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Ziggy's mom

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  1. Hello from Ziggy who is only 11 weeks old

    He hasn't gotten his immunizations yet, its hard to say what the cause of his sickness was. He's doing much better today, he didn't need his I.V. or anything but his broad spectrum anti biotic. He's been eating and pooping regularly, regained his regular weight and hasn't vomited since the day before yesterday. Ziggy is well on his way to recovery, thank you all for your support. He has appts. set up to get his immunizations once he's completely recovered, as the vet recommended.
  2. Hello from Ziggy who is only 11 weeks old

    We took Ziggy back to the Oceanside Veterinary Hospital yesterday and the nurse showed us how to administer an I.V. bag to keep him hydrated and give him the nutrition he needs. He had a bit of a rough night, but this morning after he had his recommended dosage of 150 mL and a little bit of Caro corn syrup, because he was still shaky (hypoglycemic), he perked right up and started eating his dog food again. We're still symptomatically treating him with his broad spectrum anti-biotics, anti-diarrheal medicine, and he didn't need his anti-nausea medicine today. He's doing much better today he even went outside and played in the yard with us today and layed in the sun. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers, we'll keep you updated :D
  3. My fiancé and I bought a pure bred American Staffordshire Terrier at 10 weeks old, only to find out he was chronically ill and had not received any of his immunizations. We took him to the veterinary emergency hospital, after he vomited food and water for a whole day and had horrible diarrhea. The vet gave him a physical and tested for Parvovirus, which was thankfully negative. Ziggy was given an anti-nausea shot and prescribed anti-diarrhea and anti-nausea meds and sent home with instructions to feed him a bland diet of chicken baby-food and rice. Last night he continued to vomit and refused food, but kept water down okay, and still had diarrhea. He is very lethargic, nearly hypoglycemic, and won't give any food a second look. We called several vets and they all said the same thing and gave the same estimate, it looks like anywhere from 300 on the low end to over 1000 if he needs hospitalized. We're running out of options and don't know what to do. We put ourselves in debt for his last visit and they over-charged us for a parvo test and a physical, which turned up nothing, he' very weak and he sleeps all day because he's nearly hypoglycemic. He needs help urgently or he might not make it :(