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  1. I'm sorry I've been gone, we have had another sick baby, still no sure why yet. And than other day I was looking into saved E-mail and seen RJ 'S, as I sat and reread it brought it all back. I couldn't force myself to delete them just yet. The day's have gotten easier I guess, but I'm still missing a big part of my heart, cause 2weeks after we had to let her go we also had to let 2 of Our other babies go. I'm so sorry to see where IMOM doesn't have enough volunteers to help. Without IMOM, and All those who had help I'm truly not sure I would have made it till today. Not only did y'all get us to the truth of her cancer ,I believe without the loving, caring, non judging ppl y'all truly have saved me!!!! Without knowing y'all I can't say I would still be around. So not only did y'all help RJ and was always beside us, y'all helped me. The tears still fall everyday, but I know people as great and as wonderful as y'all exist!! THANK Y'ALL!!!!!
  2. Stormie Lu

    I'm so sorry CatPaws, may ur heart be lifted, as you remember the love and caring y'all shared!!
  3. Thank You CatPaws, I've gotten alittle behind. Thank you
  4. I thought I was doing good, thought I was doing better. I'm so happy for everyone's happy endings, but why couldn't RJ have been one? Am I wrong in feeling that? I'm truly happy for theirs!!! I........ Without IMOM I know she would have suffered, without y'all I wouldn't have been able to express anything it would have all stayed in.. For this I'm grateful!!! But my heart is still destroyed.
  5. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    My face couldn't have a bigger smile right now!! U go Tom, I'm so very happy for you!!! Y'all have had a huge battle inwhich, y'all have maded it through better and stronger together!! He's a real fighter and so is his mom!! YOU GO TOM!!!!
  6. Hey, Pearl's Mom, IMOM has a link inwhich to apply for help, but there are other organizations, which also help with cancer treatment. I would apply to all, IMOM also has a link for them. With chemo treatment is always greatest to apply with all. I hope for the best!!! Make sure to follow all steps, it's alot but our babies are Always worth it!!
  7. Rozay Jackson - Shih Tzu with broken hip and femur

    Don't give up, as I too have seen these WONDERFUL Angels come through!!! All thoughts and paw prayers for Rozay,he's such a handsome boy!!
  8. I'm so Very Very sorry!!!!! The decisions we are forced to make kills us each time we have to make it to let them go, u pray and pray and pray hoping that the next day will be different, that when u awake it was all just a nightmare, that your baby is happy, healthy,. Take ur time stay in bed, mourn ur baby, have the bad, terrible day's, than remember the love, the joy, the smiles, and the hope. Always remember the hope. Ur girl's hope mama will be ok, ur girl's hope mama's heart will heal, ur girl's hope mama will come back to them. My hope is that this may help, it won't stop the pain nor easy the pain, only to let you know many ppl care and Hope you will take time to heal!! Again I'm so Very Very sorry!!!!
  9. Zuni the Wonder Dog

    I'm so sorry Betsy!! All my sympathy to y'all and ur friend's, may their confort be in knowing he had touched so many heart's, and with time maybe ur heart will heal, big squeeze!!
  10. Just because u can't see me, I am here Just because u can't pet me, I am here Just because u can't feed me, I am here Just because u can't hold me, I am here. When u sit and cry,the tears are my wet kisses, When u sit and think it's my memories, When u feel like not another day, it's me reminding you, Mama ur love kept me going, now please let mine keep you. I'm always here, maybe not how u want, but now when you need
  11. Thank you, but truth be told I'm not really sure if it will ever stop the pain! I think I really need a punching bag or something, to try and release some feelings on. But thank you for the encouring word's!!!
  12. Tom Jimmerson - Black Kitty hit by car

    He looks so good!!!!!! I cried when I first saw him now, even though he's a little loopy I smile!!!! YYYYYAAAAAYYYY Tom, u keep getting better and giving ur mama the love and hope she needs!!!!
  13. Meet Diggy, He needs help to get his eye removed

    He is precious!!!!, yes like Jamie, Judy and CatPaws said, don't let the stress and paperwork get u down once the steps are completed, and IMOM'S angel's kick in there's no stopping them!!! Also make sure to check the other link's. I know it's very hard right now with all running through ur mind and heart, but Diggy is to precious to not love!!! Paw prayers heading Diggys way
  14. Thank y'all so much, and no I can't see it getting better, even though I know it will, right now just still very raw, I still walk into the kitchen expecting her to be waiting for her food. Than my heart starts breaking again. I'm also sorry for yalls loss. But again thank y'all so much
  15. Layla Poinelli

    You are very much a strong mama, you have every bit of my respect!!! I would not be able to say the same. I know you love her still very much today!! May your heart be lifted knowing she's always still beside you, in spirit as well as heart!!