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  • Interests My rats are from the same family. Three of them have large lumps preventing them from walking that should be removed. The vet is recommending spays on them (they are all females). She says the lumps are either enlarged mammaries or tissue. Their vet is at Bonita Pet Care and she says the lump removal is about $170.00. The spays are $100.00. I won't let her spay them at the same time as the lump removal being as the lumps are very large. I am disabled and I'm in the process of seeking assistance.
  1. Rat

  2. Rat with lump higher on her body

    From the album Rat

  3. Older Rat

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  4. Rat with small stripe

    From the album Rat

  5. From the album Rat

    The vet said its either an enlarged mammary gland or tissue and she could remove it. She also recommends a spay because it could be a mammary, it keeps them healthier and increases their life span
  6. Travel Cage

    From the album Rat

  7. Travel Cage

    From the album Rat

  8. Travel Cage

    From the album Rat

  9. Travel Cage

    From the album Rat

  10. Travel Cage

    From the album Rat

    The black and white rats have lumps
  11. ZyKzIY4

    From the album Rat

    Born 17 months ago. The other was born with her and the other was born at a reptile store called Vets Pets maybe 23 months ago. I went there and bought her and told them I wanted her as a pet. She was very tiny