nipple where the tumor was. They wrapped skin from her belly to the area next to her thigh where the lump was. She is covered in sutures!! Poor girl! But she still wags her tail and is so happy to be home. She is on crate rest for the next 2 weeks along with an e collar. Thank you again! Yes, Wallace was another one you guys helped. Wallace was an awesome dog and the last update was sent via snail mail and included photos of him sun bathing in the front yard with the owner.
  15. Princess has had her surgery! Today has been a very very hard day. One of my personal dogs died today. Shawshank was 14 years old and a newfie mix. He collapsed when he went outside to potty this morning and died on the way to our vet in the city. The vet feels it was his heart. He was very old and 100+ pounds so it is amazing he lived this long but you all know how hard it is to lose a dog...no matter what the age :( So waiting all day to hear from Renfro about Princess has been terrible, but we finally heard from them! They just called and said that she handled the anesthesia very well. The tumor was more attached than the vet thought and the surgery was harder to get the tumor removed. He also found an inflamed area near the tumor that he ended up removing as well. Her pre op blood work showed that she was anemic and had an elevated white blood cell count which both could be directly related to the tumor that he removed. We will get more results in a week to find out what grade they think the tumor was and the likelihood of it coming back. Princess may be able to come home tomorrow. Right now she is on narcotic pain medication and tomorrow the vet will see how she's handling the pain and what her next blood screen looks like (how anemic she is) and that will determine if she can come home. Thank you all so much for your help with Princess!!!