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  1. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    https://m.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.paypal.com%2Fcgi-bin%2Fwebscr%3Fcmd%3D_donations%26business%3Dmilady_jasmine%2540yahoo.com%26lc%3DUS%26item_name%3Dwww.fundrazr.com%26item_number%3DTom%2527s%2Bfund%26currency_code%3DUSD%26bn%3DPP-DonationsBF%253Abtn_donateCC_LG.gif%253ANonHosted&h=xAQEg4fv8&enc=AZMLRYvs_TNw0oaeBN6LoH6DnBh0PvOa4KR2Gj-GhaI3Qp8voKdZTViijsZqTmpJJ1M&s=1 please share this link with anyone you can so I can get Tom in for the removal of his pins and metal plate. He refuses to eat while they're in and they were due out a week ago but funds have yet to arrive from one of the pledges and I am fundraising here to get this done. The Dr. at melrose veterinary hospital says he should be eating by now and sounded concerned. ( I switched to melrose veterinary due to CVS being too busy for Tom.)
  2. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    Tom got an infection in his feeding tube incision a couple days ago. I took him to a vet that could see him immediately and he got antibiotics he is so sweet through this long arduous journey.
  3. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    I didn't get a chance to get a picture of the bombay girl named bridgette at petco in carlsbad, ca. she's been up for adoption for a year. I want to help her get adopted because she is so worth it. Meantime tom is doing well... waiting for the recheck appointment next week where we find out when they wl remove the last metal implant. He is not as big as he once was but he is adequate weight. I've been juicing kale for him and giving him silverbiotics which work really well for cats in the nanonsize.
  4. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    I went to get tom more food at petco today and there was a one year old black bombay girl up for adoption. She's been there about a year teying to get adopted but no one wants a black cat.... you know the stereotype. She pateols the room and tells the other cats what to do and doesn't pay any attention to anyone who doesn't see her for the person she is. I talked with the worker there and she said she wouldn't mind me telling everyone about this kitty. Her name is Bridgette. She's at the petco on vista way in carlsbad, ca. spread the word. my phone was charging in the van at the time so I didn't get a picture yet. willgo tomorrow and take one.
  5. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    Tom is doing good. He is maintaining good weight and the fleas are under control. He's having good regularity as well. No worms observed. Hoping he will be all done with the healing and doctor visits by christmas.
  6. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    I just spent an hour creating a photo album for tom. I went to finish and publish and none of the pictures I uploaded and captioned showed up...
  7. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    I meant to say round worm... sorry. so little sleep. get my words mixed up.
  8. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    handling his pain and working on his weight gain after the round worm issue. in two weeks another dose of round worm dewormer is in order.
  9. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    Tom just got a pin removed from his jaw. It is healed well enough to continue healing on its own. The pin has caused trauma to the tongue from below however and they gave me an analgesic/ antiseptic mint mouthwash for him. He attempts to eat really well mixed wet food but doesn't have the muscle strength or endurance to eat enough that way yet. I'm still tube feeding him every 6 hours. he had a set back with his weight due to what appears to be ringworms. Side note: we have not had any flea problems for a year and a half... fleas don't survive in our carpet due to boric acid containing crystals in it. Tom did not have fleas or worms going into the hospital. I'm just deflated to suspect that he got fleas and ring worm from the hospital. The fleas are gone now but the ringworms did a number on his weight. I just gave him liquid dewormer in his food yesterday. already he's gaining and becoming more energetic.
  10. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    I just read the story about magic while I had some down time. I am sorry but I just started crying so hard. I know what it's like to have to out your little black kitty soul mate down. I had one named sonja in 2000. She was found under a dumpster in a jack in the box parking lot.Her mom had been hit by a car and she was hungry and scared. Magic reminds me of sonja. The land lord decided she didn't want us to live there any more because my sisters ( I have large family) would come and visit a lot and her son who lived next door didn't like it. He assumed they were " illegally" living with me( they were not). They fraudulently charged us for things that they never did until all our deoosit was used and we had no money to get another place. We ended up at a shelter which did not allow cats. They threatned to make us leave if we didn't get rid of sonja. The non kill shelters wouldn't take any more cats and no one would take her for me even for a little while. We had to surrender her and because she was feral ( or just super scared) they deemed her unadoptable and opted to put her down. I ran over there to say goodbye and cried for the next 2-3 years. I'll never forget the look on her face when she saw I couldn't protect her any more. I tell Tom about Sonja all the time. It was in her honor that I vowed to never let anything happen to Tom. She was only 2 years old. A happy well mannered indoor black bombay girl. I am so glad we have internet and social networking now. I am so sooo very glad magic left this kind of a legacy for other precious pets. especially fellow black kitties.
  11. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    Tom's follow up appointment is this tuesday. He will have a couple of evaluations including his feeding tube while under anesthesia. He has gone through constipation, vomitting, and a flea infestation and is still making progress. His mouth looks really good. He is breathing better through his nose. Hopefully the shattered bones are healing properly. He is mostly depressed about his situation but hopefully a new place and an investigation into the crime will put him at peace.
  12. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    an excerpt from the journals of a " mad cat mother"
  13. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    I am lovin' the fundraising ideas that jackie has posted!! I think I'm going to talk to my employer about having an ongoing meal menu for my coworkers who are stuck in 12 hour shifts an can't leave the client's residence... They would love to have food brought to them more than likely. maybe even have the agency sponsor some of the costs for the meals in advance for their employees at their own discretion... I love to cook and was even almost recruited to be a personal cook except for the moment I got to get properly licensed for that. mean time Tom is healing well and is due for a follow up. I'm not sure if that includes an xray but we'll see. I know we'll get through this. There's no quitting now. Although I find it amusing how many people I come across who think I'm ridiculous or that Tom still won't make it. I just gotta shake off that negative energy. I understand their misguided thoughts but it's not for me. Ciao for now!
  14. My superman Tom

    Tom was chased and hit by a maintenance worker in a golf cart on our front lawn where for 3 1/2 years we got away with paradise. One morning paradise was lost. Tom dragged himself in through his entrance bleeding with a broken jaw and face trauma. I didn't have the money to pay for the immediate support care he needed so I brought him back home from the hospital on pain meds to see if i could find help paying for his surgery before deciding to euthanize him the next morning. While getting paperwork into imom we thought he was going to die and it would be too late but they told us to bring him to the hospital right away because they would help. It was a long journey with sleepless nights and days and no time or appetite to eat but they were with me guiding me and supporting us all the way. Tom is now at home revovering this day.
  15. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    Hi guys it's me Tom! I'm doing so good.