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dewey's mom

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  1. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well with you and your furry families. I just want to say THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR ALL THAT EVERYONE DID TO HELP ME WITH MY BOY. I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR THE YEARS THAT YOU HELPED GIVE ME WITH HIM. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR KIND WORDS AND POEMS. My heart still breaks each and every day for his company. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS
  2. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone Thank you so much for your loving thoughts and prayers. I am very sorry that I have not been able to tell everyone about my boy until now and even now it is very hard to do. I so miss him and my world is just not the same and never will be. He truly was and is my best friend. Coming home from work will never be the same and I just dont sleep well any more either. I am not really sure what happened and why he choose to go to the rainbow bridge without me being by his side. I left for work and all seemed to fine with him that night he was full of spunk and ate his dinner with out any problems. But when I came home I did not get the greetings from as I normally would. So I just thought that I came in and he just did not hear me. I called out for him but he did not come. A horrible feeling over came and I knew something was not good. I went to my room and at the end of my where his bed was. Is where he laid. No reaction from him. I fell to my knees and grab him he was cold and lifeless. My boy had gone and went to sleep without me. I am so sorry Dewey for not being able to be there for you to say good bye. My heart is broken and will never be the same. I WILL FOREVER MISS YOU MY FRIEND I WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU ANGELS THAT MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO HAVE THE EXTRA YEARS THAT WE GOT TO SPEND TOGETHER. I AM FOREVER GREATFUL FOR ALL THAT YOU DID TO HELP KEEP HIM HEALTHY THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE FOREVER LOVE DEWEY AND SHANNON
  3. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well with you and your furry friends. Thank you for you questions concerning Dewey..Sorry that I did not get back the next day to update...I have been having issues with my internet lately...They have been working on the line and power lines the past week.... I am not really sure what was going on with the boy but he could not keep anything down that day and he seems to be just fine now no problems with that... The weather here is much much cooler now and Dewey has really been enjoying it. I think he is waiting for it to SNOW..He is doing his thing with hanging out on the deck for hours at a time now. As a matter of fact I had gotten a message from the power company saying that they would be in the neighbor hood over the next few days and to make sure that all dogs are secured for their safety. LOL!!!! If they only knew that the boy was completely blind they would not be leaving messages..but thats ok make them think twice about going into someone's yard unannounced.. Thanks again for your concern for Dewey's well being.. THANK YOU ANGELS FOR KEEPING HIM HEALTHY
  4. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well with you and your furry families. Today is not a good day for my boy. He has been sick all day. Not really sure why or what is the matter but going to give it another 24hrs before I start to get worried. I would have posted sooner but I have been having trouble with my internet the past couple of days they have been out working on the lines and causing people to lose their connections. I am hoping that they are now done in my area. I see that a couple of our furry friends have went to the rainbow bridge. My heart breaks for those and their loss. I know no words can mend the heart when you lose a member of the family. But please know that you are in my thought and prayers:animcndc_sm: It is very hard for me to imagine the day that will come when my Dewey boy goes to the rainbow bridge. Even though I know the time will come. But every day I thank God that all the angels that have and are doing to help keep my boy healthy so I can be blessed with his company another day. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ANGELS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR US HERE AT IMOM. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH. YOU REALLY ARE ANGELS SENT FROM HEAVEN I will be back tomorrow to let ya know how the boy is doing As always lots of love
  5. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well with everyone and your furry friends too Not a whole lot has changed since my last post. Except the weather getting colder and raining a lot. Dewey is enjoying the cooler weather. He has been spending a lot of time out on the deck now that is has gotten a lot cooler. I almost forgot that today was my posting day for Dewey and it is almost time for me to leave for work. I will be back in the morning to post a bit more.... Thanks friend for the reminder Thank you angels for keeping my Dewey healthy As always Lots of Love Dewey and Shannon
  6. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well. Every thing has been some what ok. Having issues with the vet and the billing aspect of it. It is just a bit frustrating and disappointing. They have been absolutely wonderful to Dewey and I since this has all began. But when it comes to the estimates and stay withing it has become a very big issue with Dewey last visit. They have done this once before and thankfully IMOM was able to help but unfortunately they have done it once again and this time it is way over the amount of the estimate. They are very aware of our situation and I really can not understand as to why they would once again do this. I still have a very large bill from when this all began and now it is now even larger hopefully one day I will be able to get it paid off. And I will be able to be on the angel side of the table. There is so much going on in my world at the moment some times I am not sure what day it is. If I am coming or going awake or asleep. There are some major changes happening at my work that has had a lot more work load on me but unfortunately not the extra pay which makes it that much harder. Some major changes within my family life that has added extra to my shoulders and finances not sure how I will pull this all off. But I am sure some how some way I will get it all figured out..My dad told me once that.. God only gives you what you can handle and what does not kill you will only make you stronger..Well with everything that has happened in the last four years since moving back to Michigan I should have the strength of Goliath but certainly do not feel that I do. O.K. on good note. Dewey is doing pretty good. I still have not got to the hair cut unfortunately there just has not been enough time or should say enough of the same time for my son and I to get together to get it done. The weather here is now starting to cool down a lot and which Dewey is enjoying very much he starting to go back and hang out on the deck especially in the evening time. I am thinking he is wishing for the snow to come. But for me I would be very happy if it never comes. I have to end this for now got to go get ready for work but I do want to say this one last thing THANK YOU SO MUCH ANGELS FOR BEING MY DEWEY'S SAVIOR. HE IS THE ONE THING THAT MAKES MY DAY WORTH HAVING AND COMING HOME TO
  7. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well. Not a lot has changed since my last post. Just waiting on the vet to get it together. So I can hopefully get dewey in to have his ear re-checked. The hair cut has not happened yet. Unfortunally this is something that I need help with and just trying to get a day that my son and I can be together and have enough time to do this. Is becoming a bit difficult he has been having to work all kinds of crazy hours. I am hoping that we can get this together here soon and get it done. Thank you angels for taking care of Dewey and making sure he can have the care he needs
  8. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well with you and your families. I hope all that was in the path of earl has come out safe and sound. Not much has changed since my last post. I believe Dewey's ear is better now. Just waiting on the vet to get there stuff together so I can see about getting Dewey in for his re-check. I am going to attempt to give Dewey the rest of his hair cut on Wednesday which is my day off. Hopefully i can get it done and get him a well needed bath. And yes some pic of his hair cut. It will be very strange to look at my boy with basically no hair. The next thing on the list will be to attempt the toe nails not sure how I will pull that one off but it has to be done and very soon. I will be back either late Wednesday or Thursday hopefully with a fully groomed Dewey Thanks angels for taking care of my boy. I am forever in you debt and hopefully one day I too can return the favor As always Lots of Love
  9. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well and that the ones that are in the path of Earl stay safe and sound. Dewey is doing a lot better but not sure that the ear infection is completely gone. I have to take him in for a re-check. He seems to be feeling better. And not quit as grumpy as he was. I am going to try to get him in after the weekend holiday. Then hopefully if the infection is gone it will be back to the haircut. And ya I dont think he is going to be to happy about that. I will let everyone know what happens with the re-check. THANKS ANGELS FOR MAKE SURE MY BEST FRIEND STAYS HEALTHY. AND THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!!!! I will keep all of you that is in the path of Earl in my prayers that you stay safe and sound As always Lots of love I
  10. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well Unfortunately I have not gotten the picture's taken of Dewey yet as you may have read. He has a bad ear infection. So he has been even grumpier than normal so as of right now the hair cut has been put on hold till he feels a little bit better. So far he has been doing real good with letting me get the meds into his ear. I still have all of my fingers thank goodness. As soon as he is feeling a well I will get the hair cut done and the pic's posted I promise!!!! He has a check up in one week hopefully it will be gone. But most importanlly I want to thank all of the angels who help take care of my boy. If it was not for such wonderful people like your self my best friend would not be with me today THANK YOU ANGELS AS ALWAYS WITH LOTS OF LOVE AND THANKS
  11. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. There has been a lot that has happened over the last week. I have started Dewey's hair cut and boy what a job this is turning out to be. I have almost two hours in to cutting already and we are only half way done. Right now I have the batteries charging for my camera so that i can take pic's and show ya just how much hair he has got. And WOW I knew he had a lot but boy o boy did not realize myself how thick it is. And ya he is not a happy boy with the hair cutting ideal. He looks kind of funny right now just like the kid who gets a hold of a pair of scissors and give them self a haircut for the first time. You will see what I am talking about when I get the pic's posted. Dewey had to go see the vet today. He has a real bad ear infection again. I am thinking that these ear infections are going to be an on going problem. BUT THANKS TO ALL OF THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE HEAR AND OUR ANGELS DEWEY WAS ABLE TO SEE THE VET TODAY AND GET THE MEDICATION HE NEEDS. THANK YOU SO MUCH ANGELS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR ALL OF US HERE AT IMOM!!!! I will be back tomorrow to post the pic's and hopefully be able to finish off the haircut as well so that you can see the final results LOL!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN ANGELS AND CINDY FOR HELPING MY DEWEY BOY
  12. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello All you furry friends Dewey and I hope all is well!!! Not much has changed since our last post. I did try to give Dewey a hair cut by myself. That did not work out so well. I really need the extra hands. He DOES NOT like the clippers. My son has been working a lot of hours and with the new baby is making it a bit hard to find the extra time to give me a hand.. I am hoping that maybe i can find someone to be brave enough to help us out. He really is in need of this hair cut I know that he will feel much better once we get his hair cut. I will post some pictures once i get the hair cut done THANK YOU ANGELS FOR KEEPING MY BOY HEALTHY Forever your friends
  13. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well with you and your families Dewey is still doing pretty good at the moment. But I am thinking that here in a couple days. He is going to be a very angry boy. When my son and I can finally get a day together and get him his hair cut. I dont think he is going to be very happy with us when all is said and done. Even though I know he will be more comfortable and hopefully will feel better as well. I will post some pictures when we are all done with the hair cut. Hope everyone is having a great day
  14. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well Dewey is doing pretty good. We had a couple of not wanting to eat episodes because of the storms we had. But other then that he is doing pretty good. I finally got some clippers and a muzzle to try to give him a hair cut. So here on my next day off and I get can get one of my sons to stop by to give me a hand he is going to get a hair cut. I have the feeling he is going to end up looking like a kid who get a hold of a pair of scissors and tries cutting their own hair for the first time. Thank goodness we are not trying to enter any type of contest for looks cause i have the feeling we are going to look a tad bit funny for the first couple of hair cuts or at least till I get it some what mastered. Thank you everyone for all of you love and support that you have given to Dewey and I we would have never made it this far if it was not for all of the loving people here. Thank you with all of my heart Angels, Staff and Friends
  15. Dewey Ellhof has gone to the Bridge

    Hello Everyone I hope all is well with you and yours Dewey is still just trucking right along no hiccupps lately. It has rained the past couple days so it has cooled off quit a bit. So I think he is a tad bit more comfortable. I am on mission to get Dewey trimmed a co-workers wife does grooming and told me about some good clipper to get for his type of fur. Going to give them a try. Hopefully I wont lose any fingers in the process. LOL. He is such a grumpy old man now when it comes to the grooming part. Not sure why he used to love being brushed but now ya not so much. Sorry so short but running behind for work. Slept in just a bit too long. The midnight hours are a hard time to get used to. ANGELS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KEEPING MY DEWEY HEALTHY AND WELL HAPPY TOO.