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  1. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    Home sweet home for MUNECA so iam really happy and so is she they gave me pain meds so she is good thank you everyone
  2. muneca2014

  3. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    Yes i just spoke with the doctor i can go get her this morning @11 all is well with her she is just in a lot of pain and cant walk of course it will take time but he says she will be free from pain when this is all over thank god and all my Angels from IMOM <3 thank again everyone for your help i will post pictures when she comes home later
  4. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    up date i just called the hospital and she is in surgery right now i will update when she is done and well <3
  5. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    thank you so much i took her in this morning and should get her surgery around 11am iam very nervous for her but iam sure it will be ok thanks again <3
  6. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    Ok big update Muneca has her appointment for her surgery at 7:30 am tomorrow morning thank you so much for all the help i will keep everyone updated so you can see how she is doing <3
  7. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    yes i will thank you <3
  8. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    yay thank you so much <3
  9. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    So we took her in today to get her bandages changed so her arm will feel better she seems pretty happy and is trying to walk faster lol but i guess shes happy she not hurting as much she pretty happy thank you for all the support we put a little grey tape on bottom because the white tape didnt stick but she still happy
  10. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    Muneca is 6 years old ive had her since she was only 6 weeks old she could fit in the palm of my hand at that time but from that time she has always had alot of energy and always protected her family she is very loyal.And i love her with all my heart she is very important part of our family and we also have a cat she has grown up with his name is teddy and even tho she is in pain or doesnt feel good she always tries to take care of him giving him baths and playing with him and i know he knows she is hurt because he lays outside her crate when she sleeps and when she comes out they sleep together buddys for life <3 Thank you so much for all your help Angels <3
  11. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    So today we took her to the grass todo her business and i noticed she is having a harder time walking because it is rubbing into her leg and now she is bleeding a little so i cleaned it and gave her some pain medication
  12. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    iam working with two org. F.A.C.E and Imom so i think they are in contact about it but as soon as she gets the ok she can get in surgery the next day so iam really hopefull <3 iam doing bakesales and yardsales to yry to make the money for her after care for every 10 days after surgery she will need bandage change that will cost 220.00 $$ and then a two month appointment that will cost 550.00 so iam really trying to get it together so she will be ok
  13. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    yay iam so excited for her to get closer to her surgery < 3 thank you
  14. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    awesome almost there Muneca is doing good but now the splints are starting to rub on her legs and it is really red i guess from walking around so now iam trying to keep her more laying down <3 Thank you for everthing
  15. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    wow this is great she is almost half way there