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  • Interests I am selling hand-knit catnip mice and donating a third of the money to imom.org in memory of my recently deceased kitten Viva le Chat. Viva was a darling kitten who had a really rough early kittenhood. My family adopted her from a shelter, and found out afterward that she had a major heart defect. She died of heart failure two months after her adoption, but we gave her the pleasure of knowing what it meant to be a loved family pet. I am happy to help other families facing huge vet expenses for their pets, and Viva's memory lives on.
  1. I'll take some of that matching challenge! $41 sent in.
  2. Awww, poor pup! Donation sent!
  3. I'll take $5.00 of that matching challenge! What a gorgeous pup, and what an amazing owner to incur that level of expenses!
  4. Haha, fair question. I sell catnip mice on etsy.
  5. It's been a busy September in my mouse store, so I have $45 to donate! I hope Tuck continues to improve!
  6. Kenny Fussy - Shitzu/Poodle with Stones and Blockage

    Just sent $27! Best of luck getting the rest of the needed funds quickly.
  7. Cupcake - puppy with parvo

    I'll chip another $13 in! Cupcake is also the name of my parents' cat (CC for short). How cute that this Cupcake is also a baker.
  8. Just sent $27! Hope we can get Coco feeling better soon!
  9. Rosa Jones - Kitty with broken jaw

    Whoop, didn't see we were at all funds raised until after my donation. No worries, imom, use my money however it is needed! Congrats Jareth, I hope your kitty recovers quickly!
  10. $31 headed your way! Hoping for a speedy recovery for adorable little Honey!
  11. Belle - Chihuahua Broke her leg again!

    Oh gosh, that poor little doggy has been through so much! Just sent in $24.00 to help.
  12. Bell Saenz

    Just sent $16 to help Bell on the road to recovery! Best of luck!
  13. Sabian McNall

    Just sent $25 to help you on your way. So close now!
  14. Ceasar Dunn Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    Sending $13 to Ceasar! Keep it up! Hopefully between IMOM and your other efforts, we can get this money raised soon.