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  1. Dear Angels: A dog is love. A dog is devotion. A dog is self-sacrifice. A dog is valor. I would die for my dogs as they would die for me. Dear Angels, I am writing you this letter of thanks for helping save my baby’s life. As much as words cannot begin to describe just how thankful I am for all of your acts of kindness, I will try my hardest to make words of it. But before I begin, let me start by giving you a brief story about my baby Cash. Cash is my beloved six-year-old Rottweiler who most times thinks he is a small lap dog or small child. Cash has, a six-year-old Bassett Hound sister named Chloe, a one-year-old Chihuahua sister named Cece, and me, his mommy. Cash had been limping on his paw for about six months. I have been tight on money and decided when I had a few extra dollars I would get him checked. I brought him to the Animal Hospital where after many tests and hoping it was only a weight issue, the doctor said it was far worse. I spent my last $700 on his diagnosis. Praying that he would not need the emergency we were warned about. Cash had Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and it was causing him great pain and discomfort in his front right paw. I was warned the surgery would cost a great deal of money. I worried because I knew I couldn’t afford it. I called countless vets and animal hospitals begging for someone to help me with a billing plan or to help save my dog. Many said they couldn’t help him and him passing may be the best thing. That made me sick to hear. With tears in my eyes, I put a final call in to Mesa West Pet Hospital. Crying and begging for help, they said to bring Cash in. I found a glimmer of hope. Over the 4th of July weekend, the Vet and I applied to IMOM in hopes of financial assistance. This is where all of you Angels come in. That fact that IMOM took on our case that very weekend and ran a fundraiser for Cash to get surgery made my heart sink, and my eyes swell and flood with tears. I had never been so thankful in my entire life. People who did not know me or my pup would help him live. Your acts of kindness and love for animals made this possible. I hugged and kissed Cash goodbye as they admitted him to the hospital, crying knowing my baby would live. Thank you for helping me see him walk again without pain. Thank you for him being able to welcome me home again with smiles and a wagging tail. Thank you for him being able to lay next to me again. Thank you for letting him continue to be a part of my life and our family. Thank you for the love he will forever be able to give until it is truly his time to pass, when he is old and grey. Thank you from us, for all you have done for us and my baby boy Cash. You are all truly Angels and I am blessed by your kindness and love for animals. I will always be thankful and forever indebted to you. God bless from all of us, especially Cash.
  2. We just got the link from Cash's last day with 4 legs! http://jenniferdallas.instaproofs.com/store/?login=1074085 password: beach day Hope you all enjoy!
  3. Everything is just CRAZY down here for comic con. Cash is doing really well and loving all the attention. He just went in to Hairy & Merry dog spaw for a little pampering
  4. Stitches are out and everything looks great! We went back to the vet AGAIN today to try to get a bath and a shave but they didn't have time. Cash and the whole posse came down San Diego today to enjoy comic con!
  5. He has been off his pain meds now for a couple of days but maybe he was still in a daze. Looking forward to seeing the Vet tomorrow.
  6. Today was a bit off for Cash. Since the day he came home with me as a puppy, he has pretty much never had an accident in the house. This morning Cash broke that record and started in MY bed and ran down the hall mid leaving me a wonderful artistic spray. Has anyone else heard of pets potty tendencies changing after surgery?
  7. Pumpkin is surprisingly more difficult to find in the store than I had anticipated! Luckily Grandma has the magic touch My mom (grandma) lives in downtown San Diego and Cash had a blast at the park next to her house this weeken. He wanted to run and play with everyone :0 We are going in on Wednesday to have his staples removed. It seems like everyday he's getting just a little more used to be a tripawd and acting like himself again.
  8. The vet said everything looks good. He's been a little slowed down lately and having trouble going potty :( I heard pumpkin is supposed to work some magic.... has anyone else heard that? We are taking a long drive tomorrow to grandmas house for some much needed R&R.
  9. As promised a photo of his stitches....
  10. Muneca: Chihuahua with Leg Injuries

    Money Sent! Cash and I send our love. Prayers for a speedy and painless recovery
  11. Today we went back to the vet for a checkup and to have the bandages removed!!! Everything is looking great!!! Cash is passed out cold from all the moving around but as soon as hes up I will snap a picture
  12. Cash has been doing pretty well today! A little trouble with all the meds but all in all recovering well.
  13. http://instagram.com/p/qWxq5iiWUD/ Hes up and walking! He woke up this morning at 5am and just got right up. He is at the vet today to be watched. So happy.
  14. We made it home! Cash hasn't really come to yet and is still sleeping(4 shots of morphine). He is home tonight and will be going back in to the vet tomorrow morning to have antibiotic/painkiller injections. Hoping to get a little food into him so I can give him the meds tonight. No luck so far since he wont wake up.
  15. Thank you everyone! Yesterday was awesome, Cash went to the beach and had the nicest Vet Tech/Photographer Jennifer Dallas take a million photos of him (I will post them as soon as she sends them over). We are about to head out to Hospital thought I would post Cash waiting on the couch. His nails are painted on the amputation arm so there are no mistakes about which limb is being removed.