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Everything posted by Kay

  1. Wishing you and Justice a very quiet day. I am so not looking forward to "falling back" this weekend - I miss the sun already :-)
  2. It's wonderful that you have a medical team that fights - almost - as hard for this little boy as his mama does. I hope the weather gets nicer and Justice can get some yard time (big or little - just some nice weather). Thinking of you both..
  3. So glad that festival isn't over the long Labor Day weekend! Hoping that you have some good weather along with peace and quiet and Justice can get some time in the Big Yard - and that all his stools look great! (Now that is something I only say to you )
  4. Loved the photos of Justice in the yard. It's such a beautiful place. So glad we've had this delightful couple of weather days for him to enjoy. Hope the storms stay away and that the visit to MedVet brings good weight news. Hugs!
  5. I have no better advice than you have already said. I know how very, very hard this part of life is, but we are so blessed with their presence and companionship, it makes all the heartbreak worthwhile. But so very hard. Love to you both, Kay
  6. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I am so very sorry to hear about Mister. Your love for each other was shown in every post. You have my deepest sympathy on your loss.
  7. Oh my goodness, Cindy, what a very scary night. I am so glad that the valium worked and Justice is doing fine. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. We're heading into a good stretch of weather here and hope it's the same for you - some sunshine (without high humidity and high temperatures) would be great for both of you - even if you can't go out to the big yard :-)
  8. That is odd. I've noticed it's been a bit erratic. I could see that you were posting but couldn't see the actual posts. Page 293 finally showed up for me. I'm glad to see that Justice had a good morning; hope the goodness comes back as the day progresses.
  9. Here's our boy - he's adjusted well to his forever home :-) Hugs to you and Justice!
  10. Adding my prayers to yours for our precious boy.
  11. I sure hope that Justice is having a better day and can go to therapy. Thinking of you both!
  12. Sorry to hear about the GM but so glad it stopped at one. I can totally understand your sadness with the ramp - those images of Justice and Tuck racing up it, though, will never leave your heart. Give Justice an extra special gentle hug from his Auntie Kay.
  13. I was watching the news this morning and saw you guys were in the zone for severe weather. So glad you are all okay and the power stayed on. Rescheduling the appointment was definitely the smart thing to do. Hasn't this weather been crazy - I have enjoyed the warmth but hope the coming cold snap doesn't harm the cheerful daffodils and crocuses that are peeping out from the ground. I know I have problems with all these weather changes so hope Justice did calm down and you all got some sleep.
  14. What sweet photos. I know how much it meant to have him sleeping with you on the bed - even when you can't move for an hour or so :-)
  15. Gumby and Mugsy are learning how to play, which warms my heart. Here's our boy with his Christmas stocking:
  16. AWWW,....such a helpful boy - he deserves a snooze. Perhaps I shall now be inspired to put our tree away, but I still enjoy putting the lights on while I eat my breakfast. The joy of artificial trees.
  17. I hope Justice is doing okay and didn't have a grand mal. Our Gumby is an expert at being underfoot - but I think his is motivated by hoping there will be a can opened. He wants to be close - just in case.
  18. What a sweet, sweet boy! Hope you had the happiest of Christmases. and happy Boxing Day - a favorite cat holiday in our house :-)
  19. All is going well in the household - Mugsy and Gumby are making some tentative steps towards playing with each other, and we are hoping we might see a romp by Christmas. Our little tree from Sears is almost 40 years old now - no good smells, I guess, so the cats don't seem to bother it (okay, I have now doomed it by that sentence :-)) So glad you have gotten a break from the bad ice. Hugs to you and Justice!
  20. The ice even made it to Virginia yesterday - luckily the cats stay indoors. Oh, my, though, what a scary story. My heart just goes out to you as I understand the anxiety and stress you were feeling. Glad you and Justie are okay and that this morning was uneventful.
  21. So glad he's coming home! Stay safe on those roads.
  22. Hoping all is well and that you are all back safe and sound.
  23. Hope your shopping trip goes well and everyone is fine at home. Here's AG's adoption page: http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/15588284-gaithersburg-maryland-cat. Sometimes he's Gumby, sometimes Arthur Gumby, sometimes AG, sometimes Gumby-Wumby.... The description of his personality is spot-on. He's a very sweet boy - he's doing well with other two cats, Mugsy and Millie, though we still get a couple hisses now and again. He was a Kim rescue and then fostered by the Montgomery County SPCA. He's already brought so much joy into our lives :-)
  24. Oh my goodness - I hope you're able to breath by now after the Lucky experience. That could have been bad - good boy, Justice! Lucky is awfully cute, though. Speaking of cute - we have a new addition to our family: Arthur Gumby!
  25. I am so jealous - but am so glad you were able to get together and have a great time. And you got to have a really nice day - you know I would have brought the rain :-)