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  1. Back for help (again)

    Hi Everyone, I was on here over a year ago trying to get help for my cat Smoosh for her uterine cancer. Thankfully, some man from overseas payed the entire thing and Smoosh has been cancer free and doing great ever since. Unfortunately my 11 month old cat is very sick and I have exhausted all funds for getting her the testing and treatment she needs. I vaguely remember how I can go about getting help from IMOM, so if anyone can talk me through it, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!~ -Ashley
  2. Need help with application process

    I don't believe you can apply for care credit for each individual pet. That's not usually how Care Credit works as it's not only specifically for vet care. My vet is willing to work with the organization, has the paper work, and is talking to the surgeon Monday about the whole surgery and costs.
  3. Need help with application process

    I'm trying to get the paperwork together but I'm a bit confused about some of it. I'm personally on SSI and receive food stamps, and I usually give my mother part of my money to pay for some of the bills, but I don't personally pay them except for my car insurance, credit card payments, and things I need. I sent my two last bank statements but they don't exactly reflect the cable, rent, or any of that because that's under my mom. What should I do then? Also, how do I get an approved letter from care credit if I already have had it for years? I took a screenshot and sent it in.
  4. Hey guys, I have a lot of questions I need answered as well as help with the application. Does anyone use the chat or would be willing to? Trying to explain in a long process on the forum is difficult.
  5. So happy right now!

    Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been on lately, been really busy! So here is an update: I just got a call from the doctor after the ultrasound. Smoosh has a uterine mass that is not adhesive to the inner lining of her uterus and can be taken out. They want to discuss spaying her, removing the mass, and taking out her mammary glands and cysts. They also are going to send out a lab to make sure it's not cancerous. I gave the paperwork for IMOM to my vet and once she gets the official ultrasound report back, she will talk to me about surgery and all the costs.

    I talked to the vet today. With a possible surgery for the mass in her stomach, plus the mammary cysts, she's a bit concnered about too many surgies as my cat is 14 years old and she is FIV positive. She also seems to have a bit of a labored breathing ordeal, but there are no signs based on the Xray that she has cancer, so it isn't causing the breathing thing. We are going to get her tests next week and take it one at a time to figure it all out.
  7. So happy right now!

    Just got back from the vet. The vet felt her belly again and realized that the mass she is feeling isn't in the bladder, but right around it. It could be either in her intestines, uterus, etc. At this point, even though the X-rays showed no metathesizes, the vet is concerned that it is a growth from the mammary cysts that are on her stomach. We are scheduling Smooshies tests for next week. I will let everyone know of the outcome and will know afterwards what is the best treatment if it's cancerous, removable, or benign. Please keep Smoosh in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!
  8. So happy right now!

    I just had to express my happiness right now. Some of you don't know, but I've been trying to fund-raise $800 just to get the tests I needed to get my cat treatment for something in her bladder. Today I woke up, and someone donated $668, putting me over my goal by $30. I am SO happy and I can finally get Smoosh her ultrasound and bloodwork, which then I can finally apply for IMOM with confidence. I am so happy happy happpppy!

    Besides possibly surgery on her bladder, is it even possible to do three types of surgeries in one shot? What if my vet decides that one surgery is risky enough and doesn't think being spayed is optional? I'm seeing my vet tomorrow. Once I talk things over with her, I'll get print ups of everything. I don't think I'll know anything about her bladder until the ultrasound, but I can try to get an estimate for spaying as well as how much it would be to remove the mammary growths (if they can).

    Also, don't I need to get a diagnosis to start the application? Right now, the diagnosis and treatment plan is unknown as we haven't gotten the funds yet to even get her the ultrasound to figure out what is going on in her bladder. Smoosh also has mamary cysts, but according to the Xrays (and the fact they have been there for a long time) the vet doesn't believe it to be cancer, but wants to remove them (if I can get funds for that too) in case they turn into it. My main concern is fixing whatever is in her bladder first, before even going down that route. Personally, the vet says that she would be fine for a surgery, but I'm not willing to put my cat through potentially three surgeries; one for the bladder, mamarary cysts, and spaying. It's just too much for her age.

    My cat is 14 and my vet and I both agree that there is no point in getting her spayed. I couldn't afford getting her spayed anyways ON TOP of the money I'm trying to fundraise for her to just get a diagnosis and then following treatment. I honestly don't see getting help anywhere at this point, and I've only fundraised $100 so far in 4 days. I've asked for my credit to be increased on Care Credit, was denied, called multiple organizations, one didn't have the funds, others again gave me an issue about her being spayed, others were in certain areas only or illness specific. I've put multiple things of mine on Craigslist and Ebay with no bites. I'm just so fed up.

    I'm a bit upset that I can't apply for the funding because my 14 year old cat that needs treatment, isn't neutered. I %100 believe in neutering/spaying, but I inherited my Himalayan cat 2 1/2 years ago when my uncle passed away and no one would take her in. I was told that age her age, there really was no point in getting her neutered anymore and now most of the organizations I'm applying for have this rule that the cat must be neutered/spayed or have plans to do so. I'm completely stuck with getting my cat help, and I fear that at this point she will end up dying in the long run. Honestly, I give up.
  13. So sorry for your loss. It's never easy. :/
  14. I need donation help for my cat that is in need of treatment for something in hr blader, but I can't seem to post on the forum. Any reasons why?