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  1. Hi, Dylaney is still doing well, and is recovering at home. Here is a photo of her in her turquoise sweater. Such a sweet pea. Thank you again for all of your help! Love, Dylaney and Jessica
  2. Dylaney and I are back together again! She is wagging her tail and eating normally. Today she is wearing a turquoise fishnet sweater that is very cute. She seems 100% better than she was last week-she even tried to eat some of my food in the car today and was looking for scraps on the ground. That is the dog I know and love! The surgery this time around came to $2000, and thanks to the generous contributions from all of you here on this board and the IMOM funds, I had to cover $1000 of it. Thank you all again for being so wonderful, and I will send another update shortly with photos. :-)
  3. Hi guys, Yesterday's visit was great. I took her on a walk, and we sat in the sun together for almost an hour. She seems so much better-she was even jogging a little. She will be wearing the red fishnet sweater for three weeks, so I will definitely post a photo. I did speak to the night nurse last night, and she had vomited for the first time since the second surgery, but they did not seem that alarmed. I will speak to her surgeon today, and hopefully will be able to pick her up this afternoon. I can't wait to have her back! She is my little angel. I will send an update as soon as we are back together. Thanks again. I am very hopeful about the future.
  4. Hi, I went down to Orange County to see Dylaney today. The good news is that she is eating! She looks a lot better than when I took her in yesterday, but she is still weak after not eating for 8 days. I was able to lay with her in an exam room for about an hour, and took her outside for a short walk. She is wearing a very cute red fishnet sweater that made me laugh when I saw her. Thank God for little things like that! Now I know how great she looks in red. I will be going down to visit her tomorrow as well, and the doctor feels that she will probably be discharged on Monday. My best friend is coming down from San Francisco to help me next week. She loves him to death, and I am sure being with the two of us will be very good for her! Thank you again angels for the huge contribution and all of the support here on the board. I can't say enough how nice it is to not be alone in this process. I can't wait to be more financially stable and become an Imom donor myself. Thank you!
  5. Here is an update on Dylaney. I spoke with her surgeon a couple of hours ago, and he said she got through the surgery just fine and that there was an even longer mass in her intestine than he thought originally, but it has been removed. She is now in the ICU in recovery. I just spoke to the ICU nurse, and she said that Dylaney is resting comfortably and is on a feeding tube. She has also had a plasma transfusion, as she had not eaten in 8 days and was very weak. I am going to visit her tomorrow morning and will post another update soon. Thank you angels for all of your kind words and financial assistance.
  6. Hi everyone, Thanks again for your generous contributions. They are going to make a huge difference in the final bill, and I could not have done it without the help of everyone on this board. I took Dylaney in this morning for her surgery, and will hear from the surgeon later this afternoon about how it went. She will be in the ICU until Monday, and they will let me see her tomorrow afternoon. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks again!!
  7. Hi, Dylaney and I are preparing to head down to Orange County. It's an hour and a half drive. Her surgery is this afternoon. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much.
  8. Hi, I was just wondering if there have been any donations tonight. I have to take Dylaney in in the morning. Please let me know. Every little bit helps! Thank you so very much!!! Jessica (Dylaney's Mom)
  9. Hi, I would like to add that Dylaney's doctor has reduced his surgery rate by $2000 (the surgery would have cost around $4000) to assist me in this surgery. I thought that was very sweet of him, and I just need to raise the rest! Thanks again for all of your kind words and generous donations.
  10. Hi everyone, Today has been very hard. Dylaney is laying under my chair as I write this. She has vomited four times already, and she has no interest in food-nothing, not even her favorite things. Even when she has been sick before, she could almost always eat. Today makes a full week since she has consumed any food at all. Despite the fact that she feels horrible, she still wags her tail, which I think is a very encouraging sign. The surgery will be $2000. Please hep if you can. I greatly appreciate it-and so does my little baby girl!
  11. Hi Angels, My dog Dylaney had her surgery last week, and all seemed to be going well, but she has not eaten since before the surgery (6 days) and the doctors ran some tests to find out why. They found another mass in her small intestine, and she has to have it removed in the next 24-48 hours, or I will have to put her to sleep. The original CT scan to determine if she should go to surgery to remove the mass on her lung did not show this mass, otherwise she would not have been a good candidate for surgery. However, since she has already had this major surgery on her lung, it is clear to the doctor that we are 75% there, and to not go forward with this next surgery would be a shame. The surgery is estimated to cost between $1500-$2000. I have maxed out my care credit, and the kindness of my friends and family. I have no room on any credit cards. I am desperate for assistance, as Dylaney is suffering. She vomits every two hours, has diarrhea, and absolutely no interest in food-which is very unlike her. She must have this surgery to correct the issue, I cannot stop at this point, and I trust her doctor who says that the surgery has a 90% success rate. Please help if you can-I am not sure if a new page will be opened for this, or how to proceed. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. These are very tough times. Thank you for reading this.
  12. Hi everyone, Dylaney is now at home with me. Unfortunately she has not been eating for almost a week, which became a concern for her doctor yesterday. He ran some tests and found another mass in her intestine. This has caused her to constantly vomit and not eat for the past week. This has become a dire situation, and the mass must be removed in the next few days or she will have to be put to sleep. I am in shock about this all, and totally sick. The doctors did a full CT scan prior to determining if she was a good candidate for surgery, and because they did not see any other masses, they determined she should have surgery. Now they are saying had they known she had this other mass, surgery would not have been suggested. So moving forward, the only option is to remove the other mass. The doctor is confident that this has a 90% chance of resolving the issue, and as such, I have scheduled the surgery for this Friday. Of course we all know what that means-more money and more trauma for everyone involved. I don't know if it's possible to re-open her case, but I have maxed out my Care Credit and don't know how I am going to pay for this. It is estimated to be $1500. The vet is giving me a huge deal, which I am grateful for, but I still don't have that money, especially after this last surgery, which ended up costing $5000. Does anyone have any advice? I received so much support on here before, and hope to find that again. I know Dylaney has it in her to recover from this surgery as well, and I am going to do what is right for her, and not put myself first. Thanks for reading this.
  13. Hi everyone and thank you for your concern about Dylaney. She had her surgery on Friday, and is in recovery at the animal hopsital in Orange County. The doctor said the surgery went really well, and that he thinks the mass should not grow back for 1-2 more years. I am about to call and check on her again, and will keep you all updated when she is back at home recovering with me! Thanks again!!! Jessica
  14. Today is the big day. I hardly slept a wink last night, but Dylaney slept in my arms, and it was such a sweet way to wake up this morning. Unfortunately she also urinated in the bed. I am nervous about the surgery-kind of scared, and I hate leaving her at the vet's office overnight, but I know in the end it is for the best. Thanks again for your kind words and support.