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  1. Hello from Simba

    This is my Simba. He wasn't too happy about being woke up for the photo lol. He looks great. He is a very happy, healthy furbaby thanks to the help I received from IMOM. I wish you the best with the new web page and the change you are undergoing. I really appreciate all you did for us. I hate to see you narrow down the help but I do understand. Spaying and Neutering is a must, not only to help cut back on the population but also for the ultimate healh and well-being of our furbabies. Kathy W.
  2. Simba 6 15 14

    From the album Simba Walter

  3. Simba Walter

    The process
  4. puffy tailed Simba 8-2014

    From the album Simba Walter

  5. IMG 20140615 162130

    From the album Simba Walter

  6. and Summer is winding down....

  7. Hello from Simba

    This is Simba ... and his poofed-up tail. :-) love my little Lion King.
  8. calm before the storm... oh wait... I see a rainbow

  9. Happy to hear RJ will be home again soon. My heart breaks for you. Sorry you have to go through this. Time is about the only thing which will allow you to adjust. Blessings
  10. Simba Walter - needs eye enucleation

    This is the kind of day I love :-) making time to cuddle with my 4 legged toddler
  11. days move swiftly but my bones keep locking up. Thank God and IMOM for my cuddle buddy Simba

  12. Thank You Thank You IMOM Team

    I can't thank IMOM enough. I repost everything I see from your facebook page in the hopes of raising awareness and funding. One day, I hope to be able to repay you. Simba is well-adjusted to having one eye. He is still adapting as his whiskers have not grown back fully yet ( soon though lol ). He loves to have his face scratched more than ever. Thank you again. You will always be in my prayers.
  13. To say I'm sorry for your loss is a huge under statement. It's so hard being on that roller-coaster. I have been there quite a few times over the years. Dec.27, 2013 I had to have my Neo Cat put out of his pain. I did everything I could but his cancer was so severe he would eat and vomit. He was trying to survive but it was killing him and nothing would have saved him so I had to let go. It sucked... no lie. I sat with him for an hour afterward just holding him and crying the whole time. They came in to comfort me but .... nothing would or could for many weeks. What kept me going was volunteering at my local shelters. I had no intentions of getting another kitty. One day in February, My disabled son and I were at the shelter. We saw "BOO". This little buff colored fur ball literally jumped out of the cage into my sons arms. Purring, meowing, loving on him to no end. He would climb between my son and me making sure to let us know he wanted to be with us. My sons face lit up and that's when I just knew he was coming home with us. He will never replace Neo because every animal has it's own unique personality and connection to us. Simba did fill the emptiness we had. It was almost as if Neo sent him to us. Simba is our Lion King. If you're like me and need to keep your mind busy to try to avoid crying constantly, maybe volunteering will help when you are ready. You don't have to rush... everyone grieves in a different way and for different lengths of time. You will always have a support group here. Sending Blessings, prayers, and positive thoughts to you, Kathy
  14. just a cuddle kind of day ...Blessings to you ALL

  15. 1st, may I thank your husband for his service to our Country. My Niece is in basic as we speak (Army National Guard) and my son will be entering ( he is off parole in a month from a D.U.I. ). He would have been in already if not for that. I'm happy to hear that KevinTheCat is home and getting the TLC he needs. I will add him to my prayer lists for him to maintain good health and a very long life and for you to have the patience and strength needed while he goes through this. Kathy