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  1. Oh dear Cindy, I'm so very sorry. Tucker was such a special little dog. I know my Tucker, Sunny, Joey, and Max all greeted him at the bridge with huge grins and welcome paws. They will teach him the ropes and keep him safe until you swing by to pick him up. Sending hugs and love your way. God Speed Tuckie, Mommy loves you. Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  2. I'm upset that I had to tell you the funds were there, I hate making my donations public but I knew you were worried and the stress was bad for you. I lost your email addy or I would have let you know off list. Oh well, it's done, don't worry about it. I believe we did pay for a new wing at MedVet last year and I think the college funds for both of my vet's kids are secure. I hope they are planning to go to a state university instead of Harvard, Princeton or Yale as I really don't want to contribute more to their education funds. <g> Sadly Joey had two strokes in December and after the second one I had to help him to the bridge. He was a great little dog but after his second stroke his little personality was gone. He stopped doing his growly talk, I could touch his feet and ears and no reaction, it was time. He walked in circles as stroke dogs tend to do and got caught in odd places. He's gone now, sweet boy. How I miss him. The others are all fine but it seems odd to only have 10 dogs (and yes, I know how odd that sounds.) Everyone else is in good health although Punkin still has no fur so he's in sweaters all the time. We are good. I stop by frequently to check on you and the boyz but I typically don't post much. I hope all goes well and you are able to have your surgery without any delays. I'll be watching. Take care, Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  3. Cindy, the money for the boyz meds is there for this month and next. It's been sitting there for two days, I'm sorry, I thought someone would have told you so I didn't have to. Stop worrying, it's covered. Pat
  4. Oh dear, sorry to hear Tucker is hunching. I wonder if giving him the Clindamycin with food would help? I know it's not supposed to matter but sometimes I think having a food cushion does help them with some meds. It's a bummer that you can't get in to see the neurosurgeon before Nov 12. Are there any others that are in your health care plan? Maybe someone else could get you in sooner? Do you know if they will want to do surgery or are you hoping for physical therapy first? Patty at MedVet asked about you today. I told her you were fine and running 3 minute miles and we were entering you in the winter Olympics in the snowboarding events. Yeah, she didn't believe me either. LOL Joey's etube and stitches were removed today and he's a happy camper. I always take his muzzle with me to MedVet just in case I'm not in the room when they do something. He was so sick from Saturday through probably Wednesday that a muzzle was not needed. By Thurs & Fri of last week he was feeling better but still very manageable. Today he was raring and back to normal with respect to being an absolute heathen if I wasn't right there. He is such a bad boy but I think he was enjoying himself. lol I'm not sure what to do about Sunny. Yes, I could probably do the sub-q fluids if I have to but I'm really not sure I'm doing her any favors. She still is not eating, it was 2 weeks yesterday since she actually ate a meal on her own. I force feed her three or four times a day depending on how much I can get her to take each time. She gets a lot of water from that and she is drinking but we can't get her to eat anything even with an appetite stimulant. I'm crushing Tramodal and mixing it with water & syringing it for her to swallow so I know she has some pain meds as well as her anti-nausea meds. I seriously don't think I'm doing her any favors. I know her back is bothering her so I may try having her regular vet do some laser therapy to see if that helps her. Well, that's the scoop around here. Hope you are feeling better 'cause it's going to be hard for you to snowboard if your back continues to hurt. Hugs, Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  5. Tucker you are such a silly boy! Glad to read he is playing and returning to his normal ornery self! I guess I didn't know Justice was a football fan. LOL Glad to see he is doing well too. Joey came home Friday afternoon. He's doing well, eats a tiny bit here and there but has a food tube for most of his nutritional needs. Hopefully it can come out in a week. I'm not thrilled with feeding him through a tube, giving him meds through a tube ~ ugh. But since he is not yet eating on his own dependably, it's better than not eating. I'll be glad once he becomes a little piggy again. Sunny is not doing so well, I ran her to her regular vet Sat for sub-q fluids and she's on cerenia & pepcid but she is not eating anything. I went to PetCo the other day and bought one can of every dog food they had and 4 cans of the smellliest cat food I could find. Nothing tempts her. I'll probably have to take her over again Monday for more fluids, maybe her vet will have something else up her sleeve. We'll see. All things considered, the weather is great so the dogs are outside with me and enjoying themselves. Life is good. Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  6. Drum roll please (bang, bang, bong, bump, brrrrrrrrlllp). . . .Joey went for a walk with me outside tonight and peed several times like a good little dog. We taught him the words careful, left, right, and stop when he lost his sight to help protect him from getting hurt. Well this evening he was alert enough to understand the words and follow the instructions. Yay Joey!! I tried to give him some rotissorie chicken but no go. Maybe tomorrow. Oh yeah, and he growled at me too. Yes! Hugs to all, I'm doing the happy dance tonight. Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  7. Skeeter Magoo

    Oh dear, I am so sorry to read Skeeter went to the bridge. Years ago, a friend sent me this after I lost Taffy. It brings me comfort and I hope will do the same for you Paula. The Ship by Henry Van Dyke (1852-1933) I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my sidespreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean.She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until at length;she hangs like a speck of white cloud, just where the sea and sky come tomingle with each other. Then, someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!" "Gone where?" Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port. Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the moment when someoneat my side says: "There. She is gone!", there are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout: "Here she comes!" Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  8. First, I'm glad you have an answer to what is causing your back pain. Since we can't do the alcohol (and I really don't like the idea of hitting you with the bottle) maybe strong pain meds until they can decide the best course of action. Now that they know the cause, I'm sure they will have a fix (yeah, probably surgery, but maybe therapy of some kind would work too.) Anyway, knowing the cause is half the solution so I'm pleased for you. This has been quite a day, Sunny has not eaten more than a slice of lunchmeat or tid bits since a week ago today. As I mentioned, her blood work showed her kidney values were all off the chart and after talking to my vet, I took her in today to let her go. Sunny was taken in the back to get a cathater and she perked up a bit. They brought her back to me and her vet came in and we were talking about how alert she was. The vet asked if I wanted to try sub-q fluids, and injections of cerenia & pepcid and see if they helped and I said sure, let's give it a try. Sooooo, Miss Sunny Bunny is home again and ate about 1/4 cup of rotisserie chicken so far this afternoon. Maybe this will work and maybe not but we are going to give it a shot. My vet spoke to Joey's surgeon yesterday when he called to give her an update and I think it is fair to say she had a come to Jesus conversation with him. His attitude was much better today and Joey is somewhat improved. He certainly won't be running the 4 minute mile but he did walk around in his cage some today and he sat up and moved around. He's still not doing his growly talk nor eating on his own but he definitely was showing signs of improving. I'm cautiously encouraged. His left eye looks a little worse than before so I asked to have his opthamologist take a look at it. (Never a dull moment.) ~ Good news ~ she just called and said his ulcer is healing and the blood vessels are growing toward it to help it heal and that's the change I'm seeing. Yes!!! I think you've asked about Gaylin a few times and I always forget to respond. He is doing well. He still sounds like he has congestion but all the tests as well as the x-rays do not reveal any problems. I am going to wait until Joey & Sunny are settled (hopefully in a week or so) and then put him on Clindamyacin for 3 days and take him back for his dental. They will give him, I think it's Atrophine, which will help dry the fluids so it should be safe to do the dental. All in all, I am encouraged. Donna & Jamie, thanks for your kind words regarding my furkids. I've attached photos of Joey (Maltese), Sunny (Pom) and Gaylin (Yorkie) so you can see them. Sending hugs to you all, Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  9. Glad to see your boyz are on the upswing and continuing to do well and that your back is slightly less painful. I wonder if acupuncture would help it any? There was a report on the news tonight about a study that resulted in the conclusion acupuncture works. Really? It's been around how many thousands of years? Does it occur to anyone that if it didn't work it would have faded away? Oh well, I'm just in a grumpy mood tonight. Joey is not bouncing back as he should. He is heavily medicated both for the pain and nausea. He keeps vomiting and they don't know why. They are sure it is not the tube or the food. He is so lethargic and clearly in pain even with the pain meds. Tomorrow morning I am calling and asking for copies of everything since he was admitted on Saturday then I'm going to sit down and review it and see if I can figure out what's going on with him. Originally they had a "Caution, may bite" on him but took it off because he is so miserable he couldn't bite, growl or harm anyone. His incision does not look good either but I'm more concerned with how he is feeling at the moment. I think we will probably have a come to Jesus meeting tomorrow. I am not happy with his progress. Sunny is continuing to go down hill although she did eat a slice of roast beef, 8 pieces of frosted bite size shreaded wheat and 3 small strips of cooked chicken breast. Her kidney values are all way too high, her BUN is like 178, Creatinine is 8.7 and phosphorus is like 14.4. I know she's in renal failure and we aren't going to be able to bring her back this time. I am just so p*ssed! Why both of them? Why now? I know I should take her in tomorrow, just don't know if I can. Sorry, I don't mean to dump on you. I'm just so mad. I know, this too shall pass. Give your boyz a hug from me. Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  10. The surgeon Dr. Kennedy just called, Joey's out of surgery and so far so good. His GB was full of gelatenous gunk, they also found said gunk in the common bile duct. He asked if we fed him seeds as they found what looked like a millet seed wedged in his intestine, they pushed it through to his colon? I don't know why they wouldn't just remove it but I didn't think to ask that at the time. Obviously we don't feed him seeds but I thought it might be a piece of brown rice but the vet didn't think it was rice so I can't imagine what else it would have been. Anyway, the surgeon said Joe's GB had not burst but was very close so I think he has a guardian angel looking out for him. It happened very fast, remember I took him in on Wed for his eye ulcer? He came home that night and ate supper then Thursday he ate breakfast & supper. Two of his eye meds were antibiotics that had to be taken with food and yesterday morning he did not eat his breakfast which is highly unusual for him. I wondered if the antibiotics had upset his tummy. Since he wouldn't eat, I didn't give him the antibiotics or his humulin-n shot. He wouldn't eat anything all day but he did vomit white mucus like goop several times. I called our vet about 10:00 am but she was off yesterday so I took both Joe & Sunny in this morning. Our vet did bloodwork & x-rays and thought he needed an ultrasound as the x-rays weren't definitive. His blood chemistry was really off for his liver so of course that was a concern. We headed to MedVet and everything progressed from there. He's stable for the moment and has an e-tube for the next day or so in order to control the calories he should be consuming. They can feed him food & meds through the e-tube until he gets his appetite back and this should be safer for him with his diabeties. Sunny's appetite has been off and on all week and on Friday she decided she was going to stop eating altogether. I offered her dog food with chicken gravy, chicken & rice,alpo beef, cat food - chicken I think and she stuck her nose in the air at all of it. I can tell she is hungry but she won't eat. Her bloodwork should be back Monday. My guess is she is in renal failure and this time we won't be able to turn her around. That's the scoop here. Fingers crossed the antibiotics for your Tucker kick in and he continues on the road to good health (alright, good health for him :-) By the way, how's the back pain? I'm hoping that just having an MRI scared those muscles, bones and vetabrae into submission. Well, it's been a long day, I'm heading to bed. Hugs to you & the boyz. Pat & The Spoiled Royals Pat
  11. Glad to read Tucker is doing better, I was talking about him earlier today at MedVet. Joey is over there right now having emergency gall bladder surgery.I was telling the ER doc about his bulge and she diagnosed it as a reaction to an internal suture. We need to keep her name since I only had info from yesterday's post and I didn't describe it very well but she hit the nail on the head. Joey & Sunny went to their vet today because neither is eating. Joe's liver values were literally off the charts and x-ray was not definitive so we went to MedVet at noon for an ultrasound where they discovered his gall bladder was blocked. They were going to wait until tomorrow morning so I came home around 7:30. The ER vet just called & said the surgeons discussed his case and decided not to wait until tomorrow. <sigh> Sunny is still not eating but we are trying another pain patch on her. I think I'll run to Sams tomorrow & get her a rotisserie chicken and see if she'll eat that. I just wish they would all eat and stay healthy. <double sigh> Gotta go for now, catch you later, Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  12. Thanks Cindy, I know you would have been here if I had called. With all you had going on, that was enough. I'm glad the MRI is approved and I think you might be right, it's possible nothing will show but then again, something might so I'm holding out hope that a definitive and fixable answer shows up. Joey has an ulcer on his left eye. <sigh> He is now on 7 eye related meds a day, some are oral, some are drops, some are ointments and some are once a day and others are four times a day. So we have a chart on the refrigerator to track when he needs (and gets) whichever. Then, just to make things interesting, I noticed he was scratching his ear yesterday so I checked it - of course he also has an ear infection so he's on an antibiotic for that too. He probably should have a cone on but I am letting him have it off for now and watching him closely. He has to go back for a recheck on Monday. I like Dr. Webb too but she was out until Friday so Dr. Corbett (formerly Robinson) saw him. She actually is the one who saved his right eye when he had the ulcer on that one a while back. The nice thing is she knows how I care for my dogs so this time around I don't have to take him in every day. Swirlie, your post & song are lovely! Oh yeah, Cindy, I forgot. . . . about the MRI ~ 1) take a sleep mask to put over your eyes, trust me, just do it. 2) if you think the pain will be bad, take tramadol, a vicoden and 2 fingers of whiskey [i recommend Scotch, it tastes so bad you won't notice much else], 3) don't believe all that non-sense about not mixing powerful pain relievers & alcohol, it will be fine :-), 4) ask for some really awful, loud heavy metal music so you can concentrate on how bad it is and before you know it the MRI will be done. (Remember I have a Reader's Digest Medical degree so I know these things.) I did chuckle at your comment about Justice inciting a riot with the other dogs when he wants to eat 2 hrs early due to his HAC. Joey has to eat at 6:00 AM & 6:00 PM every day because of his diabeties, so Sweetie started coming out and wanting a bite to eat too. I started giving her a cookie and now I have all 12 in the kitchen demanding a snack at 6:00 AM. Ugh! On any given morning, Punkin & Sunny are likely to demand a meal at the same time (double ugh!) and since both are problem eaters, one or both may join Joe at 6:00 am for breakfast. If I don't give the whiners breakfast early, they will get everyone going. Have I mentioned what Heathens these dogs are? lol Catch you later, hugs right back at ya, Pat & The Spoiled Royals
  13. Bell Saenz

    Okay, I also posted info on Chris's Rescue Angels on FB. While the rescue is out of MO, they have fosters all over & I know at least one foster in CA. I was one of the founding members of CRA and adopted the first dog who was fostered by the CA foster mom to a guy here in Columbus. Pat
  14. Bell Saenz

    Jacki, What state is the rescue in? I might be able to help find a transport. Depending on how far apart they are, maybe Pilots n Paws can help. We've moved dogs all over with them but there are also other transport options. Pat
  15. I'm glad to read your doctor is going to insist on an MRI. I understand some people get them when not needed but you are past due for one. (Remember I have a Reader's Digest Medical Degree, lol.) I have my fingers crossed that the MRI shows them the problem and the solution will be relatively easy. Yes, I know that is rarely the case but we can hope, right? :-) I didn't want to say anything when you were fighting to save your Tucker, but we lost ours. He kept getting worse and I took him in looking for a new pain med. She couldn't hear his heart on one side and x-rays showed a tumor and fluid on that side of his heart. All they could do at MedVet was draw the fluid off every 2 days for 6 days then even that would not have worked. We put a pain patch on him and took him home for the weekend. On Saturday, his blood work came back and he was also in renal failure so Monday we helped him to the bridge. He was such a great dog. I didn't want to post when everything was going on with your Tucker because I didn't want that negative energy on your Tuck's thread. Joey's going to MedVet tomorrow because something is going on with his left eye. Hopefully we will only need a prescription and not surgery. With his allergies, Cushings & Diabeties, he's just not a good candidate for surgery. You know how that is. . . . . . Pat & The Spoiled Royals http://spoiledroyals.blogspot.com/