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  1. Please help my dog Attila!

    Well, I am glad to let everyone know that Attila was not in need of xrays and just needs 4 more days of anti inflammatory medication and pain medication. He has been walking fine and you can barely see the bump. He said it was a soft tissue injury that is healing so no surgery or further treatment will be needed unless there are signs of him getting worse. But he has been strutting around and just so happy and back to normal. I will make him rest for the 4 more days but he is good to go. Therefore, currently I do not need any assistance for my big guy. I will contact you if the case needs to be reopened. Thank you so much everyone and I couldn't have got through this without you! Cathy and Attila
  2. Please help my dog Attila!

    Good morning my IMOM family. Today is the big day Attila will be getting his xrays done and I can finally find out what his diagnosis is. He goes in at 2:30pm today and it should take a few hours until they have the results and I will update later this evening. Thank you everyone for your support!!!
  3. Please help my dog Attila!

    Just wanted to update: I have made an appointment for Attila to have x rays tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for him! Will update with more news tomorrow after his diagnosis.
  4. Please help my dog Attila!

    Thank you all for being so kind and helpful when I need it the most. I did get a nice email back from them telling me the process of my next steps. Yesterday was such a very hard and trying day for me and I went from feeling on top of my game to sinking into a deep hole. I now have hope. Thank you so much. I can't begin to thank you all so much!
  5. Please help my dog Attila!

    Thank you so much. I have sent them an email.
  6. Please help my dog Attila!

    I am not sure if I should take him to the Vet again and do the payment plan on the x rays so they can review those and send in the estimate to you. I don't know if I will have to start my application all over again due to me faxing in my documents but the Vet hasn't. I'm a mom of 3 and know if one of my kids were hurt I wouldn't hesitate to take them to the hospital and Attila is my family. It's so hard contemplating on watching him for a few days and holding off on the xrays and take him in if it seems to get worse or just take him in and have a huge $200 bill that I have to pay off in 6 months and if he needs surgery, they can send in the estimate or if I am just worrying too much because I am disabled and barely make it each month on what I get in SSD/SSI. What should I do and since I already sent in my paperwork, do I have to start all over again?
  7. Please help my dog Attila!

    I just talked to my vet and she can't make an estimate without xrays and she is willing to do a payment plan for 6 months so I guess I will have to start this whole application all over again. I am so frustrated...and poor! Thanks for all of your help guys.
  8. Please help my dog Attila!

    It wouldn't do it and I tried again putting something in the comments and now it says: ERROR: Please return and fill out the following required fields: If you chose "other" from the list of documents, please explain. Are you aware that IMOM cannot assist with any treatment performed before the full online application is received, approved and funds become available?
  9. Please help my dog Attila!

    I've sent in electronically and faxed documents but can't get past step 7. It says: ERROR: Please return and fill out the following required fields: If you chose "other" from the list of documents, please explain. But I am not chosing "other" PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  10. Please help my dog Attila!

    Took Attila to the Vet yesterday and had him looked at and gave them the paperwork to fax, sent in my paperwork electronically and even with only 3 hrs of sleep last night I have some glimmer of hope. What IMOM does is so amazing and I promise that if I get approved and he gets treated, I will do everything I can to give back to this community! Thank you all so much for helping me and I am still checking my email every 30 mins. LOL I look forward to the good news! Cathy and Attila
  11. Please help my dog Attila!

    I just sent in electronically all of the documents requested from me and my Vet was faxing her forms. I am keeping my fingers crossed! You guys are amazing!
  12. Please help my dog Attila!

    Ok, I am going to review the steps again. I took him into the Vet to have them fill out the paperwork to get faxed over. Then am I supposed to wait for an email from here and send in all my verification forms?
  13. Attila

  14. Please help my dog Attila!

    Yes, I was up all night researching and got together all of my paperwork and taking him to the Vet tomorrow for a check up and have them fill out their info so I can email it to IMOM and get my application started. Crossing my fingers. Been crying all day! Thanks for the advice Jamie. I will check out that website and update of Attila's status tomorrow.
  15. Please help my dog Attila!

    I have the BEST 9 year old St Wiler (mix of St Bernard and Rott). He is loyal, a sweet big bear. Well, 2 weeks ago there was a stray dog walking in our yard and Attila went to chase him and his right leg went into a dip in our yard. Ever since then he has been limping and has a lump on his right wrist/forearm area. May be a carpal hyperextension injury, soft tissue injury, tumor, arthritis.. who knows. He is at his prime and usually gets up like he is 3 years old but he's been lethargic and not eating and limping still. I am disabled with 3 kids and 1 grandchild. I barely make rent. I have been up all night researching grants and charities that can help and I have been crying for hours. Please help my baby!!!