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  1. Introduction

    Congratulations! It seems you are in some excellent company.
  2. Introduction

    Hi Candace (Bubba'sGram) The love between Dakota and Bubba shines through their picture. A boy bonded with his dog is a special bond. Please don't feel defeated yet. You say you have exhausted just almost every resource you started with. I'm guessing that you read through and started the submission procedure through IMOM. And you have already tried applying for Care Credit? I really don't know what you have already tried, but let me try to brainstorm some more *unusual* ideas for you. In addition to the IMOM and the organizations that can "help with vet bills." (You can make a general search for those) Have you tried calling area veterinary clinics for a *quote* on Bubba's TPLO surgery. Rates can vary drastically between veterinarians. When asking about surgery costs you can also ask if any type of payment plan could be worked out with you. If you can demonstrate that your income is steady and reliable, you may find someone to help. A little unsual, but anything is worth a try! Search your local elected officals here: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/ In the upper left corner is a search box, where you input your zipcode (and your 4 supplemental digits if you know them) and the search will return your federal and state and local elected officials. Their names will be clickable and that screen will take you to another screen showing a short *bio* about them. On another tab will be labelled contact. There you can find their office addresses, office telephone numbers and fax numbers. Write your local officials explaining yours and Bubba's and Dakota's case. Ask if there is any resource they may have to help you at their disposal, that you, yourself may not have pursued. Follow up with a short but polite telephone call. If you feel comfortable enough, schedule a personal face to face meeting. Contact your local animal rescues, again explaining pretty much your case as you have explained here for IMOM. Ask them too if they have any ideas or resources that you may not have thought of or favorite veterinary clinics that they use. Write or call your local news. The story of Dakota and Bubba is heartwarming. It is one that I can see a community coming together perhaps to help with. You never know from where will come your help. I know the wait is hard, and the act of asking for help is hard. You, Bubba and Dakota are all in my prayers. Don't lose hope. [Edited to Add] Here is a link to a page FULL of resources, some you may already have known of, some maybe not. http://www.hsus.org/pets/pet_care/what_you...inary_care.html
  3. Introduction

    Pawsome! Pat =)) Congratulations!
  4. My Pekenese Lilly

    I'm sorry that Lilly is sick and that you find yourself in such a difficult situation and feeling that you are alone. Sequia is right, follow the financial aid steps and apply with Care Credit, Lilly needs you to get her to a vet. I can't offer much help except I listen well and I may have a suggestion. One thing you may want to do, is telephone with local animal rescues near you to see what veterinarians they use. Sometimes veterinarians who work with rescues work at reduced rates to the rescue. Although I know that you are not an animal rescue, if you and Lilly see and explain your financial situation to one of these vets they may be willing to work with you at a reduced fee or work with you to develop a payment plan (where you can pay a small amount each month to them.) You have a guaranteed income, you work part-time and your SSI benefits. Good Luck, my animal family wishes you and Lilly the best.
  5. Greetings

    Hi ya Leah, I look forward to getting to know each of you. We all start with something in common! @ Pat-IMOM - Bless your heart! What a gentle way you have developed to get people thinking (to even consider) about planning for their animals well being and care in the event of a tragedy. In our Sweets' adoption contract is the 'return clause' that in the event that we are unable to care for her, she is to be returned to her no-kill rescue. Taag's rescue closed last October after a Bartonella epidemic nearly devastated it. (That makes fulfilling her 'return clause' now impossible) Nuk never had a shelter. My husband's family is quite old themselves, my family is only my brother and me. Our personal friends are not what I would consider *good choices* for homing our cats with, they already have large animal families of their own or are very busy, hardly home types. When making our 'Emergency Contact Cards' I contacted the president of Sweet's rescue and arranged with her that in the event of a tragedy that left both my husband and me incapacitated or killed that she would take in all 3 of our cats. With the rescue name and the president's, the address and telephone number and the wording that all veterinary records are to also be turned over with the cats. Although a rescue/shelter is not an ideal life, I can at least know they would all be well cared for physically and emotionally and thoughtfully matched with a good new home. Of course, we are hoping to never need this provision, but you never know... Oh! the history of your Sweetie just makes me cry. First, because the son and daughter-in-law didn't know any better, to realise just how cruel they were being. Secondly, that any animal should ever endure to live in such conditions. Thirdly I cry a glad tear that you could give peace and closure to an old woman at the end of her life, that her beloved Sweetie would be forever loved and safe. To Sunny you must be just an angel. I'm so glad the rescue group pulled her and that you were her *foster* and then her forever home. I, myself have never fostered, although I've considered it. But I fear that I too would become seduced by some cutie, and I know my limit here is 3. In both territory and resources. It's quite the comittment to take on guardianship of an animal's life and I want to do the best I can by everyone. @Judy - Thank you for your warm welcome - it means so much to me. Thank you for your purrs and prayers for Tess. She has not yet been found. Over the holiday weekend more Catsters went to Tampa to help in looking for her, new posters were made and a reward offered. More animal control/shelters were canvassed looking for her there. She was feral when Laurel adopted her, I would guess she is reverting to her feral behaviors. I can only hope that she found a loving and safe home with some family and suffers nothing or that she will yet be found. Aldo went to the vet, was restarted on his medicines for CRF and although with the stress and going without his medicine for a few days he lost 50-60% of his fur - he is recoving well and starting to feel "at home" Noelle went first to her *foster* family and then flew on to Albuquerque New Mexico where she too is adjusting well and fitting in with her new family. Another stray got caught up in this web of love (simply named - Gorgeous, because she is!) and came to live with the professional humane trapper's family. It truly is the story of love and devotion. I couldn't help but come here and introduce myself with such a heartwarming *ending* to a story of animal need, and caregivers are always giving of themselves, it's nice to have something heartwarming to 'fill the cup back up that we are always drawing from.' Just reading through the PIN threads here and the history of IMOM, I'm amazed at all what here has been accomplished on the dream and memorial of Magic and Mom. Now that's an astounding acheivment. Unfurry angels on two feet, helping the furry angels on four feet. IMOM is a shining star! True enough, about 'there are never enough rescue groups to go around' There is a cat statistic (sorry that I know so many cat and so few dog facts) that states, there are right now so many homeless cats in the US alone, that to home them all would require every home to have 46 cats. Eeee I better stop there before I start banging the S/N drum again. Respectfully yours, Anuk
  6. Mr. Bear says "Hello!"

    I love your 'Bear blog' I did a similiar thing with Nuk when he was in the hospital for 3 and 1/2 days. Instead of sending *update* emails to all his friends, I just had him *blog* each evening from the veterinary hospital. His friends could just read his diary each night for this thoughts and feelings and updates.
  7. Greetings

    Awww, noone wants to say "Hi"? Oki, I can talk to myself =))
  8. Tails of Devotion

    "If you and your animals could communicate via paper, what would you say to each other?" Emily Scott Pottruck asked the above question to pet lovers both famous and everyday which she compiled in 'Tails of Devotion', a paper testament to the inexorable bonds between humans and animals. we love that 100% of the proceeds are being donated to animal welfare nonprofits. Learn more about the book, "Tails of Devotion" My Tail of Devotion for Nük/Anük May 9th 2008 12:57 am My handsome, clever one. Even your name is the combination of 3 different words. A (ah) for my startled exclamation "ah" Ну (new) for "well" Тук-Тук (tewk-tewk) for "knock knock" ...Like how the jokes starts -Тук-тук. Кто там? "Knock knock. Who's there?" Except the words just jumbled rushed from my lips when you ran out at me. After we recovered from scaring each other I softly repeated 'Anuk' to you. You must have liked the sound because you drew nearer to my hand. You learned your name that first night. That first bump of your head against me told me you had chosen me. Your body told me of your need. We took you in. An unprecedented decision, in 15 years here no 'stray' ever had affected us so. We hurried to get you your vet appointment. To get your health checked and tested, your worms found and cured and your neutering done. No one before us had provided you these things. Sadly noone ever stepped forward to 'claim you' either. We were yours and you were ours (but that you had already decided for yourself) You were so wild. Remember the controlled 'times' feedings? You would eat as if "you never knew when you would see food again." It was my joy to watch that attitude turn to "trusting that your food would always be regularly provided for you." Your 'petting induced agression' told me that you were not accustomed to human hands touching you much. Again it was my joy and my pleasure to watch you get accustomed to this on your terms, so much so, that you would seek out my attention specifically to stroke you, flopping over on your back exposing your belly for rubs. You learned that feline claws must be retracted when touching bare humans, for human skin is soft and tears easily. After nearly biting off my fingers, you learned too to take food or treats gently and softly from my hands. How easily you learned such lessons, how fast. When you first slept cuddled next to my body and laid your head in my hand I marvelled at the weight of it, the warmth of it and the trust and love that passes between us. My heart wildly flutters everytime I see you. As always I'm touched by the intelligence, liveliness, and love in your eyes when we exchange looks. No matter how long our time is together to walk through the earthly life with each other, I know for me, it will never be long enough. It is my deepest promise to you to not only provide you with home, health and love, but to celebrate each of our days together. Know that with each day, I can only love you more. Yes my dear Nük. "You are my cat and I am your person - and we to each other belong. Not in any *owned* way, but in a way that's bound purely by love. It is not I who improved your life, but you who have improved mine."

    Spaying and Neutering became *my* special cause. It is the condition of adoption through Pennsylvania shelters that animals are either adopted through shelters/rescues already spayed or neutered or will be spayed and neutered within a set time period after adoption. With proof (copy of the veterinary receipt) of the spaying and/or neutering to be provided back to the adopted shelter within a certain set time period. When talking with people about the need to S/N - I am continually amazed with the amount of excuses people are willing to provide or believe about 'why they don't need to S/N' Continually the subject of *cost* arises. Yet there exists many low cost S/N resources within our city. The procedures, cost-wise are certainly 'cheaper' than the health complications that can arise from not spaying or neutering. Certainly cheaper than dealing with the feeding and routine veterinary care for a queen with kittens or complications in the queen's pregnancy or complications with the kittens. People too often don't understand that when they adopt through a shelter, they are getting a *bargain* regardless of whatever 'adoption fee' is charged. They are getting a S/N animal, who has received veterinary care and has been tested for and vaccinated against their species common diseases. The adopted animal has also been de-wormed, de-ticked and de-flead. When Nuk approached us, un-neutered, unclaimed and sick with 3 types of worms, within his first 2 weeks with us, the costs for his veterinary care had already doubled what Sweets' adoption fee was.
  10. Greetings

    Hello IMOM community. First I want to say, that I'm feeling somewhat 'dense.' I didn't understand why many of the forum functions were not available to me until now. It seems, even though I thought I had *activated* my account through the validation email, I needed to repeat it. Ok, I come to you for varying reasons. First, I learned of you from a link to your site that was posted on Catster.com (sister website to Dogster.com) I wanted to learn more about your organization, to commend you for the selfless work you do, on behalf of animals and I wanted to see if there was anything that I could offer to you. I wanted too, to tell you of a recent event (as of now, it's even ongoing) where an internet community worked and bonded together to help 3 animals in need. I wanted to share a truly heartwarming story. In the Catster community a human member recently died and without making provisions for her animals upon the event of her death. Her 3 animals, 2 cats and 1 dog were left guardianless and with uncertain futures. Noelle (the dog) was taken to her city's animal control, the 2 cats (Aldo and Tess) were left in the house and then accidentally released when the landlord 'aired out the home' The young woman's family are not interested in keeping her animals. The humans of the Catster community, worked together to find homes for the 3 animals among the Catster/Dogster community, they raised the funds to deal with the transport for Noelle (she will be flying from Florida to New Mexico to her new home) and they raised funds to contract with a professional humane trapper, to trap the cats. As of last night Aldo was safely trapped and on his way to his regular veterinarian, where he will get his medications and be boarded until his transport to his new home begins (through *Catster Railroad* - individual members each volunteering to drive a *leg* of the journey to his new home) Tess remains 'at large' yet - but the community is hopeful that she too will be humanely trapped, and start her new life with a new forever home. If you are interested to read about this event, all the 'ups and downs' the heroic work of a community coming together to help animals - there is a very long thread here. http://www.catster.com/forums/Catster_Railroad/thread/524559 Throughout this emotional event, one thing became clear. Human guardians need to make 'Emergency Contact Cards' for their animals, so that no animal ever has to go through what Aldo, Tess and Noelle are going through. There is another thread where we discuss information that should be included on such contact cards, as well as where they should be placed. (In the home, in the wallet and in the glove box of the auto) http://www.catster.com/forums/We_Miss_You_...t/thread/523875 There is an *example* design of the cards that can be viewed here. http://www.prettyhazel.com/EmergencyContacts.htm Now, a little bit about me. I am married, childless, 40 year old, former Licensed Practical Nurse. I am our resident part-time vegan chef (that's just for the humans, the cats remain carnivores) I'm the full time guardian of 3 adopted/rescued cats. If you want to meet them, they can be found here. Nuk/Anuk - http://www.catster.com/cats/439017 Taag - http://www.catster.com/cats/439021 Sweets - http://www.catster.com/cats/552314 Thank YOU IMOM, for the work you do. You are all angels for animals.