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  1. Sweet Poppy - so happy she is settling in so quickly. More photos, please!
  2. So happy that Poppy is settling in. Of course, vet visits would be particularly hard - you'll always going to miss Justice, but that doesn't make your love for little Poppy any the less. It's your deep love for Justice (and all the puppers in your life) that made your heart so big that it could include a little girl who needed a home and family. BTW, I have just noticed how easy it is to type Poopy rather than Poppy - I need to be careful there
  3. Can't wait to hear about Day 2. I know the first days are always hard but they are the first days...
  4. Of course I remember the eggplant - those wonderful giggle toys. I so hope the weather cooperates and Poppy gets to come home soon. How fun to have her discover toys - if she likes the "belly band" toy, I'm sure she will like the more traditional ones.
  5. Is it Sunday yet? Sure hoping for good weather so there isn't any postponement -- but I do want you all to be safe.
  6. oh my gosh! you have found the perfect name for this pupper - my mom's nickname and preferred name was Poppy. (when you're named Olive Muriel, Poppy was a great alternative). Her mom was Gwendolyn Daisy and all her kids had flower nicknames. Poppy is a perfect name (well, Poppy Kay is past perfection :))
  7. If you - and the wonderful animal-friendly home you live in - do not pass an inspection, I don't believe this rescue would adopt to anyone because no pupper would ever want a better home. Can't wait for an update (and Olivia is one of the best names - close to my mom's Olive - so that will make her extra special. Of course, you may want to consider Olivia Kay as her full name :-))
  8. He was a very special boy, and it makes me happy to think another pupper gets a little help in his honor. You are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend.
  9. My heart is breaking for you, my dear friend. I have no words other than to say love has no boundaries, no end. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  10. My dear friend, I am so sorry to read the update on Justice. This is the time to focus on living in the moment, not tomorrow or after the holidays, just right now. I know how hard this is, and there are no words I can think of to say to make it easier, but know you have loving thoughts and arms encircling you and Justice from all over the nation (or even the globe). Kay
  11. Wishing you and Justice a very quiet day. I am so not looking forward to "falling back" this weekend - I miss the sun already :-)
  12. It's wonderful that you have a medical team that fights - almost - as hard for this little boy as his mama does. I hope the weather gets nicer and Justice can get some yard time (big or little - just some nice weather). Thinking of you both..
  13. So glad that festival isn't over the long Labor Day weekend! Hoping that you have some good weather along with peace and quiet and Justice can get some time in the Big Yard - and that all his stools look great! (Now that is something I only say to you )
  14. Loved the photos of Justice in the yard. It's such a beautiful place. So glad we've had this delightful couple of weather days for him to enjoy. Hope the storms stay away and that the visit to MedVet brings good weight news. Hugs!
  15. I have no better advice than you have already said. I know how very, very hard this part of life is, but we are so blessed with their presence and companionship, it makes all the heartbreak worthwhile. But so very hard. Love to you both, Kay