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  1. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    Thank you! Smokey is doing great!! here is a link to a video of him outside rolling around next to my sister's GSD https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=322FA27E66600A61!548&authkey=!ADy0-2Y6R4PsvwE&ithint=video%2cMOV and a pic of him relaxing on my sister's GSD's coolaroo and one of him in bed
  2. sorry to hear about your dad's cancer I am sure that is tough to deal with. glad to hear Timber is doing good and adjusting to 3 legs you mention that Timber is humping everything and that he hasn't been cleared for neutering can I ask why he hasn't been cleared didn't he have his stitches removed? why wouldn't they neuter him already? you say you don't want puppies does this mean you have females that aren't spayed if so why haven't you had them spayed? (just curious) maybe if they don't clear Timber to get neutered you can take the female in to get spayed first (just a thought)
  3. Deidra are you keeping him in the crate?? I know it is tough to keep them in there especially when they cry to get out but believe me the crate is his and your best friend during his healing process as much as it hurts to keep them confined it is for the better. I sure hope he didn't dislocate his leg hoping for some good news
  4. Redefined Love

    Redefined Love Do not grieve for I’m still here. I live in memory and not in fear. I am always with you, night and day, In memories of when we used to play. Your kiss was wetter than my nose, So please dismiss your mournful woes. And reminisce upon my kiss, Of you this is what I truly wish. Remember all the times we shared, The laughs and moments cannot compare. And know that life is bittersweet, But the love we shared was a special treat. Please dry your tears and lift your head, Because our relationship isn’t dead. Our life, a book, has not been closed, But a new chapter has been exposed. We will live this new chapter all the way out, Together, with each other, without a doubt. Now take a step forward, I’m right behind. For now our love has been redefined. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    Smokey this morning with no worries in the world
  6. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    He is doing really good thanks! he is pretty spoiled now though he wants me to feed him while he is lying down so he won't have to get up the big brat
  7. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    :heart: just sharing this picture of Smokey very comfy last night :heart:
  8. Thank you IMOM, Jackie for putting so much hard work and effort into starting such a wonderful organization In Memory Of Magic and selecting/having such awesome volunteers/board members such as: Kyle, Dawn, and Jamie K who were involved in Smokey's case (and everyone behind the scenes too) and approved Smokey for fundraising. I am very thankful to the supporters/angels who dug into their pockets to help get all the funds raised for Smokey to have the Perineal Urethrostomy surgery he ended up needing after being flushed to clear a stone blockage that would have happened again without the surgery. aside from Smokey's hair taking a while to grow back on his behind he is back to his normal self and will definitely have many more years with me giving everyone head bunts and cuddling up with me and my son when we sleep. I am so glad July 2014 is over and there is nothing but better days ahead. :heart: :heart:
  9. hoping everything goes well with Rozay's surgery this morning I am sure he is in great hands
  10. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    here is my Smokey and his doggie sister Chula yesterday
  11. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    Smokey is doing really good He hated his bath and his hair on his behind is taking forever to grow back He likes to wake me up at 5 and 6am to feed him sometimes I give in and other times I don't He will walk back and forth on my head and meow right in my ear so it is kind of hard to ignore him but sometimes I will tell him "Smokey I am not getting up" and he will go back to sleep I took these pictures of him yesterday while he was napping under the desk I caught him yawning in one of them
  12. I have seen the IMOM Angels work 'MAGIC' and I know they will come through for your sweet boy Rozay! Hang in there Rozay!!
  13. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    Smokey and Chula getting a nap in
  14. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    Tom looks so comfy in his bed :heart:
  15. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    Smokey the sleepy head